33 Menlow MIDs. Not bad for your first year, Intel

Posted on 27 August 2008 by

…assuming they all reach the market of course!

By my research and calculations I see 33 design wins for the Intel Menlow MID platform. We’ve seen a lot from the likes of Benq, Willcom and Gigabyte in the last 6 months but there are a number of MIDs out there that have been very quiet and aren’t in the database yet. Here’s a list with as much detail as I know at this stage. Information comes from various sources. They are all based on Silverthorne and Poulsbo. (Menlow platform)

  • KJS/Inventec – X5 MID. Linux, 4.8″ 800×480, 512Mb, 30/60GB, HSDPA, GPS – (This is possibly the Yukyung/Viliv S5, AKA X5 Atom.)
  • KJS/Inventec – S32 – Linux, 4.8″ 1024×600, 1GB, 2GB/4GB flash,  GPS
  • abit (USI) MID-100 – Slider – previewed at CeBIT
  • abit (USI) MID-150. 8GB Flash, 4.8″ 800×480, GPS [Spec sheet here]
  • abit (USI) MID-200 – Slider, 4.8″ [news here]
  • Arbor Gladius G0710. Rugged tablet. 7″ screen. [news]
  • TriGem Averatec (TriGem is the new parent company) MID – 512MB, 30GB, 4.8″ 1026×600. DMB, Wibro. Looks like its Asia-focused but Averatec are a global brand so maybe we’ll see this outside Asia.
  • NexcomMTC2100. (Industrial tablet)
  • OQO – No real news at this stage. [IDF news]
  • Clevo TN70M, TN71M – Notebook style, 7″ 1024×600. [More news]
  • LG Xnote B831 slider, 4.8″. [details]
  • Samsung [listed at CeBIT]
  • Hitachi [listed at CeBIT] Likely to be automotive device. [news]
  • Toshiba [news] mini tablet.
  • TabletKiosk i7300 [news]
  • NEC [from this list]

Note the new KJS/Inventec ones (although they could be variants of these Inventec devices) and the Averatec MID. We’ll keep them on the watchlist and let you know if we hear anything.

In addition to the quiet ones, we have Panasonic CF-U1, EB MIMD, Gigabyte, BenQ S6, Aigo MID, Viliv S5, ASUS R70a, ASUS R50A, Sharp Willcom D4, Lenovo Ideapad U8, Fujistsu U2010, Kohjinsha SX3, Viliv S7, Digifriends MID, Wibrain i1, Kohjinsha SC3, Clarion.

33 design wins is amazing for a CPU that launched only a few months ago and I’m not even including the 10-15 development and industrial boards that are out there based on Menlow!

Sources: UMPCPortal archives, an IDF photo and this anonymous list on iii.

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  1. jozko pucik says:

    So many models and non of them is successful.
    They do something wrong.
    I am still waiting for the ” mother of all mids “

  2. zak says:

    me too, i might just buy the m528 out of frustration even though the keyboard is cramped. where are the clamshell mids? (u2010 is out of my budget and not available in europe)

  3. Tasty Fish says:

    What about the viliv S5? That’s my new favorite. Will you be adding a product page for it, Steve? Also, do you think there is a chance that the screen might get abump in resolution to 1024 X 600?

  4. chippy says:

    Sorry. I put the U5 in instead of the S5. I’ll mod that. Thanks.
    I’ll get the product page up this evening.

    I dont think it will get 1024×600. AFAIK the specs are final and as its due for market soon, I guess the screens are already ordered.


  5. cat says:

    Well, here’s the problem about Intel’s company-hype, there may be 33 MIDs that have been discussed or displayed at various IDF conferences, but how many of them will make it in to production and be sold world wide. Not many, I’m afraid. Until we actually see MIDs being sold world wide, I’m jaded enough to consider them as another Intel marketing ploy. (And unless the prices are reasonable, I suspect they’ll be as much of a hit with the average consumer as UMPCs.) Vendors have to take their cues from the netbook market; if you want your product to sell, you’ve got to lower the price til it reaches the impulse-buy level where people are comfortable making the purchase without weighing all the various factors too much. My guess is, most vendors may hold off marketing MIDs outside of Asia because of the economy (they may not really want to lower their prices to impulse purchase levels). In that case, you’ll not see MIDs thrive, ever. Two years from now, we’ll be reminiscing about the neat Mobil Internet Device concept that never took off. (The release of Google’s Android phones may also be another factor that may keep possible MID vendors from releasing MIDs–many people may not wish to purchase a MID if they can get both a smart phone and netbook for around the same price as a MID.)

  6. Tasty Fish says:

    Thanks Steve. :-) I guess 800×480 won’t be so bad. I watched a couple of vids of XP installed on the Gigabyte M528 with the same screen size and resolution and it looks ok. Im also looking forward to what Samsung will release. It’s too bad they didn’t show anything at IDF.

  7. jack says:

    Please can you start including which models include a touchscreen with/without stylus. That will help people decide when purchasing.


  8. chippy says:

    The touchscreen info will be in the DB, yes.
    As for stylus, I generally assume that all touch devices have a stylus. I can’t think of one without except the S5 and Vega which have teathered mini-styli on a lanyard.


  9. Jerry says:

    Steve sorry but none of those mids listed seem worthy of the umpcportal seal of approval. Sure, they are something to talk about and keep all us salivating at the potential, but ALL of them fail in one or two aspects, at least. It’s as if none of them bother to read the forum comments left for other products on how to improve and what to avoid. They just clone.
    Here’s a list manufacturers:
    1. Lower Price
    2. Size OR Many Extra Niche Functions-choose only one.
    3. Availability not Tiresome Delaying till XMas.
    4. Another Rehash or Attuned Innovation -OQO02++Atom,Q1UPXP.
    5. Disclose the FULL Specs up front-no more guessing.
    6. Netbook Ultraportable OR Pocket Ultraportable-no more little of this, little of that like the Everun Note, Q1u’s, Wibrain’s, or Viliv S7’s.
    If you can’t really type anything why even bother with the pseudo keying keyboard? Chippy will just end up telling us it’s cramped again. Just plug in a USB Keyboard for real long letter inputting and skip the established imagery.
    Remember there is a touchscreen too. :)


  10. cat says:

    Well, dynamism’s US site has removed a direct link to the Gigabyte M528 from their “What New” column on the front page. You can still find it using search, but it makes me wonder if Gigabyte is even going to try to market this in North America (or Asia or Europe for that matter–look how the release date keeps slipping). Makes me think that like it’s identical cousin, the Aigo, it’s got problems with GPS (and maybe 3G). I wouldn’t want to be the first one to purchase it if it ever comes to market.

  11. chippy says:

    I think you’ll see that come through Expansys-USA.


  12. kyuss says:

    well…M-I-Ds…aren’t they something?

    wouldn’t it be cool to actually BUY one? :-D

  13. Robert says:

    I’m very happy that the LG Xnote B831 has made the list.
    Seems we’ve been waiting a long time for this one.

    I’m wondering if its OS will be Windows XP.

    Regards Robert

  14. Brett says:

    KJS/Inventec – X5 MID. Linux, 4.8″ 800×480, 512Mb, 30/60GB, HSDPA, GPS
    KJS/Inventec – S32 – Linux, 4.8″ 1024×600, 1GB, 2GB/4GB flash, GPS

    KJS = Kohjinsha, so those should be out in JP/KR markets soon… great :)

  15. Jenn says:

    Has Intel officially stopped differentiating between MIDs and UMPCs then? It’s strange to see something like the Kohjinsha SC3 called a MID.

    I also don’t think Intel did anyone a favor by renaming Centrino Atom (formerly Menlow) to Atom. There was already a good deal of confusion about the difference in netbook Atoms and UMPC/MID Atoms before the merge, but at least back then you could group the former into the regular Atom category and the latter into the Centrino Atom category. Now everything is just part of a general group called Atom.

    It also doesn’t help that all the old codenames Menlow, Silverthorne, Poulsbo) are still being widely used today, nearly six months after they were given official names. I feel sorry for the UMPC/MID/netbook newcomers who rely on Google to tell them the difference!

  16. Jenn says:

    Sorry, my little Intel rant made me forget to add this earlier. I’ve got a datasheet with full specs of the Arbor Gladius device here: http://www.pocketables.net/2008/08/arbor-gladius-g.html

    Just an FYI for the product database. :)

  17. chippy says:

    Thanks Jenn. I’ve got a lot of work to do to get all these into the DB. !!

  18. IG says:

    Jerry is correct. These things need to drop in price. $500 would be a good start….and these MIDs should start being available already.

  19. tovarish says:

    The question I would like to ask is how hot do MIDs get during normal usage (wifi + FIE). Anything hotter than the Raon Everun is unacceptable to me however cool the other specs are.

  20. yq says:

    when can we expect something like raon everun but better with atom processor? i would buy everun but atom give some hope for more UMPC with long battery life

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