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Update: Full review now available.

“This new machine from Raon Digital is designed for power users like you, not for children.”

So say Raon Digital’s marketing people via the sales brochure I just received for their new dual-core AMD-Turion based Everun Note . There’s nothing new in the brochure apart from new images showing the underside of the device (memory, disk and PCI-express mini accessible) and a revised weight (down to 748gm)

This balance of leading-edge power, battery life and miniaturisation doesn’t come cheap but in the world of pro-mo devices, this is really on-the-mark. The recommended sales price is $879 (US, before tax.) which means its way, way cheaper than the other high-performance UMPCs, the Sony UX and the Q1 Ultra Premium and it includes a 16mm pitch keyboard and easy 3G upgrade path. With Windows XP Home (yes, I know some of you would be looking for TE or Vista) it will really fly.

They are definitely targeting the pro-mo set and what better place to be sending a product sample than to Chippy at UMPCPortal. Yes, there’s one in the post and as I said before, when it arrives, you can expect a very long live session with it!

So what do you think of the price/feature balance? End users will be paying over $900 including tax and postage so it’s not cheap. Many of you will question why someone needs anything other than an Eee PC 901, why its been given a touchscreen and why there’s no mousepad (its an optical mouse) and you’d be correct in assuming that most people won’t be able to justify the cost of this but there are a great many people that need the power and are happy to pay for a 30% weight reduction, a 50% reduction in total volume and nearly double the raw processing power.  Does it resonate with you?

All four pages of the PDF are now in the gallery and I’ve updated the database to reflect the latest information.

Note: exact availability is unknown at the moment.

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  • Marc

    When did it turn white?!

    I’ve been avoiding netbooks, as they don’t solve my issues. I need a powerful laptop, and anything small and powerful has traditionally been hideously expensive.

    So I’m actually very interested in this as I think it could with cope my presentation needs and stop my need to lug a big bag around central London.

    The price is pretty good in that respect.

    And I liked the optical mouse on the Everun and have never liked touch pads much anyway….

  • Jerry

    Wondering how cool this runs and if the screen folds back for tablet mode. :)

    • Marc

      Sadly it doesn’t have a tablet mode. Which is a bit of a missed opportunity with the touch screen.

      The heat/noise issues will be amongst the first I’ll be pressing Chippy on….

  • Zapgun

    Expandability would be important to me. With a 64-bit dual core in there, I would ideally love to put vista 64 on it with a single 4-gig memory chip (yes I know, Vista – but their 64 bit version is actually not bad). A unit that size running a 64-bit OS with 4 gigs of ram would be amazing!

    Battery life is also my concern and I think it remains to be seen if this machine can operate for any length of time in a 3d environment (yes, I’m a gamer *g*). I can live with mediocre battery life if I have too, but loading up a game and having the battery die after 40 minutes would be a bit of a let down. :)

    Also, where is the swivel screen!? Is there even a point to having a touch screen without it?

    • petrik zviera

      I think, that everun idea is to fully open the screen
      on 180 degree and because this unit is really small and relatively light, use it fully opened as tablet.

      • Marc

        I’m sure you are right. Clearly the screen can go flat for thumb-board style typing and this ‘could’ work as a tablet.

        But that’s rubbish and shows they haven’t thought about what users really want. Fujitsu and the U2010 got the design right in that respect.

        • chippy

          ‘What users want’?
          We all want different things so that statement is close to NULL! ;-) Everun obviously chose to go for the smallest form factor and that means leaving out the swivel screen hinge.

        • Marc

          That is of course true, I was somewhat over generalising there.


          Maybe ‘What touch screen users want?’ would be a better statement?

          I could be wrong, but I would imagine anyone seriously using the touchscreen would want the option of a tablet form factor? I think it could be done in a similar design.

          But one would assume Raon considered and rejected the possibility for whatever reason companies do. (Cash mainly)

        • reverendo

          I do believe that people who look for a tablet form factor are more inclined to want a heavy touch screen which would make inking possible… soft touch screen makes sense in a normal netbook form.

      • i’m quite heavy touch user and i actually prefer laptop design over tablet or swivel..

        ..and i hate hard touch as i don’t ink.

  • turn.self.off

    so, are you looking at your new workhorse there chippy?

    you got a lot of mileage out of the everun so…

  • reverendo

    this could be a wonderful device with a swivel screen… is there any remote chance they’ll launch a tablet possibility?

    • chippy

      I doubt it. The case would need a complete redesign.
      Maybe if there’s enough interest?

      • ssagg

        There is, obviously, enough interest. It´s a topic that comes over and over again. They could offer both models and they probably wouldn´t compite.

  • Geoffrey

    I haven’t seen anything written about this device that talks about whether the memory is expandable. If it’s not, I cannot see a point to all that power–I’d want to do what Zapgun is suggesting. If it is expandable, I can certainly see buying one early next year, even with my SC3 scheduled to arrive this week.

    • chippy

      I guess it will take 2GB with no problem.
      Its a one-slot mem slot. HOw big can you get a so-dimm these days? I feel sure the Turion 64 would support it.

      • Zapgun

        4 gig modules are out these days… I think that’s the largest ones just now.

        • chippy

          Thx Zapgun.

  • JoeBlow

    i will be most curious about the battery life & how well the optical mouse works. i like the idea of an optical mouse as you can make a laptop MUCH smaller without a touchpad & palmrest area.

    i really wish they would release an Atom version for all of us that dont need that much power & would prefer extra battery life.

  • Dukeswharf

    when do you hope to have this device in your hands?

    • chippy

      its on its way from Asia right now. Give it 5-7 days for shipping and customs.

  • Dukeswharf

    Any chance you could also provide a link to the actual pdf instead of the pdf images?

  • chippy

    Oh crap, the images arent as good as I though.
    Will post the PDF in a minute.


  • scoobie

    Will it be Vista upgradable?

    • chippy

      Vista driver status unknown at this stage.

  • zorg

    One image appears to show a D-SUB 15 connector, implying external monitor connectivity, but the database does not mention that.

  • chippy

    Images fixed. You can now see full size, raw versions.

    • turn.self.off

      heh, the keyboard was basically weird…

    • Travis

      I don’t see the .pdf just the .jpg’s.

      • chippy

        Yup. Just the jpgs. They’re the same. Would rather keep everything in the gallery for better overview.

  • ToG

    Please announce that life session early enough :)

  • Sam

    + Interests me..
    + Touch screen, good.
    + No touch pad, good.
    + Size & weight, great.
    – Not sure about the processor though. Bound to be something groovier just around the corner.
    – Price ok, cheaper always better.
    ? How good screen outdoors.
    ? Battery life / extended battery options.
    ? Fast SSD would be good.
    ? Let us know what kind of games this can play.

    • chippy

      Apart from the gaming aspect, which I think will kill the battery, those are my questions too plus the following.

      ? Keyboard quality and layout
      ? Optical mouse
      ? DO I need so much power?

  • Bret

    I really like the size and design, but the keyboard layout is going to stop me from buying one. I wish they would have sacrificed some key size to have a more traditional layout. I’m one of those people who actually use the punctuation and symbol keys near the Enter key. I also agree that the lack of a tablet mode is a missed opportunity.

  • Bla

    At least the most important key of all is still there,and not even tiny –> caps lock !


  • tal

    No swivel screen means I am not interested. 7″ is a bit too small for my personal taste. And 900$ is a bit high too.
    But for a powerful 8.9″ with a swivel screen and long battery life I would have paid that price. My only choice ATM for something just close under 1k$ is the m912m.

  • Mikey

    pass for me, add 3g and it will be over the 1k

  • Mark

    Very nice – and given the problems that the SC3 seems to be having, this is looking like it may be my next UMPC (assuming that it is available in the near future).

    • KidDoc

      I’ve got the SX. I would recommend it over this (though the price is slightly higher.


  • rahul

    Waiting for review of this thing :)
    Still curious about battery life.

  • scoobie

    I’m curious about the fan noise (I have read its really loud) and lack of a Vista option

  • turn.self.off

    article have hit engadget, meltdown in 3.. 2.. 1..

    • chippy

      Hoping that my latest optimisations can handle it. So far so good.

  • KidDoc

    Battery life is terrible for the price. Not really usable for business.

  • Umpc_Nut

    The 60GB 1.8 Hard disk is not enough, even 80GB doesn’t come close.

  • I haven’t fondled an MSI Wind yet, so STFU. But yeah, I’m beginning to get interested in this. The *horsepower* is what’s attractive to me (he said, having cursed mightily at his PC all weekend!).

    Chippy, I want you to do a SEPARATE post that asks us to set the agenda for your live fondle of this. Each of us wants to know SPECIFIC things and if you can demonstrate those live, it’d be great. Here’s mine:

    1) External monitor use
    2) External USB/BT keyboard use
    3) External USB/BT mouse use
    5) Firefox on it
    — DUAL BROWSER STRESS TEST — open GINORMOUS sites on it in MANY MANY Tabs with each browser (separately, not both browsers at once!)
    6) Skype video
    7) YouTube/Veoh/hulu video playback

    Offline: Battery life stress test & how long to recharge fully.

    What I want to know RIGHT NOW: When your PDF JPEGs are shown at the largest size, are those photos of it now ACTUAL DEVICE SIZE? If so, I’d like to do a printout a cut-out for paper fondling.

    • chippy

      You havent…what did you say about the MSI Wind Mike? Get out there and buy one for goodness sake. Sell it for $100 loss a few months later and then buy a real movile device. Commit and learn I say!

      • There is no frikkin MSI Wind in the wild live that I can yet fondle! I blame all you Europeans. Particularly all of Finland, for hiding them from me!

        Man, Google’s Chrome should *fly* on that Everun. I’m using it right now on my crappy desktop and it’s like having a new PC! On *great* hardware it should be just about miraculous!

        • Marc

          I’d like to see Chrome on the original Everun.

          It’s unbelievably quick on my PC compared to FF3 and IE7.

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  • John

    “With Windows XP Home (yes, I know some of you would be looking for TE or Vista) it will really fly.”

    And some of us wont even consider it because there’s no mention of a vendor supported linux for it.

    A convertible/twist screen would be cool, too.

  • PDF brochure here:

    should be available to ship from approx Setp 19th 2008

    • Dukeswharf

      @Brett Top man!

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  • REMF

    Where is the AMD PUMA chipset???????????????????

  • chippy

    Yup. I have confirmation on the ship date now too. Resellers will be able to get it to customers for the 3rd week of Sept.
    My demo device has shipped and I have the manual that I will check out later.

    One bit of important info i’ve already seen:
    “EVERUN NOTE has 3 different power managing program, PS and AUTO in two different modes (AUTO w/o AC input and AUTO with AC input). Full CPU power will be reached only by AUTO with AC connected.”

    Thats what I expected. The device will be a full-power table-topper but convert to power-saving mode when mobile. The question is, how much processing power is available when mobile. Even if it’s 50%, its still not bad!


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  • Be sensible

    The Asus 901 is much better value. I would never pay such a high price for a machine like this. Anyone would have to be insane to buy this machine at such a price. Stupid price. Asus 901 is the best.

    • Umpc_Nut

      The Asus 901 and the Everun note are not even in the same class. The Asus 901 is nowhere near as powerful with its 1.6GHz Atom N270. If you do not need much power then this is fine since it performs near the level of a 900MHZ Intel Celeron.

      However, if you really require some real processing power then the Everun with its AMD Dual Core is for you. Saying that the Asus 901 is the best makes no sense since every individual will have different requirements.

      • Marc


        There is no way the 901 could run the presentations I have to do, but they would be easy on the Everun.

        It’s aimed at a different market altogether.

        You could argue the Asus 901 isn’t even the best netbook right now…. ;)

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    Today,Everun Note will 1st shipped product arrivale to Japan market.

    1st shpped geek guy report found,

    It looks like that is very cool gadget.
    but,purchase cost was so expensive much of other countries…


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  • Justin Igger

    Just to be clear, the “pci express slot” is a mini pci express slot, SO YOU CAN’T USE EXTERNAL CARDS! SORRY, YOU CAN’T USE GIGABIT ETHERNET WITH THIS.

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