Kohjinsha SC3 UMPC. First impressions.

Posted on 23 July 2008, Last updated on 23 July 2008 by

Lets start this article with a poll.


If there’s one thing that always annoys me in the ultra mobile PC category, it’s a wasted chance. Be it poor design, poor software or poor hardware. If there’s one thing that annoys me more than that its when a company makes the same mistake twice. Even worse than that is when the device in question is high-quality in every other respect. Because of this I find the SC3 the most frustrating device I’ve ever owned. I want so much to love it and take it into my daily life but….

sc3tablet sc3size2

The SC3 is built on what is potentially the worlds most efficient X86 computing platform and its designed to be one of the smallest, most mobile notebook-style devices you can think of. Its got a fantastic specification that includes a bright, LED backlit convertible touchscreen, a full keyboard, ExpressCard slot, GPS, SD, Wifi and Bluetooth and its got real potential to be used productively in places you wouldn’t even think about using a normal laptop. I’m really enjoying the size and form factor but why is it that I’m faced with having to think about an extended battery or power cables with this device? Why is it that its no more efficient than devices I was testing 2.5 years ago? Why do Kohjinsha seemed to have crippled what could have been a leading UMPC. Why is is it that I can’t recommend this as an Ultra Mobile device? Lets get my opinion about the battery life out of the way first and then I’ll give you some more positive angles.

I shouldn’t be surprised about the battery life as I predicted it as soon as I read the word ‘Jeita’ in the Kohjinsha smallprint last month:

Kohjinsha are quoting 3.2hrs battery life with a 20wh battery which results in an average drain of 7W. 7W is impressive but if you read the small-print you’ll see that the tests were done under JEITA conditions. In effect, its a measure of silent-state power drain which has very little to do with using a PC in real-life. As i’ve written before, you need to take 30% off the battery life figure to get a real-life figure. Expect 2-2.5hrs battery life from the SC and an efficiency that’s only a few watts, say 20%, better than the existing UMPCs. [Ref]

Sure enough I was right. 2.25 – 2.5hrs is all you’ll get out of a fully-charged SC3 under normal wifi-on usage conditions. In fact, this morning, with Wifi on, I was seeing 2hrs and 10 mins on the battery meter with a fully charged battery. As you can probably see from the poll results above, that’s not going to impress many people at all. [It won’t impress Zanno either, that’s fur sure!] I wonder if it impresses Intel’s Atom product manager? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to optimise it and working out if there’s a problem with any of the components but no, after all my testing and discussions with others that also have the SC3, it seems like Kohjinsha have simply failed to make the device efficient enough. There’s that wasted chance.

Moving on…with a more positive view…

In terms of build quality, the SC3 appears to be good. It uses the same plastics as on previous Kohjinsha’s and having owned two other Kohjinsha’s in the past, I can vouch for the build quality. There’s no rattle, no creaky plastic and the screen pivot is nice and solid. All the ports are well positioned and it’s nice to see covering flaps for some of them. It helps to keep the device looking smart. Keyboard buttons are well engineered and respond well. Even the mouse pointer buttons, often a problem with previous Kohjinsha’s I’ve found, feel great. Top marks for build quality.

The keyboard is of course, tiny. Its smaller than previous Kohjinsha keyboards and any attempt to touch type in a normal fasion will have you tripping over your fingers and making mistakes. Its a two-finger method that needs to be employed here which will give you a fair typing speed. Much better than a split keyboard or a thumbpad. Even holding the device with one hand and typing with one finger is comfortable for short periods.

The advantage of that small keyboard is that the device is amazingly small. As a notebook you just have to giggle every time you look at it. Its tiny. As a tablet, it’s not so impressive as the device extends to the rear of the screen. While it doesn’t look that good, its practical. Holding the device with the battery is the natural thing to do. Holding the device as a tablet is also fairly comfortable. Its 300gm lighter than an Eee PC 901 but even so, 800gm is still quite heavy for one handed use. Even so, you will love experimenting with the multitude of ways that it can be used.

IMG_6841 IMG_6812 IMG_6843IMG_6830 IMG_6824 IMG_6816IMG_6815

And on to Vista. I have Vista Ultimate installed and yes, it works. Its not as slow as I’ve seen on A110-based Intel devices but its not fast either, even with the 2GB upgrade that I’ve done. Windows take noticeably longer to open than on my Q1 Ultra with XP and starting up Firefox for the first time can be a 7-10 second wait which, when you do it as much as I do, becomes annoying. With Vista effects tuned down and the floating tip removed, there wasn’t much improvement. I really suspect that the drive is to blame for much of this at a maximum 25MB/s, its not that fast. [I’m looking into upgrade possibilities.] Overall though, its good enough for occasional use which is exactly what the SC3 is designed for.

If you were expecting exceptional video performance from the Poulsbo chipset as I and many others were, you’re going to be disappointed. Poulsbo has very little 3D performance which means that even Google Earth doesn’t render smoothly and the built-in video decoding hardware just doesn’t seem to be reaching its theoretical performance. I’ve done a lot of testing in this area over the last 24 hours and I’ve come to the conclusion that Intel might not have finished the drivers. YouTube works smoothly and most, if not all the video you’ll find on the Internet as streaming media will work but medium bitrate WMV, H.264 (over 2Mbps) just wont run smoothly, especially in fullscreen mode which becomes jerky and includes a lot of tearing. I was even seeing display errors with lower bitrate WMV under Windows Media Player. As for Media Center, move along please. Its too slow under this hardware. I’m in contact with a few people about the Video drivers to try and determine the status here but for the time being, don’t expect anything impressive on the video front.

Some other observations:

  • Cool and quiet. (Some warmth under test and charging conditions. Fan is very quiet.)
  • Good array of hardware control buttons on the keyboard.
  • Programmable rocker switch on screen frame is a good idea.
  • SD card slot is nice and fast. 8mbps on a standard quality SD card. This should be good for ready boost but the SD card doesn’t slot all the way in.
  • 2GB RAM upgrade is easy. (Just open the slot and swap the module.)
  • ExpressCard/34 slot gives 3G and external graphics station or docking station capability.
  • 38GB free on this 60GB drive (Vista Ultimate + recovery partition I suspect)
  • Speaker quality is OK but they’re too quiet. Very quiet.
  • Drives a 1440×900 monitor well through the VGA port.
  • Wifi reception is good quality.
  • Disk speeds seem slow. 25MB/s max on my tests. pre and post SP1 install.
  • Standby drain appears to be excellent meaning this can probably be left on standby for days at a time.
  • Touchscreen is light. Bright. Glossy finish. [I mentioned in the live broadcast that it felt like it had been sprayed with harispray and was terribly ‘sticky.’ After I cleaned it, it was perfect.]
  • Radio on/off switch is a good idea.
  • No lock switch.
  • Japanese keyboard takes some getting used to. Looks messy with dual symbols.
  • YouTube works perfectly. Not in full-screen.
  • Shame that the digital TV module doesnt work outside japan.

Overall, its designed well enough to be an excellent UMPC. You really can use this in places where something like an MSI Wind won’t go. Its a device you can keep near and put into the smallest of bags. In fact, if you’ve got the money, buy one of these just to have in your bag at all times. Its the perfect short-use ultra mobile PC!

Despite all the great features of the SC3 I can’t help but feel disappointed. It reminds me of the SH6 and even the Amtek T700. Both devices were capable of so much more in the battery life department. If you want 3hrs+ battery life built into your UMPC, this isn’t the one for you. If you’re happy with 2.5hrs battery life and don’t need high-end video playback though, this is a stylish, mobile and productive ultra mobile PC solution.

I’ve done a photo shoot of the SC3 and all the images are now in the gallery here.

Pocketables have another review of the SC3. Take a look over there for a second opinion. As we find links and reviews, we’ll be adding them to the product information page so check back there for the latest.

The SC3 was imported from Direct From Japan. They also have the base version of the SC3 available with Vista Ultimate. They also include free shipping so check them out for prices and availability.

My testing continues. I’m making notes in this forum thread.

61 Comments For This Post

  1. Milnoc says:

    This thing is as useless as my HP TX1220 notebook with its 2 hour battery life! You can’t get any valid work done in so little time! You’ll be so worried about running out of battery power that you’ll screw up whatever it is you were trying to finish in the first place!

    Four hours is definitely a strict minimum for all mobile devices, but five hours is what I’d call a “productivity” minimum. Anything less is pointless in getting any valid work done.

    Just like icura mentioned in the unboxing article, my Fujitsu U810 apparently still has a lot of life left in it.

  2. Giora says:

    Let’s be realistic- with such a tiny keyboard, in any way this machine is not designed for prolonged usage ( like writing documents etc’). this is far from being a business use mini laptop.

    And if the purpose is web browsing, then why not getting another cheaper HW that you can browse with?? Why spending that money on an ultra laptop which even browsing the web is so difficult because everything is tiny?

    Please share your opinions

  3. Milnoc says:

    The keyboard’s usability depends on two factors: your ability to two-finger type on miniature keyboard buttons, and the number of double-mapped keys you have to deal with.

    For me, two-finger typing is not a problem since that’s how I always type anyway. But as the Fujitsu U810 has demonstrated in the past, the excessive double-mapping of essential keys can be enough to drive you batty at times. It definitely drove me nuts while I was writing a legal document on it last Christmas. I even had to hack the keyboard so I could get back my right-Alt key for my accents.

    The EEE PC 900 however did a much better job in this field, double-mapping only four essential keys on the entire keyboard, and leaving the right-Alt key in its proper place. My question now is how well or how poorly has the keyboard double-mapping been implemented on the Kojinsha SC3. Do I have a right-Alt key this time around?

    For Web surfing, I use the “Coffee Shop Comfy Chair” test. Go to any coffee shop, and try to use your UMPC while sitting in one of the comfy chairs which provide you with no stable support for your computer even on your lap, forcing you to use your UMPC in your hands. In this test, the Fujitsu U810 wins “hands-down.” :)

    Buying a UMPC, MID or Netbook is not all about the price. It’s also about the ease of use in your work or rest environment.

  4. kornel says:

    DId you buy this one or is it on loan?Im assumoing you will be keeping it and then selling as you probably had to pay tax.

  5. chippy says:

    I bought this one, yes.
    Will look at SSD, XP and see how it goes from there.

  6. reverendo says:

    how long can I expect it to work under working conditions with an extended battery?

  7. chippy says:

    X2 with the extended battery. 5 hours wifi-on.


  8. Heavyharmonies says:

    Looks like Kohjinsha could have hit a home run with this, but ended up hitting a bloop single. I should have mine in a few days; I’m still looking forward to playing with it. At $1,000+ the battery life is inexcusable, especially since some of the netbooks seem to be getting it right, albeit with larger capacity batteries (the 2200 mAH battery that ships with the SC3 is the lowest capacity battery I’m aware of from any of the clamshell UMPCs).

    I’m still very interested to see how the system/video performance is under XP Tablet Edition, assuming drivers can be obtained…

  9. Mark says:

    On the XP front, Conics have told me that they are waiting for Kohjinsha to supply XP drivers before they will add XP as an OS option. But when will Kohjinsha supply XP drivers?

  10. James says:

    My R2H does 4 hours on its larger capacity battery and thats a first gen device, although I don’t need anything greater than 3 hours life 4 hours does give me that extra confidance to just ‘pick up and go’ with my UMPC.

  11. loewe says:

    Thanks for the first impressions!

    We will not changing the problems with the battery life time, but new driver can change the Video and 3D problems.
    At the moment it seems that there is no 3D support for OGL in hardware and the DX driver (better Windows do it and the driver can’t undo it) make some weird things, so the hardware can’t show there potential, same for the Video core.
    A new driver, I don’t know when we can expect, will change this things.


  12. chippy says:

    I suspected that the drivers werent optimised yet. I don’t know where you get the information from but its interesting. Thanks.

  13. loewe says:

    I could say the same for your informations! ;)

    I am in contact with PowerVR, the company behind the 3D and the Vidoe core in Poulsbo. They can’t understand the results we are seeing under CrystalMark and 3DMark and the Video tests, this is not the SGX and the VGX they build.
    I can’t say more at the moment, let us wait and see!


  14. Ctitanic says:

    My P1610 with the extended battery is about that side and the battery last 4.5 hours.

  15. chippy says:

    I’d debate the size and weight comparisons! You really need to see this in your hand to appreciate how tiny it is!


  16. Vit says:

    I do believe Kohjinsha offers extended battery as well. So if 2 hrs is not enough, and you are not a style concerned, that may be a good choice.

  17. Vit says:

    One more thing. Did you try inking? Tell us about your experience, please.

  18. chippy says:

    Lots of vetoring. Its a very light touvh screen.

  19. nikooo says:

    I am a little bit concern about the size of the SC3. Isn’t it too small to be productive? Wouldn’t the SX3 be a better compromise for mobility vs. productivity?

    When is small too small?

  20. chippy says:

    Its a very very good question.
    This size, and that of the Q1 Ultra I find to be ideal for one handed, two handed, tablet, bed, etc etc.
    7″ screen is still productive and even this little keyboard, with a short amount of practice, is much much bettery than say the Q1 Ultra split keyboard.
    For me, its all about being able to do as much as possible in as many scenarios as possible. Netbooks, to me, are designed for a flat surface and not for in-hand operations.

    But, as many people say, if you’ve got to carry a bag, why not carry one big enough for a productive PC! At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide how you use a PC.

    800gm is a key feature here too. 1.1kg as on 901 I find too heavy.


  21. UmpcWag.com says:

    Great review Steve, nice work, appreciated

  22. Zapgun says:

    Thanks Steve, I have to say I’m always a little skeptical about net reviews and where “the money comes from”, but it was nice to see how community driven you, Sasha, and JKK were during your live demo the other night (as I think is evident by this very honest review).

    You’ve made me a fan of your site and I’ll be recommending your reviews to folks in the future. Keep up the good work.

  23. chippy says:

    As far as i’m concerned, long term reporting only works if you’re honest!
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Really appreciated.

  24. klas says:

    I bought the black sc3 w/ 2gb ram and I think you guys are a bit too negative. Once the double capacity battery pack comes out and the drivers are updated things will be fine (please note that the power pack is small btw). I mean having vista and office 2007 and any other productivity sw (I have some trading sw and quicken myself) in a pack this tiny and light is just amazing. The keyboard is fine.

  25. Marc says:

    Sure battery life will be fine with the higher capacity battery. But is is going to add wait and make it a less desirable form factor.

    A better battery is going to be bigger and heavier.

  26. Brett says:


    RE sticky touch screen ?
    you might want to try a screen protector.
    (but don’t go for a nasty cheap foggy one)

    helps a lot, and saves the screen!

  27. chippy says:

    Hi Brett.
    All it needed was a clean in the end. Everything’s OK with it now. Thanks for the top though.

  28. chippy says:

    I agree that drivers improvements will help.
    The battery life really should be much better on the two-cell though. Maybe new chipset driver, bios updates and opimisations will help reach the magic 3-hour mark.

    Personally i’m prepared to wait a bit but i’m still dissapointed.

  29. Replevin says:


    Did you try the (relatively) new drivers posted July 15th (on Intel site)? I posted a link in the Forum. According to the documentation, these are “beta 3 pre-release” driver.


  30. KevinR says:

    Do you think the power problem might partly be that the bluetooth & GPS & ether etc are on all the time? Or did you turn those off? (I realise you were testing wifi+screen on).

    Equally the video playback that was working the cpu hard may have pushed the cpu+chipset above their quoted wattage. There are contradictions on the web as to whether intel quote typical or max wattage.

    Also you said the disk was a bit slow. Unless they picked it for low power use it would be active longer than a faster disk. I still wonder if Vispa makes all these devices a bit too busy – there are reports on it being mean to SSD devices.

  31. chippy says:

    I checked power with all radios off so it can’t be GPS and BT draining the power.
    I’m very tempted to throw Ubuntu Mobile on it at this stage to see if their cou/chipset drivers are better.

  32. gfxzone says:

    I think installing Ubuntu mobile would give a good answer to the battery question. It’s always difficult to determine exactly what’s causing poor battery-life because, as you know, it can be anything from poorly designed hardware to inefficient drivers.

    I remember when the GP2X by GamePark (Korean PMP) was first released. It had Abysmal battery life and after independent investigation by “the community” it was discovered that GamePark’s drivers were at fault (continual unnecessary pooling of ports, etc). A few firmaware revisions down the line and GamePark (with the help of advice from “the community”) managed to almost double battery life!

    So, yes, I think installing a completely different OS could possibly give a clearer picture of the real problem (ie: hardware vs Vista drivers).

  33. icura says:

    I would love to se how it works with XP. Particular with video drivers.

  34. gfxzone says:

    chippy: thanks very much for your great overview! I was on the edge with this device and you’ve saved me a few ££££s

    under 2.5 hours just doesn’t cut it for an UMPC as far as I’m concerned – not in ’08.

  35. grey says:

    Thanks for the thorough review!

    I have been looking forward to the Kohjinsha SC3/SX3 for a good while. I’m almost definitely getting an SX3 unless M912X come out on top. The SX3 will be able to house a bigger battery so I’m not very worried about battery life. But the video playback problem could be the deal breaker for me, I will have to wait until the issue is fixed. Such a shame.

    I hope you will review the SX3, too!

  36. DavidC1 says:

    Hmm, the current best UMPC seems to be the D4 in terms of low power, portability and performance. I hope they have a 1.86GHz version :).

  37. kyuss says:

    yeah, it’s certainly the best with it’s 1 hour battery life :-D

  38. klas says:

    Panasonic quotes that their z520 device with dual 2900 mAh batteries will last you 9 hours. (The sc3 has a 2600 mAh std battery.) Hopefully there will be new drivers that will improve things shortly, the vendors cannot just make up these figures.


  39. chippy says:

    My plan is to test Ubuntu Mobile on this thing asap because it has the Poulsbo drivers installed.
    I first need to get a disk image though and I may not have time today as the Gigabyte M912 just turned up!


  40. NobbyNobbs says:

    This really is getting ridiculous.
    And imho this just is the eason why umpcs still are not widely accepted. Why spend much money on such a small device if you end up searching for an power outlet?
    Just the same old story. Atom, even Poulsbo, is no step ahead. Same old story.

  41. Chip says:

    The Pandora ( http://openpandora.org ) will have a full 10 hour battery life, and it’s more pocketable to boot. The trade off is an ARM CPU that will never run windows apps, but if you don’t need to run anything proprietary then it’s probably a good choice.

  42. gfxzone says:

    It only has 800×480 res, so I wouldn’t really put it in the UMPC category myself. But it sounds as though it’ll be a great little PDA-type device (akin to the Sharp Zaurus).

    I’ll certainly be buying a Pandora – if it’s ever released.

  43. DublD says:

    I don’t know. My ordinary Acer laptop has craptastic battery life. It used to be 2 hours and after six months degenerated to 10 or so minutes. Fortunately for me, I am usually near an outlet to keep it alive.

    For a real UMPC I would like 4 hours or better. I don’t find myself being able to work on anything much longer than that, in most cases. Plus, I am often near enough an electric outlet that it’s usually not a problem.

    Why not drop all the fancy WinVista nonsense and use a pared down operating system that does what you really need rather than everything that’s possible for all users?


  44. Mark says:

    Hi Chippy,

    Very nice article – just wondering whether this is your actual review, or whether we can expect something even more detailed in the coming days?



  45. Steve Paine says:

    I will try to get a fuller review out soon, yes. It will probably be a few weeks.

  46. TWatcher says:

    The claimed battery life would be with the standard 1G Ram. You’ve added the extra 1G to get Vista to run,. On the forums, there is some talk that poor memory selection can really eat battery, perhaps it would be useful to run the test again with the original spec 1G memory.

  47. Zapgun says:

    No his results were from *Before* he added memory… he was getting those numbers out of the box.

  48. Steve Paine says:

    Yup. Battery was bad all the time. Im back to 1GB now and its still bad.

  49. snowman says:

    Would really like to know how this runs with Ubuntu. Is video better? Also what is the answer to the keymapping question? And, does Ubuntu have a virtual keyboard?

  50. klas says:

    Just installed xp tablet on mine and it is def snappier. Chasing drivers at the moment…

  51. Mark says:


    I assume you have seen this thread – seems one or two others are doing the same…

    BTW – how much snappier would you say the SC3 is with XP – 20%, 30%, other?

    Is there anything you lose by not having Vista installed?



  52. Mark says:

    Darn, I forget to include the link – here it is:


    Please also let us know how you get on – any info on where you find drivers would be very useful…


  53. klas says:

    Mark I never get the e-mail notification from the forum system so I cannot post anything, have tried g and ymail.

    Anyway, I was just able to generate and install the poulsbo windows xp drivers using the linked IEGD 9.0 tool from intel site! (the tool outputs a zip with the drivers in c:\iegd\windows)

    Most drivers that conics supplied on the sc3 hd works in xp as well so I think the functionality will be fine in xp.

    I will test some 720p videos and update you later today.

  54. Klas says:

    Poulsbo WinXP driver:



  55. klas says:

    You could probably install it directly from here as well:

  56. klas says:

    mplayerrc plays a sample 720p w/ 0 dropped frames. Copying a 1080p flick at the moment and will check it later.

    The responsiveness and overall speed is a lot better than vista. Booting windows takes under 30 sec.

  57. klas says:

    Have played around a little bit with XP and have found it alot better so far. The tablet functionality works better and it is more responsive. Unfortunately power/battery consumption seems the same though.

    All the hardware works incl the Kohjinsha utils. The only thing that does not is the sw hook to the brightness level and rotation, these can be changed within a Poulsbo gfx properties tabs though.

    CrystalMark Result 2004R3 []
    Display Mode : 1024 x 600 32bit (ClearType)

    CrystalMark : 20234

    [ ALU ] 4387
    Fibonacci : 1450
    Napierian : 712
    Eratosthenes : 906
    QuickSort : 1297
    [ FPU ] 4029
    MikoFPU : 721
    RandMeanSS : 1772
    FFT : 898
    Mandelbrot : 616
    [ MEM ] 3462
    Read : 1517.64 MB/s ( 1517)
    Write : 811.43 MB/s ( 811)
    Read/Write : 787.31 MB/s ( 787)
    Cache : 3251.20 MB/s ( 325)
    [ HDD ] 4155
    Read : 29.91 MB/s ( 1196)
    Write : 29.46 MB/s ( 1178)
    RandomRead512K : 16.30 MB/s ( 652)
    RandomWrite512K : 18.46 MB/s ( 738)
    RandomRead 64K : 3.76 MB/s ( 150)
    RandomWrite 64K : 6.04 MB/s ( 241)
    [ GDI ] 2937
    Text : 1188
    Square : 389
    Circle : 1021
    BitBlt : 339
    [ D2D ] 979
    Sprite 10 : 123.92 FPS ( 12)
    Sprite 100 : 85.49 FPS ( 85)
    Sprite 500 : 35.88 FPS ( 179)
    Sprite 1000 : 20.76 FPS ( 207)
    Sprite 5000 : 4.90 FPS ( 245)
    Sprite 10000 : 2.51 FPS ( 251)
    [ OGL ] 285
    Scene 1 Score : 270
    Lines (x1000) : ( 17169)
    Scene 1 CPUs : ( 4)
    Scene 2 Score : 15
    Polygons(x1000) : ( 123)
    Scene 2 CPUs : ( 1)

    System Information
    OS : Windows XP Tablet PC Service Pack 2 [5.1 Build 2600]
    Display Mode : 1024 x 600 32bit 60Hz
    Memory : 2039 MB
    DirectX : 9.0c
    CPU Name : Intel Atom
    Vendor String : GenuineIntel
    Name String : Intel(R) Core(TM) CPU Z520 @ 1.33GHz
    CPU Type : Original OEM processor
    Number(Logical) : 2
    Family : 6
    Model : C
    Stepping : 2
    Feature : MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 XD VT
    Clock : 1330.01 MHz
    Data Rate : QDR

    L1 I-Cache : 32 KB
    ChipSet : Intel Unknown
    North : Intel Unknown
    South : Intel Unknown
    Video : Intel Unknown
    IDE Controller :
    Type Size Model ( Buffer Mode )
    IDE 60.0GB SAMSUNG HS06THB 7995KB Ultra DMA/100

  58. Mark says:

    Thanks very much, Klas – nice job.

    BTW – do you know where it is possible to buy a copy of XP Tablet edition?

    Also, **for future reference**, here is the Kohjinsha support drivers page (in Japanese):


    I say for future reference as there are no XP drivers for the SC3 there at the moment. The only SC3 driver right now is a LAN driver that fixes an issue with a ‘hang-up’ (whatever that is) on Vista.

    Also *for future ref*, here is the Kohjinsha Singapore (English) support page for SH drivers:


    …a ‘scdrivers.htm’ page does not exist at the moment – no surprise as Kohji/Singapore doesn’t sell the SC3 yet.


  59. Umpc_Nut says:

    The battery life on this one is ridiculous. My old Flipstart can last almost 4 hours on a single charge and over 3 hours even with Wifi enabled. I was going to purchase a few of these but not anymore.

  60. gera says:

    Battery (2200mAh), battery AMtek T770

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Acer C740
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Acer Aspire Switch 10
10.1" Intel Atom Z3745
Acer Aspire E11 ES1
11.6" Intel Celeron N2840
Lenovo Ideapad Flex 10
10.1" Intel Celeron N2806
HP Elitebook 820 G2
12.5" Intel Core i5 5300U
Acer C720 Chromebook
11.6" Intel Celeron 2955U
Dell Chromebook 11
11.6" Intel Celeron 2955U
ASUS Zenbook UX305
13.3" Intel Core M 5Y10a
Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131
11.6" Intel Celeron N2807
HP Chromebook 11 G3
11.6" Intel Celeron N2830