Medion Akoya Mini (MSI Wind) 10-week Review.

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Checking out a mini-review by Andario, one of our members on the forums today made me realise that I should put together my own objective long-term review of the Akoya Mini that I’ve been using off and on for a while. It deserves it as its been working well and trouble free since I queued up for it at the beginning of July.

I’ve already called the Akoya Mini ‘near perfect’ and I haven’t changed my mind. Having played with most of the netbooks its clear that it hits the consumer mark more centrally than any other netbook. Its cheap, stylish, has a keyboard that really shouldn’t be that good for that price and the 10’2" screen makes for very comfortable tabletopping. In short, if you need a low-cost, small notebook, you really won’t be unhappy with the XP/Hard drive version of the MSI Wind, Medion Akoya Mini, Zen ID, Advent 4211 or any of the variants that are available. [Article continues after the images…]

IMG_6698.JPG IMG_6691.JPG IMG_6681.JPG

From the outside.

The Akoya Mini has a matte black finish which is relatively fingerprint friendly. The casing seems to be nicely built and has a nice smooth set of lines. Its classically attractive. At 1.3KG its not the lightest of netbooks and not an Ultra Mobile PC by a long shot but that’s not what the device is about. Its meant for storing direct in a bag or rucksack and for working on a table. Hotspot-portable is what I’d call it.

All the ports you need are available and it’s nice to see 3 USB ports. With some external drives and 3G modules needing two USB ports to run them, three is a minimum if you also need to add a USB mouse. while working.

The screen hinge is smooth and solid although it doesn’t tilt back as far as I’d like. It might be because of the balance of the device because so much of the weight is in the battery section of the device that it starts to tip back on its rear feet if you push the screen even lightly. After a few months though I don’t notice this any more and its something anyone can get used to.

The Keyboard.

If you’re worried about the keyboard quality, don’t! After two months, I’m finding the keyboard nicer to use than my desktop. Admittedly my fingers are fairly slim so others might not find the same but you’d have to have seriously big fingers to be tripping your self up on this keyboard. Touch typing should be possible for most people on this keyboard. (Note: I haven’t had a chance to use the keyboard on the HP2133 mini note much. Many people regard this as the best keyboard in the netbook class)

IMG_7418  IMG_7416

Full gallery here

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  • Bob

    Take a writing class. It will really help you. Your grammar is awful.

    • chippy

      Mum. Is that you?

    • Dave

      Shut up you grammar queen douche. The review is great.

      • jim little

        bob you are a nob!

        the review is great, always some donkey trying to put someone down, how is this not of a help to anyone who wants to buy… thanks again, great review

  • I’ve had the 6-cell (with Bluetooth) Wind since it arrived in Australia July 28 and I have to say its the best netbook on the market at the moment. Appears that UMPC agrees! However I feel it is a very upgradeable machine – refer here for info

    However, Audio Quality is shocking and 3G/draft-n would be nice (hopefully in the Wind 2). One thing you could have added to your review is that those with a 6-cell are often subject to a sub-standard touchpad. I suspect your 3-cell machine has the superior Synaptics device whereas a lot of people with a 6-cell have the tap-to-scroll Sentelic touchpad. Refer rants on forums.

    Nice overview though.

  • Dylan


    Why is it that people such as yourself feel the need to degrade seemingly nice people over their slightly imperfect grammar? While it is important, I don’t think that you have the right to blatantly insult someone over such a trivial matter! Especially considering that he did something as amiable as review a device for us! Please refrain from this in the future, it’s simply uncalled for.


    • Dylan’s Mum


      You also need a grammar class. Your comma between “future” and “it’s” should be a semicolon.


  • JP

    The “What’s missing?” section explicits that other variants do not have the same configurations. For instance the Akoay Mini doesn’t have BT but have Wifi N.

    You also say that the power brick could be much smaller. In that case, too, it depends on the variant. The Akoya Mini does have a pretty big power brick for a netbook. But the MSI Wind, for instance, does have a smaller power brick, kind of the same than for EEE PC and others.

  • Robert

    I tried an Medion Akoya E1210 for a week or two and liked it. I would have kept it but I then saw the info on the Gigabyte M912M that I have now set my heart on. However, as Expansys won’t be stocking that model, it will make it harder to get it in the UK, so I may be tempted to look at the MSI Wind clones again, especially as there is an updated Medion model out soon , the E1211 which has 160Gb HD and bluetooth – see

    There are also two new Advent models from PC World/Dixons:
    Advent 4212 which is a 4211 with 2Gb RAM
    Advent 4213 with HSPDA support (may not be a MSI Wind clone) – see


    • JP

      Right Robert, the Advent 4213 with HSPDA support won’t be a MSI Wind clone but an ECS G10L clone. :-)




    • chippy

      Most commentators say the same thing. Sounds like AM radio to me.

    • Take it from an audiophile – its pretty terrible. all high-mids and highs nothing even resembling the hint of oomph! Headphones or speakers are a must apart from basic YouTube videos.

      • Audio & Mic

        What netbook would you recommend with decent/good sounding speakers?

        • A quote from Laptop Mag’s review of the Asus 1000h –

          “ASUS upped the ante by including Dolby Sound Room stereo speakers. The speakers, located on the bottom of the machine, delivered strong and solid sound. Streaming music from Pandora was loud enough to fill a small living room.”

          You can get them cheap on Amazon at the moment and I think its a great netbook so if speakers are your thing then definitely go for a 1000h. Easy to upgrade RAM and HDD on them too. I use Logitech Z-10 USB speakers with my Wind but when I’m away from my desk the OEM speakers are agonizingly bad. They really are worse than even the speakers in the original Eee!!

  • Andario

    Hey Zippy, thanks for the heads-up to my “mini-review”.

    I have to confess, though, that the more I investigate about the EEE 1000H, the more I think it´s an even more polished product than the Medion…

  • nomax

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you.

    I had a MSI Wind (2 to be correct, black and white) and I think that design-wise it’s the best netbook on the market (= that you can actually buy) yet.

    BUT (and for me this is a big BUT):

    – Touchpad (Sentilec) ist useless – scrolling is not possible with this hardware, also its too small.
    – battery life (3cell) is 1,5 hours or less – useless.
    – ctrl and fn keys are switched – this is really annoying.

    Right now I am quite happy with a eee 1000H instead, so for me this is the winner. But it’s louder and un-prettier but keyboard is on par, 6cell battery nice and the manufactoring quality seems fo be slightly better.

    Lets all wait for the Ideapad S10 – maybe thats the best of both worlds.


    • 1000h vs Wind IMHO
      – Keyboards (about even, Wind with the slight advantage)
      – Build Quality (Wind definitely better)
      – Design (Personal preference but most prefer the professional looking Wind)
      – Speakers (1000h hands down)
      – Touchpad (1000h kicks the Sentelic Touchpad and even trumps the Synaptics Touchpad found on older Winds)
      – Battery (6-cell version of the Wind is about even with the 1000h – try to avoid the 3-cell Wind)
      – Performance (Very similar but latest unoffical Wind bios 1.08 allows for up to 24% one-button touch overclocking – I have this set up on my Wind currently – will blog on it shortly – this gives Wind an edge although 1000h is overclockable too with some added difficulty)
      – Wi-Fi (Similar but 1000h has N if you use it)
      – Weight (Wind is lighter and therefore more portable)
      – GFX (Even but again Unofficial Bios 1.07 and up for the Wind increases GFX memory to 128 for 1GB ram and 256 for 2GB of RAM)

      The two machines are very close, with the 6-cell Wind just trumping the 1000h by a hair in my opinion. The 1000h clearly trumps the 3-Cell Wind in overall value and usability.

      My 2 cents.

  • B. Factor

    Thanks for the review! You say its near the top of the netbook class…. Which device in your opinion is currently at the top?

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  • Rousseau

    Is it possible to add a 3g mini-PCI module?

  • David

    MSI Wind 6-cell is now available under $500 ($479.99 to be exact). Much better deal then Eee PC…

  • Lhar

    does anybody have an idea where in singapore, US or Philippines a pink MSI wind is being sold? and if i happen to have a 3-cell wind, can i upgrade it to a 6-cell?

  • Medion Akoya Mini

    I hope medion releases overclock bios for akoya soon, for de rest I’am real happy with the mini labtop clone.

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