Last call for MIDs, Intel

Posted on 12 September 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

That’s the feeling I have right now as we head into the Christmas marketing season where there’s an iPhone 3G, 2nd-gen iPod touch, New Archos PMP’s, Opera Mobile 9.5 on multiple devices and Google Android ready to go.

What’s the delay? Did Intel and partners simply go for the instant cash and switch resources to Netbooks (a very worrying long-term strategy in low-margin devices) or are they having a more serious problem – getting the software ready. If that’s their problem then they lose their trump card. X86 is supposed to be an easy platform to work with right? Maybe not when there’s total chaos in the Linux world as everyone scrambles to become the de-facto mobile distro and Intel cant even decide whether to control the core or the complete stack and appear to have no interest in solving the Linux application distribution problem. The missing app-store really could be the missing link.

So if Intel and their partners don’t get the devices out in the next 8 weeks, what is there to look forward to? For customers, its a bright picture. For Intel and their ecosystem, not. An Apple event in Jan. Nvidia Tigra in 2009. TI’s OMAP platform. Windows Mobile 7. and more. Where’s that M528, The Benq MID, Toshiba, Samsung or in fact, any of the 33 MIDs that I have on launch-watch. Apart from the Aigo MID that is available in Asia and a few UMPCs that have adopted the Silverthorne/Poulsbo platform, there’s nothing.

Maybe I’m just sad at seeing Toshiba, Samsung and BenQ all announce Netbooks for launch this season when people have been talking about their MIDs for 6 months or more. Or maybe I’m just saying ‘it’s not going to happen’ in the hope that it will invoke some form of Murphys Law that magically makes the MIDs appear, but when you look at the history and the path that lays ahead, its difficult not to get the feeling that time is running out for Intel’s MID ecosystem. I really wonder how many of those 33 will make it to market. I think we’ll have a good idea at the end of October so lets schedule the next MID summary for then. Something tells me we’ll be talking about CES.

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