Elonex OneT identified. 3 to go!

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Elonex highlighted 4 new devices at Computex. No-one reported seeing them and there were no ‘live’ images to be seen anywhere.

One of the four has now been outed though. Its the OneT, which was advertised as the OneTwoLite at Computex.


Specs are thin on the ground but The Register seem to think it will have a 400Mhz processor. Mmm. Its small, its cheap. I’m sure it find find a place somewhere. Could be useful as a remote desktop? If I ever get a full set of specs, I’ll add it to the database.

Check out The Register if you’re in the market for a low-end mini.

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  • TareX

    It looks amazing. But… 400 Mhz? What year is it?
    Most smatphones run on 525 Mhz…. the iPhone, theoretically has a 600-625 Mhz processor.

    But I hope this design catches up.

  • turn.self.off

    hey, i made do with a 466Mhz for quite a number of years. sure it was not the fastest computer out there, but as long as i didnt contemplate gaming, it did a ok job.

  • TareX

    Well as you said “a couple of years ago!”…
    This is beyond not gaming. I mean good luck running Google Earth or Photoshop on this machine. For all the other functions you can get a pocketable MID, or a smartphone.

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  • Sarah


    This device will be aimed at the education market where it will primarily be used for educational software, word processing, web browsing and email. It’s not a processing powerhouse and it doesn’t need to be.

    According to Elonex, the planned RRP is around £125 (~$250), which compares favorably to the “MID”s and “smartphones” you suggested, while offering a comfortable keyboard and relatively large display.

  • turn.self.off

    google earth? if it got a ok 3D chip to take the work for that globe, it should probably work out ok.

    photoshop? no way. but then i think you will have trouble getting any kind of windows on there as well. hand them gimp ;)

  • davetweed

    I could easily live with 400MHz IF having it run at that speed significantly boosted battery life. If it’s a newish chip then it looks interesting but if it’s using old designs (particularly old desktop chips) for cost reasons then it looks much less useful.

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  • netbsd

    The only educational aspect I discern is a lesson in capitalism and marketing students are not likely to forget.

  • ryan

    ive ordered a onet+ which is the upgraded version and along it lasts a few years its ok for the money

  • turn.self.off

    i wonder, where did you order it ryan?

  • ryan

    i originaly ordered a one+ then i got an email asking to pay the outstanding balance and they offrered me a onet+ for the same price

  • turn.self.off

    ah, so they are planing on dropping the one+?

    to bad, it seems like a ok buy for its price. but then i would never been able to buy one from them in the first place as they only shipped within UK by the looks if it…

  • ryan

    i dont think they are shipping outside the uk. i dont think they are dropping the one+ because i could of had kept with the one+ if i wanted to

  • netbsd

    Ryan, you gave up Bluetooth and USB 2.0 ports. More importantly, you gave up 128 MB of RAM for an increase in cpu speed of 36 MHz. I don’t think Firefox will like that very much.

    Also, the switch of cpu architecture means your programs are now larger: x86 instructions are on average 3 bytes long, MIPS instructions are 4 bytes.

  • ryan

    i dont mind. i looks more like a laptop.

  • ryan

    i have also email elonex and i asked for more information on what the ram is and if the 3 usb ports are 2.0

  • Stuart

    does that mean the one+ has been scrapped. i deleted that email asking me to upgrade by accident. what do i do. i dont know the account number to retrieve it from the elonex site. do you know when the onet will be delivered. does anybody have one yet???

  • Stuart

    also, is the webbook at the carphone warehose similar to the onet but upgraded a bit. elonex dont tell us enough

  • ryan

    i should get my onet+ before the 7th of august and i think the webbook is a better version of the elonex onet

  • The OneT has an Xburst (bit like MIPS) processor allegedly running at 400Mhz, but according to /proc/cpuinfo the one on my desk is running at 335Mhz, it feels surprisingly fast. The webbook is totally different and is a Via C7 X86 chip running at 1600Mhz. The OneT is more of an appliance than a general purpose computer.

  • ryan


  • laura williams

    I STILL have not got my 2 OneT laptops!!! I was told nearly 3 weeks ago that the last batch of orders were being held at customs awaiting correct paperwork, and all orders will be fulfilled in 7-10 days…. 21 days later… hmmmmmm NO laptops!!! I am soooo not happy… i can;t believe I have had to wait and wait. I emailed the same person who i mailed and found out about the customs thing, and i got an auto reply of out of office until 15th SEptember!!! What??? its the 22nd today!!!! I am seriously starting to think they have taken my money and ran! getting very narked!

  • Rachel

    Ordered mine in Jan ready for release in July only to be told that they are delayed till Sept, I left it till near end of Sept and then Rang twice over 2 weeks to see where they were and the girl on the line was really helpful and though I was placed on hold for a while, they could track that my order had entered the uk but was held at customs. Also the delay was cause they hadn’t the whole order complete to dispatch. I ordered the cases, acc packs and three onet’s in differant colours. The bright green is popular and therefore held the rest of the order back. I received them well packed on the 10th October. I don’t think they are out to diddle anyone just busy shipping them to relavent destinations. I saw this is the daily times in Dec and ordered them for the kids straight after crimbo. I think this helped with the flow of service as I was one of the first orderers.

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