Benq S6. First 3G MID launches in Italy.

Posted on 26 September 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

How long, just how long, did we have to wait for this? It feels like years! The first Atom-based MID in the western world finally launches. I’ve been trying to keep in contact with Benq about this since we spoke in depth about it at IDF but where does the information always come from in the end? A UMPCPortal reader of course! We don’t need no stinkin PR people ;-)

So what have we got? Via an article at Toms Hardware Italy (translation) we’ve tracked down the product page. It looks like its available NOW! More details after the pic…


If you read the Toms Hardware article translation you’ll get the impression that the price is only with a 30 Euro per month data contract. I’ve been looking at the TIM website with an Italian-speaking contact (thanks ‘Dark Free Soul’!) and it looks like that’s not true. The price is an unsubsidised outright purchase price. Its not clear if its provider locked but seeing as the OS is ‘open’, I wouldn’t expect it.

  • Processor: Atom UL11L @ 800Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard disk: 2 GB SSD
  • Screen: 4.8″ 800×480 262K colour TFT Touchscreen
  • OS:Linux Midinux
  • Connectivity: HSDPA 7.2 – Wi-Fi – Bluetooth 2.0
  • Dimensions: 159x89x22 mm.
  • Weight: 0.330 Kg.
  • In/Out: 1 Mini USB
  • Add On: Micro SD Card – Office Reader – G Sensor

429 Euro for a 3G-enabled ultra mobile device like this really isn’t bad at all and very encouraging. I’ve already estimated the Archos 5G price to be between 400 and 500 Euro so its obviously going to go head-to-head with that product if they ever meet in the same market. I’m sure they will before Christmas and you can almost guarantee is will be 399 Euro at that point!!

I really enjoyed this device at IDF (video and article here.) but its a lot bigger than the Archos 5G and has much less storage (although it has an SDHC card slot that the Archos 5 doesn’t.) You get the full Internet a full office suite and the possibility to add 3rd party software for free but you have a bigger device. If I was given the choice today, I’d go for the S6 over the Archos 5G purely because of its better productivity capabilities.

More information in the S6 including links to other articles here.

Click for info.

19 Comments For This Post

  1. fab says:

    Steve, I’m going to Milan next week and will definitely check out one of the tim shops. i will ask around if i’m allowed take some shots and video… i’ll ask for the price too (in italian, since i’m italian :-))

    i hope it won’t be too good..otherwise i’ll come back with one in my bag….uff…

  2. José Melo says:

    Alleluia! (God, forgive me!).

  3. alese says:

    I find it hard to believe that this could be an unlocked unsubsidized device, a high end unlocked smartphone without contract in Europe goes for about 800 EUR, so I guess this should be at least as much if not more.

  4. fab says:

    the price IS with a contract! contrary to what you can read. it’s stated also on the website. it means, you get a free sim card from TIM but you’re free to activate it. but for sure you will pay 30 euros per month for the contract. so the math: 430 plus 360 per year for contract only… 790 euros! there you are!

  5. fab says:

    forgot to add… the price would be ok if there was GPS and you could actually make phone calls. this might only be included later by BenQ according to the website Steve pointed to.

  6. rahul says:

    Looks interesting :)
    The following link shows some size comparisons with iPhone and N800:

    As you can see, its bigger than both and its also slightly heavier. Any mention of battery life?

  7. rahul says:

    Here I also added an Archos 5

  8. Gianluca says:

    I can confirm 100% this is the retail price, including a 5€ prepaid card. No contract needed.

    I have just checked with a TIM sales rep (yes I live in Italy), the device is available and you just have to shell out 429€ including delivery.

  9. fab says:

    veramente? incredible… if it had GPS it would be fantastic

  10. zorro says:

    Is this with the 3G module from Option Wireless?

  11. kyuss says:

    wow, that’s really a good and fair price :-)

  12. Vito says:

    Hi, here a little review of the device. The device is unlocked and work with any SIM of any provider. The browser is very fast (more and more than N810 browser) even in HSDPA. Maybe we provide full review after some days. Thank you for your works, bye.

  13. Vito says:

    Ops…link is this

  14. Chippy says:


    I particularlry liked what you said about the 3G: “completely unlocked”

  15. WouterK says:

    Quote: “How long, just how long, did we have to wait for this?”

    I did not waited, bought an HTC 7500 long ago (5 inch, 3G, WM6).

  16. GoogleBot says:


  17. Search Engine Ranking says:

    Wow Atom-based processor, Linux, and completely unlocked… Nice

  18. Italy says:

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  19. Archos 704 says:

    This is the second time I visit your blog and find an interesting article perfectly matching what I was searching for so I decided to add your feed to my RSS Reader. Thanks for you work.

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