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Cyberlink Launches PowerDirector 11 Series. Win 8 Mobile Apps to Follow

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I had hands-on (and I’m now testing a beta of)  PowerDirector Mobile at IDF 2012 last week. I’m interested in how this could contribute to fast, mobile video production with an Ultrabook/slate but I’m also still going to be using PowerDirector on the desktop, a video editing package that really fits well with the Ultrabook. I’ve been using it for a year now for all my YouTube content because it’s been stable and very, very fast. I sound like an ad, but I promise you, I’m a fan purely through use of the program. I’m excited to see that Cyberlink have launched PowerDirector 11 today.

pd11 image

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Ultra Mobile Video Editing with an Ultrabook (Including Video Demo)

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08072011063In a series of articles over at UMPCPortal last year I looked at ultra mobile video editing solutions ranging from iPhone through netbook to Core i5-based ultra-thin setups.  All solutions were put together with YouTube production in mind with cost, weight and speed being the three key ingredients.

Since completing the series I’ve stuck with a combination of lightweight laptop, camera and software that has worked well for speed, mobility and flexibility and recently, I upgraded from a hard-disk based Core i3-based system to an Ultrabook. At the same time I upgraded the software and in combination with a very flexible camera solution, the set-up is worth worth writing about. If you’re looking for a relatively low-cost YouTube production system should read this and the series of articles over at UMPCPortal

This article is also linked to a presentation I did with Nicole Scott at the VideoCamp in Duesseldorf, Germany

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Ultrabook Performance Demo – Media + CPU

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ultrabook perf demo

As someone that is looking for a comfortable and mobile 720p video editing solution, the Intel Quick-Sync Video component is one of the most exciting for me. It contains both decode and encoding hardware that can really help when converting or rendering a video. Although the demo you see below was done on a Samsung Series 9, it’s using the same 2nd-Generation Core platfom as Ultrabooks will.

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