Updated on 19 January 2019

It’s hard to believe but there was a time when photoblogging – adding images to text posts, sometimes in near-real-time situations – wasn’t easy and required hooking up cameras, PCs and 3G connections. Today you need nothing more than $100 of phone. Everything is built-in and there are hundreds of platforms that can be used to create ‘rich’ blogs. It’s hard to imagine a ‘post’ without an image.

Photoblogging 2011

That’s how photoblogging looked in 2011 when I experimented with laptops, early Android tablets (that’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab that cost over $800 at launch) and even smartphones. A Nokia N8 running Symbian Mobile. Photoblogging required linking everything together perfectly.

You have one of the easiest, richest photo blogging solutions I’ve ever seen.

Chippy, 2011

Three years earlier, however, it was already possible to do live blogging, with images. Here’s an example using a Kohjinsha contervible mini laptop.

  • How to do a high quality photo post to Flickr in 60 seconds.
  • How to do a mobile photo blog using LiveWriter

Remember LiveWriter, the blogging tool from Microsoft? Flickr survives today and posting an image to Flickr in 60 seconds was quite the challenge.

Photoblogging in 2007.