R50 shipping. In a golden Case?

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I just choked on my cuppa! Euro 1450 for the ASUS R50a is a shocking price. Even more so when you know that Vista isn’t very spritely on the 1.3Ghz Silverthorne processor. The R50a is said to have a fairly fast SSD which will help a lot but still… Maybe this video will help you decide yourself. I’m off to wipe my screen down!

Via JKKMobile.

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  1. DTrain says:

    Are they serious!?! How many do they think they’re sell at that price? For $1800 you can buy a combination of 2-5 devices and still have change left over. WOW.

  2. What else is in the case? Looks like a kit... says:

    Is it a kit, where you actually get more than just one unit? I can’t imagine what Asus was thinking here? Vista?

    You could buy a netbook for under $400, get a OLPC XO (one laptop per child on Nov 17th where you would donate one XO and get one XO in the G1G1 program for $400 at Amazon), get a couple of large LCD screens, get extra toys (like an automatic coffee off of your screen cleaner)… and still have money left over (vs getting one a Asus R50A…? Wow?

  3. Aura Mae says:

    If it were also a phone I would grab it!

  4. Britman says:

    That price has to be a mistake/misprint. If it isn’t this thing just isn’t going to sell, the word lost and plot come to mind.

  5. Chippy says:


  6. Jack says:

    mobilx has it on their website for $1203 USD Stock status due in Nov. 15

  7. Ain says:

    in mobilx Hungarian Vista

  8. Corrupted Mind says:

    I had been waiting a long time for this, but at £1,000 – I don’t know whether its sensible to pull the trigger. Despite my slate form factor fetish, it was facing strong competition from the Everun note (£500-600) which is my pricing sweet spot.

  9. Chippy says:

    The Benq isn’t to your taste? (I’m guessing you want an MS OS?)

  10. Anton J says:

    The most thing I regreted of this r50a is THE PRICE! (Beside they put vista and battery life thing).

    I could understand how they tend to get higher margin at the beginning. But please, this one is going too far.If they are targeting for higher level market,then they supposed to use dual-Atom already which more advanced. Us$ 1880 to buy single-Atom-z520 ? well, thank you very much!

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