Twidroid on the Archos 5 Android Tablet. Video shows advantages of WVGA screen and fast web experience.

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Twitter is not just about a simple client application and 140 characters. With something like 50% of those simple 140-character tweets carrying a link to a web page, if you haven’t got a fast internet connection, a quality browser and a powerful CPU, you’re missing out on half the experience.

The Archos Internet Tablet needs 3G to be a first-class mobile twitter device but even in it’s current form it shows how much of an advantage screen real-estate and a quality browser platform are. The 4.8” 800×480 screen is perfect for portrait-mode usage. The device weighs the same as a Nokia N900 smartphone and is just 10mm thick.

Here’s a quick video that shows Twidroid running on the Archos Tablet.

For more information on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet, including unboxing and first impressions, check out the information and links on the Archos 5 product page.

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