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Smart Q7 impresses as e-book reader.

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Smart Q7

Originally uploaded by umpcportal.com

Im impressed with FBReader on the Smart Q7. The buttons work perfectly. Web tablets and e-book readers could converge today were it not for the stranglehold that distributors have on the ebooks. Why should you have to pay $350 for a Kindle when this is $190 and includes a full we browser, media player and a ton of open source apps.

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Q7 with keyboard

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Q7 with keyboard, originally uploaded by umpcportal.com.

The Smart Devices Q7 has been distracting me today.

Theres a lot you cant do with it but there’s also an awesome amount you can do with it. If you’re into open gadgets then this is bargain of the year! 7″ touscreen, SD card reader, Wifi, headphone port, USB2 and all running Ubuntu on an ARM platform.

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