Acer Aspire One netbook gets official online

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Acer’s entry into the netbook space was seen a few weeks ago, but hasn’t been seen on their site until recently. An entire mini-site dedicated to the Aspire One can be seen over at Acer’s website. One of the first things you will read on that site is the following:

The Aspire one is more than just another ultra-mobile notebook: it’s an all-new communication device designed to deliver continuous access to the internet and a simplified wireless experience no matter where you are.

I really hope they have some magic to back up that claim. As far as I can tell, it is in fact “just another ultra-mobile notebook”. Granted, it looks very slick but so far I can’t say there are any features that make this one stand out from the crowd. The site gives only information that has already been know; the Aspire One will be available in many different colors, and weigh in under 1kg (2.2lb). Interestingly Acer has chosen to use Linpus Lite for the OS, and the site says that they have kept startup/shutdown times very low. Of course some people need software compatibility so I’m sure we’ll see XP as popular choice for the Aspire One. And then there is the standard 8.9″ LCD screen running at 1024×600, and the whole thing is running on Intel’s Atom. Could this netbook be any more generic?

Take a look at 4 of the most popular netbooks side-by-side.

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  • Matthew

    If it’s so generic, how come it’s now listed as number 1 in the list of top UMPCs?

  • Luis

    it sure does look pretty generic to me!

  • Dave

    I suspect the pricing has something to do with how popular this is likely to be. It’s how the eeepc 900 could have been.

  • PLS

    Well, the most important stat is missing and not hidden… the price. Thanks for NOTHING.

  • The thing that makes it stick out from the crowd is the 3G/HSDPA or WiMax integrated into the unit… ‘always on communications with the internet’ :-)

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