Emdoor EM-i8080 low-cost Windows 8-inch tablet in hands-on

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Our good friends at Mobilegeeks have just had hands-on with the Emdoor EM-i8080 ‘Windows 8 with Bing’ tablet. 1GB of RAM, 16GB SSD and a Z3735G processor.

emdoor EM-i8080The Z3735G is a 4-core CPU running at 1.33Ghz to 1.8Ghz which isn’t bad. There’s little in terms of disk space though – 2GB available to the user on the system shown in the video below although we’re sure the device will ship with a few more than that.

Emdoor i8080 specifications.

  • IPS touchscreen (1280×800)
  • MicroSD slot
  • Micro USB
  • Power port
  • Mini HDMI port

Wait! That’s a unique combination of separate USB, HDMI and charging capability there.

  • Stereo speakers
  • Camera
  • 355 grams
  • 18.5Wh battery

Mobilegeeks say that this is a $100 tablet but I can’t confirm a source for that yet. Bear in mind that prices given at Computex are generally finger-in-the-air trade prices. In a recent post at WPCentral the price band for the i8080 was shown as $120-$140

Have a look at the video below. What do you think?


Source: Mobilegeeks

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. DavidC1 says:

    $100 is the price they are aiming for. Later they will release a version with WiFi which gets the price hopefully down to $60(!).

  2. M says:

    I had a read of the translated padnews.cn source and found quite a bit more info and have been able to clear up a few confusions you had.

    The EM-i8080 has the Z3735*E* processor; which is BT-T CR V0. This is supposed to be priced around $139, and includes a 3G modem, launched ‘Q2’.

    Then ‘end of Q2’ they plan a version with Z3735G (ie CR V2, which I guess is even lower BOM reduced?.. it comes in a smaller package). Also 3G, $99-119. In addition, another similar but 7″ 1024×600, for ‘less than $99’.

    All of the above should supposedly be available in wifi-only versions (no 3G) for less; saying $60 for the 7″. It should be noted that the processors here are actually limited to 1GB RAM(!), which I guess makes intel happier at selling them a little cheaper.. that being said, list prices ($17) don’t change between the ‘G’ (1GB limit) or the ‘F’ that supports 2GB. Can only assume that doesn’t carry through to the real world?

    Unfortunately they don’t have any sub 10-inch 2GB devices on their roadmap. Please be active in covering the Chinese market, as there are bound to be many very interesting devices ahead, the market moves very fast. Separate USB/charge, HDMI out and SD are all expected norms from my experience of the cn android tablet market– something the international OEMs could learn from!

  3. DM says:

    It may also be worth pointing out that the processor used is not only single channel but also only 32-bit so the bandwidth to the RAM is only 5.3GB/s, in other words half as much as even the D versions of the original Baytrails got like the Z3740D in the Dell Venue 8 pro. That has got to have some impact on performance especially when added to the likely slower cheap SSD used because a lower BOM on these devices is king to hit such low prices.

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