Windows 8.1 Update Details Given at MWC 2014 (Slides, Notes)

Posted on 23 February 2014, Last updated on 23 February 2014 by

In an event at MWC14 Microsoft gave some details about changes coming in a Windows 8.1 update “later this Spring.”




The new updates Spring focuses on three things.


1- UI changes for non-touch users.


2 – More hardware options. (Reaching low price points.) In creased flexibility in hardware requirements.

Note support for 1GB RAM and 16GB Storage – This is aimed at low cost tablets. (Possibly RT?)

RT will get the same update.

3 – Improved compatibility for education and enterprise.




In addition to about 10 minutes of information given on the above, Windows 8 statistics were shown…



40% of Windows 8 devices sold in the US are touch-enabled.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Bojidar says:

    So there will be nothing new/interesting for touch-enable devices?

  2. jinx says:

    Will they return fast and elegant “Classic Mode” in Windows?
    (not that ugly pseudo-classic VS nor aerolite)
    Untill then – no deal, Microsoft. Will stay with W7SP1x64.

  3. Benj says:

    I didn’t like windows 8/8.1 at first but after a month or so of using the desktop version I started noticing that it ran better and was easier to use the windows 7 and XP. It’s somewhat more optimized and once you have a 3rd party start button installed, you can pretty much run it just like windows 7.

    My 3 primary PC’s run windows 8.1, windows 7 and windows XP and now after 6 months with windows 8 using windows 7 gives me the same feeling as we I got from windows 7 to windows XP. I.e. they feel similar but the earlier versions are noticeable less efficient and convenient once you are used to the newer ones. I think people are just put off by the forced feeling of the metro interface (which I rarely use, even on my tablet).

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