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14 Intel 4th-Gen Core U and Y Series Processors Listed – Tops Out at 3.3Ghz with GPU Surprises.

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4thgencoregraphicA few surprises have been revealed in Intel’s CPU database updates today. It turns out that some U-Series processors – the ones we expected only to appear in Ultrabooks – will have HD4xxx graphics. Given that Intel had previously said that Ultrabooks will only have GT3 graphics (HD5000 and Iris HD5100) it could mean that mainstream laptops will also have the option of U-Series SoCs and therefore the possibility of smaller mainboards and S0ix support (for Windows 8 Connected Standy.) It’s confusing and we’re trying to get clarification from Intel but we’ve got an overview of the part numbers, TDP, clocks and graphics below including some Y-Series processors and the real meaning of “6W SDP” which is actually an 11.5W TDP CPU.

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