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Watch Tablet Blog for news as Thoughtfix has just put a tip up. All he says is:

Major changes are on the way for the Nokia Internet Tablet line. Here’s the partial scoop: The "Internet Tablet" line may be ending in name but the maemo platform is going strong. Wait a few hours, watch this space, and there will be more.

New hardware platform? Moving to X86? Built in WWAN? Keep watching to find out what’s happening. Thoughtfix is at the Open Source in Mobile conference in Berlin. I’m almost tempted to jump on a train and go up there!

Update: Ari Jaaksi of Nokia’s software group speaks at 11:55 (just over an hour away as I write this.)

Live From OSiM. The Last Internet Tablet.

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  1. Marc says:


    Could it mean a cancellation of my M528 preorder? I’ve always liked the N series, but the lack of power has been crippling…

  2. Pixel Qi fan in waiting... says:

    Hmmm, – has been saying that they are working with some very big partners. I wonder if Nokia is one of them. If Nokia would build a long battery life device with the exact size and features of the Everun Note (but with ability to power the processor down even farther), with Pixel Qi power saving and sunlight readable screens… WITH Maemo. Note that Maemo has been talked about as “syncing” with the Moblin direction, well if they did all that, and built a cell phone into the unit, where if cell phone was on, that the rest of it was off so that for long battery life you could choose the USE STATUS of the device (and yes with loose fitting/baggy Khaki Pants, the Everun Note is very pocketable). Well, it would be game over. Nokia would be back on top.

    Hmmm, maybe Nokia would buy AMD/ATI, now that would be a story wouldn’t it? The only thing holding back AMD/ATI is a cash flow situation (Nokia does not have the same problem).

  3. chippy says:

    Latest news: 3G + Omap platform for next tablet. A sensible and very exciting move. Omap 3 is Cortex based which means 3-4 times the processing power. Go MIDs Go!

  4. Majeed MP says:

    The main problem with N series is its faulty screen. I have contacted nokia but they says they dont cover screen in waranty. Apparently screen failure is not an isolated problem. If you search/google, you can see a number of users with their experience. I wouldnt dare to buy another another Nokia N series internet tablet, nor would I recommendit to anyone it to anyone
    Majeed M P

  5. says:

    talking about the 770 and its “wsod” problem?

    also, the n-series cover more then just the tablets…

    nokia had and have a lot of phones starting their code with a N, they hooked the tablets onto that for some odd reason…

  6. Majeed says:

    Sorry, I was referring N800 the internet tablet.
    Thanks for pointing out

  7. says:

    ah, the bandwidth issue then.

    thing is that the screen is not really faulty, it just dont have the bandwidth to do acceptable framerate video at the native resolution.

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