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Samsung Announce 10.1” Honeycomb Galaxy Tab

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It’s not been long since the Galaxy Tab first hit retail stores however Samsung have wasted no time in announcing their next tablet device, the Galaxy Tab 10.1. If the name doesn’t give it away, Samsung’s latest Android tablet sports a 10.1” display, is powered by a 1GHz Tegra 2 core and of course runs the latest and greatest Android 3.0 firmware.

This device follows the recent trend of large screen Android Honeycomb tablets however it’s quite surprising that Samsung decided to transition from the original 7” sized Galaxy Tab as the original device was extremely popular for it’s fairly mobile form factor.


Unlike the original Galaxy Tab, the 10.1 provides a stock Android experience like many other Android 3.0 tablets and will not have a modified user interface that is often present on many Android phones, including Samsung’s Galaxy S range.

Samsung are yet to announce when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be launching.

Source: Engadget

We’re off to MWC!

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MWC starts here!

Following a packed week of news we have an even bigger week ahead of us. Samsung, HTC, LG, Intel and many more companies are expected to make announcements and present products that affect our market. I, Chippy, am there all week and the fun starts tomorrow on day 0, press day.

Armed with the Nokia N8 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab I hope to bring you text+photo blogs like this one and follow up with more detailed content and videos when time permits. Ben and Guy will also be tracking news from their UK and US bases. I also have the live blog kit with me so, network and access permitting, you should be able to catch up on some of the press events as they happen. Finally, if you tune into Chippy on Twitter you’ll get regular behind the scenes updates and, new for this event, the use of Audioboo to create short audio podcasts.

We hope you enjoy the week and if there’s something you think we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to is the contact form to tip us!

Linpus to Showcase MeeGo-Based Tablet Solution at MWC. Our Sneak Peek Video Now!

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Linpus, a company that has been working on Linux distributions for netbooks for a number of years under their ‘Linpus Lite’ brand have been invited to MWC to demonstrate their current offering in the MeeGo and Qt booths. The solution is targeted at manufacturers of netbooks and tablets based on MeeGo. Like MeeGo, the Linpus solution will be a ‘base’ on which to build on through contractual work by Linpus. We’ve seen a tablet UI before but this is more than that.

Our predictions for Intel and MeeGo activities at MWC are detailed here.

We saw a glimpse of the Linpus product in our travels through the MeeGo Summit last November but I was lucky enough to be given a preview version of Linpus Lite Multi-Touch Edition for testing and feedback here in the Carrypad studio this week.

Unfortunately, the target device, a Lenovo S10-3T is out of the studio right now so I couldn’t get everything up and working well enough for a full video demo but I did boot it on the Tegatech Tega V2 tablet where I was able to test the UI and apps, a key part of the Linpus solution.

Linpus MeeGo Tablet (2).jpg Linpus MeeGo Tablet

Click through for gallery.

Note that this is a presentation suite rather than a full, polished OS but it gives you an idea of the sort of work the OS distributors (aka Operating Systems Vendors, OSVs) are prepared to put in with MeeGo. You’ll see an on-screen keyboard, an active desktop and a glimpse of the applications that Linpus have developed for the solution. It’s far from customer-ready but it’s worlds apart from what you’ve seen on MeeGo builds so far.

The video below is also available in 480p resolution.

More on MeeGo here.

More on  Linpus Lite Multi-Touch Edition here.

We’ll be at MWC next week.

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