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Viliv X10 Hands-On Video

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Viliv X10 Vilv X10

Our good friends at Viliv gave as some quality time with all their 3 new devices this morning. This video is from the X10, a 10 inch 1024×600 Android device with an excellent (bright, great viewing angle) screen and a big, 31wh battery. The Samsung s5pc110 has the Power VR 540 graphics core in it too so the graphics performance is very smooth indeed.

Viliv are going through the process of Google Android authorisation and are working on an Android 2.3 upgrade. As for Honeycomb, it’s not certain yet if that will run on the single core CPU. [Anyone know the minimum specs for Honeycomb?]

This is planned for launch after the Viliv X7 Android Tablet. (expect April-May) No pricing was given.

Here’s my hands-on video.

Viliv X10 Android Slate at Computex, 10” with a 1366×768 Capacitive Screen

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viliv x10 Viliv is showing off a new product, the X10, at Computex. LaptopMag got their hands on the X10 for a short while and sound rather excited about it, calling it a potential “incredible iPad alternative”.

The X10 is your familiar slate form-factor and has a 10” capacitive touchscreen running at 1366×768. Avram Piltch of LaptopMag points out that the 1366×768 screen size is a 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning it’ll be better shaped and more detailed for your widescreen movie collection than the iPad’s 1024×768 screen which is 4:3 and is subsequently quite poor for widescreen movie viewing.

No word on exactly what is powering the X10, though it was shown playing smooth 720p playback, and Viliv says it’ll do 1080p as well – this could be Tegra 2 hardware. 1080p playback would be pointless on the X10’s 1366×768 screen if it weren’t for it’s HDMI out port. Along for the ride is an SD card slot, USB slot, and front facing webcam as well. Piltch reports that the device is running Android 2.1 at the moment, but that it’ll be running 2.2 by launch, according to Viliv. The unit shown had WiFi, but there will purportedly be a 3G option. Battery life is being quoted as on par with the iPad at 10 hours – Viliv has been pretty good about keeping their battery figures realistic in the past.

Be sure to jump over to LaptopMag’s site for more images and two videos of the device.

No word on pricing or availability at this time.

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