Firefox 3 download day World Record attempt.

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Firefox is my recommendation for any device running a ‘low-end’ platform due to its speed and reduced memory footprint and I encourage everyone reading this website to make sure they test out the release candidate ASAP and download the final  version when its  available. If the fact that it’s fast isn’t enough for you, how about being a part of a world record attempt?


Mozilla wants as many people as possible to try and download it in the first 24 hours of it being available.

Via The Register, who point out that there is no current record holder for this new category.  Hmmmm!

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  • JFace

    “Firefox is my recommendation for any device running a ‘low-end’ platform due to its speed and reduced memory footprint”.

    Chippy, if this is indeed the case and you are talking to people running Microsoft Windows, then you may want to make Firefox your second recommendation and promote K-Meleon ( to your first recommendation. It’s even faster and lighter-weight. It shares the same underlying “Gecko” rendering engine that Firefox sports, but leverages the native Windows GUI rather than XUL to display the browser itself. There are not nearly as many extensions for K-Meleon as there are in Firefox, due in no small part to the lack of dependence on XUL, but there are enough to get the job done, especially if you’re coming from Internet Explorer.

    However, people should still hammer the Firefox distribution servers on release day to send a general message of support to Firefox/Open Source/Anti-Apple/Anti-Microsoft/Whatever.

  • chippy

    Thanks JFace.
    Have you read the review though? There’s more to it than just speed! Grab and Drag, fullscreen support, etc.
    I’m going to check it out when I get a chance though.

  • Bjorn

    Once you go kmeleon, there is no turning back. The www’s best kept secret.

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