Wibrain i1 Atom/HSDPA/SSD UMPC details.

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Update: It’s the I1 (i1) not the L1. My mistake. Sorry Wibrain!
Detailed specifications and links are now in the database.

This, just in from Wibrain.

We had news from UMPCfever that Wibrain were working on an Atom-based ultra mobile PC and I can now bring you some details in English. The L1 i1 will be based on the B1 design, will have an updated casing design and will include variants of the Silverthorne Atom processor and an HSDPA module.


It’s planned to be launched running on Menlow (Silverthorne/Poulsbo) in two versions, one with a 1.1Ghz CPU and one with a 1.3Ghz version. The usual 30Gb or 60Gb drive options are available and you’ll also have SSD options up to, wait for it, 64GB! It is planned to be built with Windows XP or Linux (version unknown.) Target weight and dimensions are as per the B1 model. 500gm. One specification that many will be happy to see is an SD card slot. Simple but very useful and missing from the previous, B1 model.


As for battery life, we have a document here that says 6-hours browsing. I’m not sure if that’s with the 30Wh battery or the double-capacity battery. Were checking. It is possible that, with an SSD and the 1.1Ghz CPU that they can reach this figure with the standard battery and a low-level backlight but it’s going to be tough. We know that already! (Update: Wibrain tell us it’s 6-hours with the standard battery – Wow. Even if it’s 5, i’m interested!) Availability is planned for October through global channels. (Yes, U.S. is included in the target territory list.)

For those that haven’t read much about the Wibrain UMPCs, they’re good value and easy to use. The touchpad works exceptionally well and the split keyboard is one of the quickest for URL and password entry. If Wibrain reach 6-hour browsing time on the standard battery I’m sure it will sell extremely well. Links and information about the B1, here. I’ll add the i1 to the database ASAP.

Source: Wibrain.

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  • icura

    This looks kind of nice. I consider the 1.1GHz a MID CPU, which does not seem to fit the WiBrain so hopefully there is a massive battery life benefit, or this will be a step backwards.

    The pink one looks so awful with the grey.

  • Dukeswharf

    Anything less than 1.6GHz is just plain playing in my books…

    6-Cell/1.6GHz minimum…


    • Dud3

      Dude !! Its Intel you can Overclock it ;)

      • Dukeswharf

        Indeed! :-)

  • NobbyNobbs

    Great News!
    Let`s just hope that they can keep their pricing as attractive as with the c7-versions.
    Can`t wait for this to become available (in europe)!

  • Finally a SD card slot, a must for me in any portable device. If the battery life is anywhere near/over 4h with the standard battery I am going to pick one up as an addition (or maybe replacement) to my Q1 Ultra.

  • turn.self.off

    i would not mind the black one witth hsdpa, ssd and linux ;)

    i just hope a setup like that will not make a big hole in my wallet…

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  • Brook Zerihun

    Good to hear the news,

    http://www.dynamism.com has the Wibrain L1 on their site, no real info but looks good that it they will carry the new line.

  • The rounded corners of the new Wibrain definitely make it more attractive. I also agree with Dukes that the bare minimum should be at least 1.6 Ghz.

    The addition of an SD card slot as well seems like a real bonus. I would definitely consider picking one of these up. Now if only they could cram all this and make it, “pocketable”.

    • chippy

      I think the 1.33Ghz version should work well with XP.
      As for the 1.1Ghz version, mmm, that might be a tad slow for some but still useable as a browsing device.


    • Kim-jong

      it can be “pocketable” inside certain pockets like on gowns we Muslim men wear the pockets usually pretty huge
      i’ve a pocket that i can fit a portable DVD player in
      I’m sure Wibrain could fit there i even have one pair of loose pants that i can fit about 3 psps in one pocket I’m sure wibrain can get in but it will a brick in the pants lol.

  • Jerry

    SD or SDHC slot?

    • chippy

      SDHC. Sorry, I should have pointed that out.


      • turn.self.off

        it would really surprise me if any SD slot in a future product is not a SDHC slot…

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  • dude

    now i know you watch HIMYM lol

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  • ZonK

    Lets hope they will redesign the position of the power connector and the usb slot

    i sold my wibrain b1 because i found it unbearable to use it that way

    that means

    it was getting too hot and drained the batteries too fast with that lame via cpu so i had to use it with the power adapter connected when i wanted to use it a bit longer
    unfortunately the power adapter goes exactly where yourleft hand is supposed to hold that device

    and when i wanted to connect a usb stick or something usb to it it i had to plug it in on the exact spoit the right hand was supposed to hold the device

    so it was a bit too uncomfortable to call it a convienient device

    lets hope heat and battery runtime really wont be an issue with the I1 and a more ergonomic redesign of the connectors would be really nice too…

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  • Locust

    Oh my god it looks incredible for me. I have the B1 and absolutely love it, but I may sell it to buy this one. So basically you could get 60gb HDD + 64gb SSD + 16gb MicroSDHC = 140gb am I right? wow.

    Also, supposedly the 1.3 ghz should be faster than the current B1 Via cpu correct?

    Together with HSDPA and twice the battery life, I’ll buy it no questions asked, B1 has for me the best umpc interface and this improvements would make it even better.

  • “So basically you could get 60gb HDD + 64gb SSD + 16gb MicroSDHC = 140gb am I right?”

    No, the SSD is instead of the HDD. So, you’ll get “only” 76 or 80 GB.

  • operator

    being my first umpc, the B1 has been awesome! i’d love more battery life, but im curious to see if a Nano version will surface. SDHC card reader is a definite improvement. i hope they correct the abysmal usb port placement though.

    • Djhg2000

      The B1 was my first UMPC too, and it’s just barely “pocketable” (doesn’t like sharing a pocket with my phone)!

      I might just sell my B1 and buy an I1.
      Or I’ll just buy an I1 :D

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  • luke adams

    the Wibrain B1 series are avilable from quore in the UK, and so will the l1 series.

  • luke adams

    to buy thw wibrain in europe just go to shop.quore.co.uk

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  • james braselton


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