New! Viliv N5 Clamshell Launching at CES

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We’ve just been invited to see the Viliv N5 at CES.

4.8”, 1024×600, Clamshell design, 3G, Wifi, GPS and we can probably expect Viliv’s usual high quality build and battery life. The UMID M2 has a competitor!

Note that the S10 is launching too. We should have some more details very soon so stay tuned.

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  • RT @umpcportal: New article: New! Viliv N5 Clamshell Launching at CES

  • なんと!!日本での入手手段が拾いVilivは嬉しいですね!RT @sumasa: Viliv N5! UMID M2(工人舎PM)と似てますね


    while tempting, i guess the price will have a viliv premium…

  • kyuss


    • men in black

      awesome!! :)

      hope that good news from chippy.

  • PlacidoDomenech

    I hope Viliv S5 + keyboard like OQO 2+ or EKIN S515… :S

  • @chuongvision Have you seen new Viliv N5? S5 in clamshell form. Just announced for CES.

  • Steve1974

    Very cool that viliv finally releases a keyboard. Too bad tho that its a clamshell.I would never buy this device myself as the clamshell design just doesnt cut it for me but im sure others will love it. Hopefully they have a slider version in mind also.

    • Clamshell is nice to protect screen from dirt and scratches tho!

      • squirrel

        but why not convertible then?

  • Another guy

    Clamshell is actually perfect to protect the screen, since you’d most likely carry this device on your bag or backpocket.

    I’d LOVE to see a one-to-one comparison between this one and the UMID M2! These are the most interesting products on the UMPC field right now for me.

    • Eric

      Yes, for sure.
      I was considering getting the umid m2, but would be a nice to see how those two compare.

      • scoobie

        Sounds like a challenge for jkk and chippy!

  • rjm

    To bad they didn’t use a bigger screen instead of all that extra bezel

    • The optical mouse pointer is in there so you gain some good control.

  • DDT

    Viliv N5 CESで発表ってことならPine Trailなんだよね?ION2は2010 1Qより後だろうから、せめてCrystal HD付き版が欲しいな。あとWiFiなんとかして欲しい。

  • Hmmm, this N5 image looks dangerously like a rebadged UMID M1. The keyboard, the position of the camera on the top right side, looks kinda fishy to me.

    • DavidC1

      The empty side on the left side of the screen seems proportionally larger than the UMID M1/M2.

      Now, I agree. Sliders are kinda fun. ;)

      But functionally, clamshell makes more sense to protect the screen.

      Maybe Viliv will surprise with Moorestown parts? :D

  • ziovax

    viliv products are very good, but too expensive here in europe.

  • bkos

    But why not make the screen go all the way from left to right? Wasted space…

    • Because there are controls embedded in the frame that make it more usable in mobile scenarios.

  • John Q. Public

    I’d much prefer a slider in this size than a clamshell.

  • Wolle

    Ok, thats now the device you guys have seen at a exhibition in Taiwan and couldn’t talk about it. Because Viliv asked you to keep silent (NDA).

    Looks nice…

    Anyway, my next device will be a tablet…

    • You got it. I have some photos here but they’re from an earlier proto. We’re waiting for new information from Viliv.

    • DrNick

      LOL That’s exactly what I was going to say.

  • Dex

    original or rebadge?

  • Meh…

    If it’s supported by the same dodgy drivers and touch implementation as the rest of their products, I’ll pass…

    • DavidC1

      Viliv draws parallels with Intel. They can make decent hardware, but the software can be very crappy.

      Screen can be fixed by using capacitive screen.

  • chow

    I have just bought S7 which is a very nice machine. I have big hands but I managed to touch-typing on that and I think it is fine for me but if a keyboard smaller like the N5, I don`t think I can do it. Thumb-typing is the only way and I think which is not practical whether it is a virtual or real keyboard. The input will be very very slow. I have a S5 also and can live with the virtual keyboard(it`s a give and take compare to that of S7)so I`m not very excited about the N7. It may not fit for me but may fit for others tho. And if that`s a multi-touch it`s worth to try. So keep up the good work, Viliv!

  • RT @chippy: RT @umpcportal: New article: New! Viliv N5 Clamshell Launching at CES

  • Tal

    Web cam? Did they do the same S5 error yet again?
    Or have they finally integrated a web cam into a 5″ device.


  • aj

    Does it have a mouse or is it going to be as inconvenient as using the UMID M1? I can’t see one from the article’s image. Maybe it’s blending into the black color of the device. Is it the black thing on the bottom center of the keyboard? If so, then it’s going to be hard using this without a table. Maybe it’s the white thing on the left of the screen which is also awkward.

    • Yup. Mouse has been integrated as far as I remember from early protos we saw.

      • scoobie

        mouse is optical, on the bottom of keyboard i think

  • DrNick

    Chippy, I’m glad you can finally say something about the prototype you saw. The waiting was hard because I’ve been a fan of the S5 since the first video you posted in 2oo8. I don’t know how much you can say now but judging from the prototype you saw is the N5 going to be good?

  • Digihunter

    Finally, it’s out to the public. Let’s see how Viliv prepare to take it down UMID’s M2 with N5. I will be at the CES so, need to check whether Viliv will have booth at the CES again as last year…

  • ssagg

    I´m a little dissapointed as I was (along with many others) expecting a slider as a replacement for my Oqo. The clamshell design only suits for me if it´s a convertible. Anyway it´s good news in these days that otherwise are a little boring for 5″ UMPC lovers.

    • tmarks11


      Chippy, you just spoiled my Christmas.

      The clamshell mockup that jkkmobile photoshopped last year was exactly what I wanted (ok, exactly what I wanted was an OQO 3.0 for less then $800).

      I actually had an S-5 on order when they first came out, but the lack of an optical mouse finally made me decide to kill the order. At least Villiv didn’t make that mistake here. Still, the clamshell is probably going to make this a bit too thick for me. I think I will pass.

      • tmarks11

        whoops, meant to say “the slider mockup photoshopped by jkkmobile”.

  • Tathagata
  • j

    From the image, it looks like it doesn’t have a thumb friendly keyboard. Just like with the UMID, I bet people are going to complain about pressing multiple keys when reaching for those center ones.

  • Steve1974

    The only good thing about this clamshell is the possibility of killer battery life and multitouch(acourding to engadgets brief write up). I think viliv dissapointed alot of people buy not releasing a slider design.
    Im sure the keyboard is fine on this product. Ive grown used to the nokia n810’s micro horrible keyboard so i think i could work with pretty much anything now! However being a clamshell design, i wouldnt give this product a passing glance yet alone buy it.

    Someone should tell viliv we want a SLIDER! :)

    • clamshell

      But I want a clamshell. So that “we” must be a typo and should be an “I” instead. Yeah, that must be it.

  • Steve1974

    lol “I” want a slider! Corrected for you!

    Seriously tho, cool product, just not my cup of tea. I’ll wait for jkk to review this and then mod the bajesus’ outta it and make it into a slider :)

  • deriuqer

    7″ tablet for home use or 4.8″/5″ OQO-style slider for home and mobility,that’s “I” of course.

  • Confirmation received today that we’ll get hands on with this in the early days of CES.

  • Minions

    Now it becomes the choice of which of these products the N5 or M2 comes out in the US with 3g and good specs first. I believe Umid royally screwed up by delaying the release of the m2 while they had the ability to reap the profits from it. By delaying this long to release a revamped product, they now have extremely similar competition in the small clamshell design category. Depending how large this ends up being, and chippy/jkk’s reviews on it, along with its release date and price, will decide which of the two I end up purchasing. I see these being sold at an very similar price point, perhaps the N5 will be priced cheaper, and have better battery life which will be a huge factor.

  • fixup

    From what Viliv has offered so far, I think this one will be larger and heavier than the M2. Now I’ve been spoiled by the extremely light weight of M1, it’ll be very hard to accept any heavier.

  • Paul M

    I believe there are patents protecting the clamshell covertible form, which is why it’s not that common and demands a premium. Having had a zaurus C3100 and an 860 before then, I personally didn’t find the convertibility a big thing, and it can add to weight or cause reliability problems so I’d rather have thinner lighter stronger cheaper if possible.

    Maybe this viliv will be a fairly priced and better made version of the Umid Mx, and a more fully-featured version of the Sharp PC-Z1, and a much cheaper alternative to the rediculously pricey Fujitu UMPCs?

  • Andy C

    Wow nice UMPC, i like the advert even more tho. Does it mean that if i buy N5 i get the girl holding it too for free. :) If so i buy it right now

  • CESにこんなのが出るんだ。いいな。

  • viliv n5かぁ。またムズムズするなぁ。

  • やばすぎる!(写真は合成かな?CGだったり) RT @bichir viliv n5かぁ。またムズムズするなぁ。

  • New! Viliv N5 Clamshell Launching at CES –

  • Russ

    What’s so great about a slider? I think sliders are a terrible design, and I’ll never buy a phone or other device that uses a slide design.

    This looks great. I love my S5, so I won’t be buying a replacement until Moorestown (or Pineview/field/whatever the next gen is?), but still, I think I will go with some sort of flip device when I do.

  • Russ

    Medfield. That’s the name I was looking for for the name of the generation following Moorestown.

  • @toor_t もうすぐこんなんもでるらしいよ

  • Eager to buy a new HP Slate, it looks brilliant!

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