Hot and Not. Keywords in Mobile Computing.

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Keyword watching is a fun game that I play every now and again to make myself really happy that the ultra mobile PC keyword is getting news and coverage from all angles!!!  This morning I’ve been researching important keywords in the mobile computing sector and trying to come up with a list of what’s hot. Here’s my list based mostly on Google Trends analysis.


Android. Android appears to be one of the fastest growing keywords in the mobile computing segment. Query levels are as high as the term ‘Windows Mobile’ and have caught up and overtaken ‘netbook’ but where ‘Windows Mobile’ is no longer a growing term, Android has grown 200% this year alone. If you’re in the mobile computing indistry, you can not afford to ignore this.

iPhone. With queries running up to 20x that of Android and Windows Mobile, it’s a huge keyword to be paying close attention too. Leading a revolution in application sales. pocketable browsing and location based services, it’s no surprising. Traffic levels have levelled-off for this expression in 2009 indicating a mature market.

Netbook. The number of new news items for the term ‘netbook’ has peaked but search traffic is still growing indicating that it’s a healthy keyword and one worth tracking. News levels and search queries are slightly below the expression ‘Android.’ Search growth levels for 2009 are lower than for 2008.

Those are clearly the top three keywords relating to the mobile computing industry. One consumer product, one operating system and one segment but there’s some other interesting stats out there.

Ones to watch. Moblin, Maemo, Chrome OS, augmented reality. All showing growth from near-zero search levels before 2009. ‘Mobile browser’ is showing an upward trend in 2009 and has surpassed search rates for UMPC.

Red herring: 3G – query levels are huge for this keyword but it’s misleading. More than half of the searches for the expression 3G are actually for ‘iphone 3g’

Declining TabletPC, UMPC, web2.0, pocketpc, eeepc

Flat but healthy: touchscreen, mobile internet, navigation, gps, windows mobile, symbian, intel atom

Difficult to analyse: MID. Searching for MID doesn’t bring you very close to Mobile Internet Devices!

Our tip: Maemo. Interest in the keyword has tailed off over the last two years but we’re expecting news on the 2nd of Sept at Nokia World and expect news and search levels to shoot up for this term as Nokia starts to use the OS in more and more products.

Would you add any keywords to that list?

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  • ssagg

    There is a name that sounds to me as expressing the ultra portebles UMPCs (Oqos, Everuns, Aigos, etc..) and I´m surpissed that i doesn´t get any result in google. Is ¿palmbook? too stupid or meaningless?

  • ssagg

    NoSorry, it was a mistake
    There were some products with this name.
    it still seems to me as a good name for the category

  • animatio

    well i’d say your analysis reflects, but does not differentiate at the moment, several things: techie first waves, industry and general press hypes (where all end everybody plagiates the other to be part of the hype without much thinking), followed by a stable long range phase of the surviving.
    it would therefore be very interesting if you overlay your graphs with such data.
    anyways, nice work chippy.

  • TareX

    How about Tegra? I bet this word is HOT.

    • Snapdragon, Tegra and OMAP run at about the same level. About the same as Maemo. It’s nothing compared to Android which gets hundreds of times more search queries.


  • Lucien

    Just because many people search for a certain keyword doesn’t always mean it’s hot in terms of sales. They may just want to know what it is about but it won’t tell you intent of purchase.

    To make that determination you’d need to get the bid data for the keyword.

    • This is just a review of search terms. Many will drop out. Some will rise through and become solid indicators of sales. Looking at the bid data would be an interesting project though.

  • Boch

    Why isn’t this working for me?!

  • Alex @ Health Insurance

    Searching without proper keywords makes your search difficult.Thanks for the good post.I am sure it is helpful for all those who find searching to be difficult.

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