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Laptops vs tablets. My baby didn’t care for touch and apps.

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At just 8 months old my son made the right choice for us. He chose ‘laptop’ and pushed the tablet to one side. Why? They’re better of course.

It’s a video that I just have to re-post here in 2017 when we’re all getting distracted and, to be honest, bogged-down by the tablet touchscreen. We’re getting lazier and less efficient. Here I am sitting on my bum in front of a laptop and I’m doing real work rather than messing around with Candy, sending smiley faces to ‘friends’ or getting involved with digital activism.

Really, this boy is telling you how to GET THINGS DONE. Real work. Like this post. ;-)

Baby Sees the iPad Magic

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Thanks to TouchMeMobile, a German website that is covering the same beat as us here at Carrypad, I’ve got an iPad to test for a week. Before I start though I had to do this. This is possibly the youngest person ever to test an iPad. 35-day old Nicklas took one look and was speechless.

Baby Sees The iPad Magic

More from me in due course.