Gigabyte M912 screen tech. Latest info.

Updated on 28 August 2008

I know there are quite a few of you out there waiting for the M912 so rather than post this update in the forum, I thought I’d air the info here . If you’re waiting to push the button on an M912 but can’t decide what information is correct about the screens, here’s the latest word from Gigabyte.

For M912V/X which is 1280×768, the LCD back light is using “Inverter technology inch.

For M912M which is 1024×600, the LCD back light is using “LED back light technology inch

The info comes direct from Gigabyte and is the same as I heard before. The reports of LED-backlighting on the 1280×768 X/V models look to be incorrect so if you want the best battery life and, potentially, a cooler running system, wait for the M model. I havent confirmed if the T model (DVB included) comes with 1024 or 1280 screen yet.

Latest information on the X/V models is here. And on the M model here.

News flash: M version to get BT upgrade at Mobilx.

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  1. Fatmcgav says:

    Shucks, shall have to wait and see what the T comes with before taking the plunge then…

    Cheers for checking Steve.


  2. Jerry says:

    Thanks Steve, but why does the 80gb M version run supposedly cooler than the 160gb X/V models?
    The lower capacity drive and resolution can’t be that frosty can it?

  3. joschi says:

    It’s neighter the hd nor the resolution, it’s the technique of the backlight. the smaller version uses LEDs and the highres uses the old CCFL-method. LED is more energy-efficient, offers brighter colors and lower heat-production.


  4. Wolle says:

    The M912M-Version will also come with the 160 Gig drive – what I’ve heard.

  5. Nixeh says:

    Chippy, any word direct from Gigabyte if they will be doing a 1280×768(wxga) LED backlit version of the m912 anytime soon?

  6. chippy says:

    No. I don’t think this will happen. They have obviously ordered CCFL backlit screens to keep costs down. I don’t see any change happening until they renew the device. Maybe 2009.
    I havent heard officially but this is my (educated?) guess.

  7. chippy says:

    SO more good news…
    M version to get BT upgrade. (News via Mobilx)

    Availability latest: 3rd or 4th week of Sept at Mobilx.

  8. Wolle says:

    @Chippy: Will it be internal like on the X & V- versions? thanks mate.

  9. chippy says:

    Mobilx will have a ‘module’ so I assume its internal.

  10. dany says:

    Hello Guys,

    Why M912-V/X/M does not windows xp tablet edition ?

    By the way, many of reviews always compare hardware, size etc of M12 with non tablet UMPC…but where are the purposes of a tablet, i.e writing with stylus, hand writing reconization? mutitouche,multiview etc ?

    Can M912 accept 2GB ram ?

    thank you for your replies guys


  11. chippy says:

    Tablet edition gives you handwriting recognition, yes, but there’s a lot you can do with a finger-driven on-screen mouse without it.

    M912 accepts 2G RAM yes.


  12. citrus538 says:

    Noooo. . .whyyy. . .at least the Kohjinsha SX3 uses LED. Too bad it’s out of my budget right now. . .

  13. Ismail Akudi says:


    If I install Windows XP Tablet on this, will I encounter any issues? Will I still be able to use the finger touch capabilities? I so want to be able to write on the screen AND use my fingers for everything….

    Would the better option be to install Vista? I have 2Gb so RAM is not an issue.



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