Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard. Hands-on test.

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Some people came away from Mobile World Congress wanting the Samsung Galaxy S6. Others were blown away by a VR headset from HTC. Me, I came away from MWC thinking about the new Microsoft universal folding keyboard. This Bluetooth keyboard is an amazing bit of engineering and I had two chances to check it out at MWC. The videos are below.

Microsoft universal folding keyboard.

Microsoft universal folding keyboard. My estimate: 120 grams  / 0.3 pounds

If you’ve used the Surface Pro type-cover you’ll have an idea of the mechanics of this mini keyboard. It’s slightly smaller than the Surface Pro 3 keyboard I was comparing with and there’s no backlight but, and this is very important, the split keys will take some getting used to. I estimate the weight (the official weight has not been published) at 120 grams. Sizing is about the same as a CD case.

Microsoft universal folding keyboard with type cover and Surface Pro 3

Microsoft universal folding keyboard with type cover and Surface Pro 3

In the 2 minutes of testing before I shot the video below I was all over the place. I had to concentrate on the layout which is never a good experience but after those few minutes I was getting into the groove and found it to be easy to use. The problem is that if you just use this occasionally you’ll have that 5-10 minute familiarization period every single time. Think about that.

The usefulness of the two device switch buttons are questionable, at least at the $99 asking price, but the three keyboard layouts, Windows, Android and iPad/iPhone are definitely useful.

The launch price of $99 is something that takes more than 5 minutes to get used to. This keyboard costs more than a cheap 8-inch Windows PC and that’s just wrong so we’re hoping it drops to the $50-$70 level very quickly. I won’t call this a must-have keyboard, even at $50, but it’s something that serious travellers should take a look at and indeed a great bit of engineering.

Take a look at the hands-on videos below.


The Microsoft universal folding keyboard comes with two device switch buttons.


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