Ocosmos UMPC Runs On Oaktrail

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4990744170_3b3f2f5e08_zPhoto via Ken Kaplan

Update: Video and specifications now avilable

JKK and I are meeting the Ocosmos guys at 4pm this afternoon but I just wanted to give you a heads-up on something that could appeal to many of you. Not only is this an interesting design for productivity, it’s also designed on Oaktrail. That means it’s not going to be in the market until late this year or early this year but it might be worth the wait because Oaktrail is going to bring you more battery life (expected – average 20% in-use improvements) but also some higher clock-rates, potential standby or idle power savings, HD encoding and much cooler devices. Oaktrail is smaller too so we should see the improvement in size and space for battery capacity.

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  • Ocosmos UMPC Runs On Oaktrail:  
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  • Ocosmos UMPC Runs On Oaktrail http://bit.ly/aCwQNn

  • Awesome

    If/when it comes out, I’d buy it. Of course for the right price. I hope the UMPC market will start seeing better devices with Oaktrail coming out.

  • Gearsguy


    Holy damn, maybe someone out there heard my cry for gaming on UMPC’s

  • Jason

    I hope that’s an optical mouse. I still don’t see why touch screens are useful on devices with larger than 4 inch screens. If you have a mouse and keyboard, you don’t need a touch screen. Unless you want to do inking but most touch screen devices I’ve seen don’t even have that kind of capability.

    I actually would like to have a mouse pointer on my Android phone too.

    • Gearsguy

      Itd be cool if they added an optical mouse on the left instead of dual D-Pads.
      If theyre going to go this way, then they should just fully optimize it for gaming instead of leaving it half way

  • Scoobie

    Hopefully we will see lots of oaktrail umpcs

  • GizmoDuck

    Does Ocosmos often release devices outside their country. I’d like one of these (with a mouse) but not imported since the hassle isn’t worth it.

    I too, am in the tablets are lame category. Must have a mouse and keyboard.

  • Scoobie

    This is moorestown isn’t it?

    • DavidC1

      Moorestown uses a different I/O Hub from Oak Trail, one that supports more, and has higher TDP. The CPU has higher power usage as well, being focused as a Tablet device(plus using windows), resulting in different binning.

  • Jason

    Yes, Oak Trail is Moorestown with desktop OS support (ie. Windows).

  • DavidC1

    Looking at the size this is a 4 hour device. Even if they are designed as well as the Viliv in terms of power usage, its probably not going to be impressive on battery life.

  • anon

    Those controllers on the sides may allow you to gesture-type very fast, if they both move around like seen on jkkmobile’s video! I saw a technology demonstration on that kind of typing with gamepad analog sticks and it was pretty fast.

  • DavidC1

    I just found out that Ocosmos is a Korean company. Here’s the link, along with one of their product lines:


    The video is hilarious!

    “Uber sexual design”
    “Human engineering design”

    NO, really? :D

  • mukus

    first day purchase for sure, I want one now

  • Hands-on video and specifications now available. Full gallery too.

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