Viliv S5 UMPC. Detailed First impressions.

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I”ve had a retail version of the Viliv S5 for a few days now (see unboxing) and have spent many hours testing it (see 3hr testing video!) with different software and in different usage scenarios. I”ll be using it heavily next week on my trip to Texas (if you’re at SXSW 2009 and want a demo, follow the related MidMoves Twitter account and DM me) and I”ll write more after that but for the time being, I think this first impressions article will give you enough info to allow you to either add it or take it away from your wish list. If you haven”t seen the Viliv S5 yet, what you”re looking at is a pocket PC in the true sense of the meaning. It”s running Windows XP on a 1.3Ghz Intel Atom CPU, weighs under 400gm and fits in a pocket. It”s one of the most powerful computing devices you can put there!


First, the specifications of the device I have…

  • CPU type: Intel Atom (Silverthorne)  1.3Ghz (Z520)
  • Graphics: Intel GMA 500 with video decoding hardware.
  • OS: Windows XP Pro.
  • Display Size:4.8" 1024 X 600
  • Hard Disk: 60 GB
  • Battery capacity: 23 (Wh)
  • Weight: 395g
  • Size (w/h/d mm): 154/84/24 mm
  • Physical Interfaces: USB2.0 host, USB Client (requires software)
  • Docking connector (VGA, composite video. Untested)
  • Line-out / Headphone
  • GPS Antenna port
  • WLAN – 802.11b/g
  • PAN – BT2.0
  • GPS
  • Stylus/Lanyard
  • On screen keyboard s/w
  • Viliv UI software


  • Mouse pointer
  • Car Kit
  • Acrylic cover
  • Leather case

First of all I need to say that it’s a high quality bit of kit. The Packaging, plastics, buttons and accessories are all as good as any I”ve seen except perhaps the OQO devices. It give’s you a great feeling of VFM and confidence when the first 5 minutes are this good.

The issues.

It’s probably easier for me to list the potential issues first.

  • No keyboard
  • No mouse pointer
  • No MIC or MIC in
  • No SD slot
  • No Webcam
  • battery life indication
  • No HDD light

By far the most significant issue to consider is the lack of hardware keyboard. Viliv have included a soft keyboard with hardware launch button and haptic feedback and this is definitely one of the best on-screen keyboards I”ve tested although there’s definitely room for improvement. You’ll start to find little things that are annoying like the full-stop being on a different ‘mode’ to the numerics which makes typing IP addresses and ‘point’ numbers a slow process. There are also apps which appear in front of the keyboard too. Entering the paring code for a Bluetooth phone required a lot of window juggling to get it to work! There’s also no predictive text feature which, considering PocketPCs have had it for 7 years or more, isn’t so good. At the moment, I”m happy with it for passwords, urls, tweets and short emails but I don’t see myself getting to like it as much as I do slider keyboards which require so much less thought. I’ll feed back more on this over time.

The second problem is the lack of mouse pointer. The joystick is a cursor button that can be turned into an 8-way mouse steering stick but compared to the touch pointer on the Wibrain, this gokautomaat is annoying. I’ve had to attach the lanyard pointer, boost the font sizes and I”ll probably run a  greesemonkey script to increase font sizes for all web page links but I know it’s never going to be as comfortable as the pointer on the Wibrain. The annoying thing is that there’s space on the frame. A lot of users are going to find this an issue, especially if Viliv don’t make them aware of the optimisations that can be done.

Mic input. Up until now I haven”t found a built-in mic of any way to connect an analogue mic. The only thing that’s working is a USB mic. This seems silly for a device that will run Skype like a dream.

The battery life indicator isn’t feeding back the remaining time correctly. Something’s wrong with the battery or ACPI module. It’s not a deal-breaker when you have 6.5 hours screen-on, wifi on battery life but it’s annoying. The same applies for the lack of SD card slot and Webcam. You can work around these issues but for some people, they could be deal breakers. For me, the missing SD card slot is a real issue.

The highlights.

6.5 hours Wifi-on, screen-on battery life is the absolute highlight here. I ran a full full-to-empty test with tweetdeck running in the background over Wifi with 50% screen brightness and ‘laptop’ battery mode. Obviously this is a low-usage state (streaming an MP3 over wifi is likely to be a similar scenario) but it gives you an idea of how you could use this device. You could potentially leave this on in your pocket all day, tethered over Bluetooth with the screen off running Skype and presence applications.

  • It appears to be fanless and the HDD noise is insulated well. If you leave it on, in the case, it does warm up but it’s not getting hot. The thermal design appears to be excellent.
  • Screen brightness is top-quartile for UMPCs and MIDs. Not quite as bright as the Wibrain or Q1 Ultra in my opinion but still, very good. Colour saturation and contrast is stunning. Its glossy. I need to do more outdoor testing to get a final opinion on this.
  • Very very light touchscreen. Not good for handwriting but excellent for dragging.
  • Superb Build quality all-round.
  • HDD performance is max 25MBs read / 25MB/s write. Average. Would benefit from a high-speed SSD.
  • Video performance is excellent. Over 7mbps of DIVX payback and, with the right codecs, a similar rate of H.264. VOB playback should be perfect too. This is a 720p playback device.
  • Speaker quality is OK. Nothing amazing though.
  • BT stack is BlueSoleil. One of my favourites. A2DP is supported.
    GPS is installed and I can see data coming out of it (via a terminal app) but I haven’t been able to link it with any apps yet. Maybe I need to play with settings a bit more.
  • Its jacket-pocketable.
  • YouTube HQ videos (not HD) play well in full-screen.
  • CrystalMark scores around high 17K. HDD and 3D graphics pull the overall marks down.
  • Viliv touch UI is nice, works well, tidies up the home screen nicely and gives access to a few control features but I suspect most users will drop it after a week and use the secondary ‘manager’ application to control the Wifi, BT and screen brightness.

IMG_8183 IMG_8178 VilivS5
More in the gallery. 


The S5 I have here is expected to retail for between 650 and 700 Euro when it becomes available at end of March of beginning of April and it sounds very expensive but when you consider what you’ve got here, I think its good value. A PC, storage device, Navigation unit (you need to buy software), high quality on and offline media player, VoIP phone platform in one with the possibility to use it as a portable desktop PC, e-book reader and high-end web tablet. I’ve already installed Fruity Loops which turns it into a MID instrument and composition tool, tested Google Earth, iTunes and am now installing my Canon remote capture software. The possibilities are endless as with all UMPCs but here you’ve got, for the first time, something with very long battery life, a relatively powerful processor (Firefox re-opens and loads Google News in under 5 seconds over Wifi) and a very stylish pocketable design. It’s the leading edge of portable computing.


A quick word about the accessories. In the package I got a beautiful leather case, an acrylic protective cover, and a car kit. These are not standard package items unfortunately but as with the rest of the product, all seem to be high quality. The leather case is exceptional and really complements the S5 well. With the read sticking on black leather, you really feel like you’ve got the Porsche of pocketable PCs in your hand.


No showstoppers and an overall good feeling makes me want to use this device more and give the on-screen keyboard a chance. The battery life is incredibly impressive and the device truly is giving the user the full internet experience. Even without 3G and a fast SSD its up there as the best pocketable ultra mobile PC in my opinion but the lack of keyboard will be a not-starter for some. A real mouse pointer would have made it so much easier to navigate and it’s the only thing I”d class as a failure although some are also going to add the lack of microphone under that banner. Windows XP works well, the on screen keyboard and Viliv touch UI work well but Windows 7’s touch optimised interface and on-screen input could make this even better and give it even more character. The Viliv S5 raises the bar for UMPCs.

Thanks to Viliv for sending the device over. If you’re interested in pricing and availability I advise watching (U.S. based) and Mobilx.EU (Europe based) for updates because I know that these resellers have this on their lists. If you know of any other resellers, let me know.

More information, images and a big set of links to other Internet-wide articles on the Viliv S5 is available in the Viliv S5 info page.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    Viliv S5 UMPC. Detailed First impressions.

  2. Morganj says:

    Thanks for the info chippy. You mention at the end about Win 7. I was thinking that Windows 7 on this device could make it the perfect pocketable pc. Do you have any plans to test it out?

  3. Ben says:

    6.5 hours of battery life on WiFi impresses me, can’t wait until this thing gets popular and other companies starting rolling back toward the UMPC/MID sector.

  4. TigerClaw says:

    Thanks for the article. Do you tested some emulators on it? It seems to have a good buttons layout to play.

  5. Lucien says:

    I was wondering about that too. The 8 way joystick seems perfect for game emulators (similar to the Q1U I guess).

    I can see that Windows 7 might run on this device but question if you need any custom drivers to make it run properly and Viliv probably didn’t create any for Vista.

  6. John in Norway says:

    Sorry but, to me, this is nothing more than a glorified, expensive PMP. I dug my old Q1 out (with windows Tablet edition) and tried to use it for a day without a keyboard or stylus. Result? Impossible. I nearly ended up throwing it out the window it was so frustrating. And the Q1 has a 7 inch, low res screen. It did give me almost 20 minutes battery life though! :)

  7. Marc G says:

    So close.

    It’s XP, silent, small, good battery life and quick enough are all enough for me to get over the ‘issues’ list.

    I can even live with the price.

    I’m just not sure I can buy a device without 3G any more…

  8. animatio says:

    what about speakers?
    just to mention it – a todays device WITHOUT SD slot is a pure anachronism.
    the same is valid considering a missing micro or webcam.

    that’s a blind man swimming in an ocean.

  9. Chippy says:

    i mentioned speakers above.
    sd and webcam is a matter of personal pref.

  10. animatio says:

    as it is possible to buy a vga win mobile6 PPC / smartphone with 4 band/3G (incl modem function), 2 cams (foto and webcam), wifi, bluetooth, mini SD card slot, speakers and headset, SirfIII GPS, 4-5 hrs usage about 150 standby) for eur 230.- i take this as a measure for any other portable, pocktable pc. (dim 114x67x16mm)

  11. EC says:

    230 Euros for what (non contracted) VGA smart phone if I may ask?

  12. LeeN says:

    What’s the point of having all that hardware if the software is limited in what it can do with it. Windows XP has a lot more software available for it, I can even install visual c++ and make my own programs on it. Not to mention that, that smart phone probably has a smaller low res screen.

    I would say those are barely PCs at all (keyword being Computer).

  13. EC says:

    While I don’t have the statistics as to which has more SW available WinMO or WinXP, there is indeed a huge amount of SW for WinMO also, in fact plenty of them are around for the sole purpose of making the UI more tolerable :)

    But yeah there are serious limitations with WinMO vs full MS OS’.

    Well there are both VGA and WVGA WinMO phones not plenty, but yeah that’s still relatively low resolution, but on the flip side even the expensive OQO 2+ still only runs natively 800×480 so..

  14. LeeN says:

    WinMo may have a huge amount of software, but there is no way it has more software, I can’t even imagine it having a quarter of the software that can run on WinXP. WinXP has several years of software behind it, it is backwards compatible with DOS/95/98/Me/NT and most Linux programs are ported to it. It has games, productivity software, graphics software. I mean just as an example, it has more then 5 web browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and a bunch of other ones).

  15. EC says:

    Once again I am by no means attempting to claim that WinMo is equal or superior to WinXP but yet I feel it should get a fair representation, I believe you might benefit by looking around a little (if only to educate yourself) at the vast amounts of software available for WinMo for instance here:

    Also while I don’t know if age or amount of browsers is any indicators of how useful an OS is, WinMo has been around for close to a decade now and is based on WinCE which dates back to mid 90’s, and there is also several browsers for WM one popular one is Opera that has both one for touchscreen devices and non touchscreen devices. By the way one area where WinMo actually has more options is navigation for instance the hugely popular TomTom you can’t install on a WinXP machine.

    Again I think ppl at times don’t give WinMo enough credit, one who truely knows it’s ins and outs is guru Werner Ruotsalainen (aka “Meneisyys”) if you have ANY questions about WM he will know the answer chances are he has already written about it too at Smartphone & Pocket PC Mag and at the Mobilitysite, also things you might benefit at checking out, I’d dare to bet that there are plenty of ppl that just don’t think PPC or WM are powerful enough would be suprised at what it can do and what fantastic battery times it can offer, however for me personally I’ve turned to the iPhone it has replaced my old Axim x51v now though I still have it.

  16. LeeN says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if most of the software on that website will run on WinXP through the microsoft device emulator :

    While AFAIK it may not be able to install TomTom software, there is Garmin Mobile PC, which is supposed to be as good as the Garmin GPSs.

    But I’m not trying to say that the number of web browsers is an indication so much of how useful an OS is, I think WinXP has a lot of junk software as well as great software, that could be distilled into a few useful programs. And most of the software that XP has will not necessarily work well on small touch screen based device. XP as an OS to OS comparison, allows for more kinds of software to run on it and for the software to run in different ways, WinMo needs to be limited.

    I guess another way for me to say this is, I can’t imagine replacing my laptop (Vista) or my office computer (XP) with a Windows Mobile based device, while I can imagine replacing a Windows Mobile based device with a portable XP device.

  17. chow says:

    It sounds wonderful. Would you try Windows 7 on it?

  18. Franco says:

    Hi Chippy, thanks a lot for the info!
    Can we assume this unit has newer XP GMA500 drivers than all the other bunch Poulsbo units? You mention hardware support to h.264 decoding (it’s not the case for Dell mini 12).

    What about 3D accelleration? Can you try OpenGL games like Quake3 and D3D stuff? It would be great.
    Also, what is the reported video driver version?
    The newest available for download on Dell is Is it your newer?

    Please let us know.

  19. Chippy says:

    remember that hardware decodimg relies on the correct codecs.

    3d performance on this is pathetic. google earth struggles. dont expect any gaming to work.

  20. Chippy says:

    Windows 7 is something i will try but probably in a week or twos time.

  21. Chippy says:

    Have been using the on screen keyboard for responses here. its good for plain text input but kinda frustrating for numeric and punctuation at this early stage. ill give it time though. my aim is to be able go write text faser than on an iphone!

  22. EC says:

    No 3G (for the price) and no real mouse are two things that I really wish they would’ve included. Other than that, and the obvious lack of real KB, it seems like a very nice product, despite my early reluctance towards it. :)

  23. LeeN says:

    For the US release there is going to be a version with HSDPA (and a 32GB SSD), it’s called the premium air, but I have no idea what networks that will be good with. AT&T has HSDPA cards but does that mean I can use it with their network? :P

  24. Chippy says:

    The Premium Air won’t be coming for a while. Three months at least is my estimate.

  25. suchus says:

    3 months more until the Viliv S5 will be available with HSDPA?
    That brings me also 3 months closer to a Moorestown ‘all in one’ MID-phone.
    The closer I get to the release of the Moorestown platform, the lesser I’m interested in the S5.
    First I was pretty sure that I gonna buy the S5, but now I’m more and more in doubt. Maybe I’ll just keep OQO 02 for another year?

  26. Chippy says:

    DOn’t expect much Moorestown action for another 18 months!
    But do expect stuff coming through based on ARM.


  27. eddie says:

    without a mic, how can skype be used? Also 1 USB port means that you can only attach a 3g dongle for internet access then hook a bluetooth headset (inorder to get microphone functionality) therefore the battery drain could be excessive because you will be using both 3g & bluettoth simultaneously. I wish they rectify the mic aspect.

  28. Chippy says:

    I have a query out for the mic issue. Seems very strange there there’s no support for it.

  29. LeeN says:

    Sounds awesome.

    No mic input… does the headphone jack work with headsets (headphones with a mic)?

    I guess the only other option would be a bluetooth headset.

    I can live with out an SDHC slot, since I carry the kingston mobilelite card reader with a 16GB SDHC and a 4GB MicroSDHC in it, making it into a bulky USB drive.

  30. Chippy says:

    BT headset and USB headset is the only option. I tried one headset but it didnt work.


  31. anon says:

    The link to the testing video currently points to the podcast 26 on ustream instead. It should have 1233089 instead of 1236731 on that link.

  32. Chippy says:

    Thanks for that. Corrected.

  33. minuz says:

    sorry for my bad english,
    at this link, ther’s a very tiny webcam, but i don’t know where to buy. i think is perfect for use with the viliv s5

  34. andrey says:

    Hi Chippy!! Thanks a lot for nice info. I’ve being waiting S5 for a half a year but now I know that I will not be a user of it. No mic, no webcam, no 3G. I think this S5 will not be in top rang for a long time. There are many more options build in my old N810 MID (200g weight 4″). Anyhow it is a pity! They have missed by oversleeping. I think.

  35. Chippy says:

    I can hardly believe this ‘no mic’ issue. Seems silly.
    Webcam I can live without and 3G too (if something like the Mifi comes on the market soon)

    The N810 is such a wonderful design and should be the benchmark for designers to work towards.


  36. LeeN says:

    Except for the N810 OS and some of it’s software. I mean it has hardware accelerated graphics but the software can’t use it, and even though underneath it all it is linux, they stripped out mouse support and you have to do hacking to get the mouse to work right and additional hacking to get a bluetooth mouse to work. Even now the upcoming version of the OS is not going to be supporting N8X0 any more.

  37. Andrey says:

    Many of us can live without many options but it looks like to buy a BMW without aircondition or tires. No reason to buy a toy for a couple fo months and then looking for a new model. At the momnet I can not see a real poketable device like “all in one”. Seems we have to wait one or two more years. Best regards…

  38. EC says:

    “The N810 is such a wonderful design and should be the benchmark for designers to work towards.”


    Though I would like to see FIVE row keyboard for it to be a benchmark :)

  39. Dave says:

    Did you try plugging a mic in to the earphone jack? Maybe your version is different? Mine uses the same jack for mic and audio, so there IS a mic input, but if you use it with a mic plugged in, you can only use its own speaker as output. It’s using a Realtek software in system tray to tell you if you have a mic or a earphone plugged in. Could there be a special type of plug that has both mic and earphone combined?

    “The battery life indicator isn’t feeding back the remaining time correctly.”

    Anyways, about the batter life indicator, did you view that via cubeUI?

    To me, I did thought that the 48% thing next to the battery icon indicate how much battery left… if that’s where you refered to in CubeUI. However, I found out that is actually the volume indicator in %. I kept charging and charging, the windows power managment says 100% but in CubeUI it’s always 35%… and when I hit the volumn button, the % changed!!! So that % next to the battery icon is actually volume loudness, and they fixed that in their latest release of CubeUI moving the volume icon % away from the battery icon. Hope that clear up some confusion, even I was dumbfounded for a while thinking my battery isn’t fully charged.

  40. Dave says:

    Woh… I searched and found this mic and earphone combined:

    Well, not the best but there is a combined mic/earphone jack out there.

  41. eddie says:

    If the proposed Aigo MID XP version is released with a bigger battery like JKK’s double then this Viliv S5 will lose it. Anyway i quite like the battery life on S5.

  42. EC says:

    Still depends what processor speed and RAM the XP Aigo comes out with though.

  43. DavidC1 says:

    Lazion(Korean site) tested the UMID M1 with both Atom Z 1.1GHz and 1.3GHz(HT) for battery life.

    Using the information they have given the 1.3GHz with HT consistently consumed 0.5W more power than the 1.1GHz version.

    If we apply same logic to the Aigo, going from 800MHz to a 1.33GHz with HT would result in quite the increase in power consumption.

  44. JimmyH says:

    Thanks for the report. I like the form factor and battery life.
    A keyboard would be nice but if no keyboards means a smaller device or better battery life then i am fine also. Hope future versions will have 3g and mic

    There are 2 things that i feela slate/ tablet device like this really needs: A trackball mouse and a scroll wheel activated by the thumb and fore finger repectively.

    Isnt it tiring to hold such device in one hand while poking at it with finger/ stylus for long periods? How about click and drag to scroll on a webpage. it gets annoying for me.

    Unfortunately the optical mouse on the everun and the touch pad type on the wibrain doesnt respond very well to the thumb. and I find Fujitsu u810 type mouse pointer too slow.

    I hope we can soon have a internet device with a decent hardware mouse support

  45. Vlad says:

    Nice device, but it’s not on my wish list. Lack of SD card, mic in and 3G. Missing web cam is not an issue, though.

  46. EC says:

    3G is an available OPTION AFAIK

  47. KevinR says:

    That’s all well clever. But with such a large-ish pocket device and the battery life surely they could add a 3G module and a bluetooth headset. That would add phone/MMS/email – essentially all phone/PDA features. Once the UMPC is small enough to fit in a pocket then it clashes with the SmartPhone in the other pocket.

    Say you get a call and want to put a new appointment in your diary. So either you have info on both devices (hmm!) or you put the phone away and get the S5 out and put the details in there. Or you use a cheap phone with a headset and pretend its the S5 making the call. S’pose that might work. Time to trade in your WM6 phones (etc) for a dumb phone with bluetooth headset. Then leave the phone in a pocket or pouch. BUT that still does not integrate texts with your UMPC! Put S5 down, get out phone, read text, put away, update diary in S5, forget something, get out phone… Maybe this the market for those Watch phones starting to some out of Shang-hai…

  48. EC says:

    I do believe the 3G is OPTIONAL on the Viliv S5.
    Though not all 3G modules support VOICE (regular phone services).

  49. Daniel M says:

    Can you tell if the display control panel will allow 1024 x 768 emulation? It is not standard on netbooks (such as my Dell Mini 9) but this option is active on some older ultraportables, such as the Vulcan Flipstart. I use a Windows program which quits if it does not see a resolution of 1024 x 768 (but will run if the resolution is switched back to native 1024 x 600). I have enabled this on my Dell with AsTray, a program for the Eee PC.

  50. kyuss says:

    S5 prices:

    660 and 800 euros

  51. Marc G says:

    Mobilix site isn’t listing any prices for me. More annoyingly it is listing the availability as 31st May for both items, which isn’t great!

  52. UMPCman says:

    Chippy, what about video playback. If the proper software and codecs are installed (CCCP is probably the best package) will it play h264, 480p, 720p, and 1080p?

    Does it have the horsepower to play any reasonable video without transcoding?

  53. EC says:

    I thought CCCP disappeared in 1991? :)

  54. Lucien says:

    CCCP = combined community codec pack (

    There’s a video clip on youtube showing 720p/1080p24 on S5:

    Probably will require some setup to get HW H264 acceleration but looks good.

  55. EC says:

    I was just joking but I see now it’s all a play with acronyms and words…

  56. Beck says:

    I think it’s KMPLAYER in that video !.

  57. UMPCman says:

    Wow. Thanks!! Impressive. If it wasn’t for the lack of an SD card, this would have been the perfect device for me!!

  58. Lucien says:

    I also wish it would have an integrated SD slot but I have a very compact USB SD reader that would work. Plus the HDD is relatively large.

  59. Galileo says:

    With PowerDVD 8 H264/VC1 Code it can play 720p and 1080p H264, but 480p will depend on CPU Power. I tested with 720p rmvb and no luck. Haven’t tested with DivX/XviD but I guess would be smooth till 720p

  60. Beck says:

    I’ve heard S5 would be availability at end of May ! .

  61. Galileo says:

    Yes, it is ………… so I bought Willcom D4 and wait till the time

  62. Hoof says:

    WTF source? I’ve been waiting till the end of March and it seems like its taken forever. If it really is coming late May/June I might just end up getting something else, in the mean time at least.

  63. Beck says:
    That’s why I’ve bought a new HDD for my U810 just to make it more useful .

  64. Galileo says:

    Looks like Hong Kong dealership settled and probably got shipment next month

  65. run-dmc says:

    looks like moblix.ue has a price of $688.00 USD for viliv s5

  66. run-dmc says:

    sorry thats moblix.EU

  67. run-dmc says:

    looks like moblix EU made a mistake, the viliv s5 prices of $688.00 is no longer up. i gues we will just halft to wait sorry about my earlier comments on the price

  68. Brian says:

    You mention A2DP is supported. Does this mean that this device’s audio can be streamed to speakers, or a car stereo, or does it mean that I can play music from my phone through the S5’s speaker, or both?

    I would be interested in using this in my car, but don’t want to run a wire for sound.

  69. Lucien says:

    See wireless audio in the streetdeck demo:

    Not sure about the A2DP but this is an option.

  70. Yuri says:


    Couple of questions.

    1.Did you manage to find out how to use GPS with Viliv?
    2. Is it possible to connect a mouse and a keybord to the USB port and a monitor via HDMI port and use Vilis S5 as a normal computer?

    Many thanks in advance


  71. Galileo says:

    1. Just use common GPS software, should be COM1 9600 Baud
    2. Keyboard and mouse is fine, but the VGA/Component Cable isn’t available yet

  72. Yuri says:

    Thanks, Galileo

    Fisrt, I have to say, that I’ve got Viliv S5 already and now trying to use its full functionality.
    1. Just use common GPS software, should be COM1 9600 Baud — I did but Viliv does not see satelites. Does it need external antenna or not?

    2. ..but the VGA/Component Cable isn’t available yet . — there is an HDMI port, can it be used?



  73. Galileo says:

    I never really tested gps since not very usable in hong kong, and thats viliv own io port not hdmi

  74. pieman says:

    what is an approx price in Aus dollars for a PC like this?

  75. чyдoвлюблятcя says:

    Спасибо за возможность оставлять комментарии на Вашей странице!

  76. John says:


    Thanks for all the wonderful reviews. I am on the fence w/ the S5. would you have time to test out the quality of the streaming videos from the New York Times ( on the S5? All I want to know is if the video buffers and plays back properly. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,


  77. Lucien says:

    I just tried nytimes. Full screen stutters. Smaller screen on web site seems to run ok for most video’s (some stutter little bit).
    Youtube stutters in HD/HQ as well and I hope we’ll see true MP4 HW playback support someday (in flash?).

  78. John says:

    Thanks for checking the site Lucien. Its too bad the NYT video stutters. I may still look at the S5 because of its nice form factor, but perhaps I may look at the X70 for hopefully better video performance.

    Thanks again!

  79. Lucien says:

    Since most of these sites use flash for streaming video (and no idea how flash works wrt to MP4 streaming), CPU speed is important. And looking at X70 specs seems it’s the same CPU with same frequency. So potentially you wouldn’t get better perf. let’s you download the video and if the video is MP4/H264 720p then it will playback smoothly even full-screen. So it’s a matter of format and what flash could do (no idea on that).

    I found 320×200 streaming or so works fine on S5. Anything bigger it will starts to stutter.

  80. tmarks11 says:

    I would buy one in a heartbeat… if it had an optical mouse.

    Joystick cursor control or touch-screen use? Forget it.

  81. Руслан Соколов says:

    Пока успел прочитать только эту одну заметку, если и все остальное точно также интересно, то автору респект :)

  82. БaкинcкийПиpoг says:

    Прикольно. А информацию не с ЖЖ случайно взяли? :)

  83. Tom says:

    Apparently the headphone jack on the S5 supports MICs!!!

    Some guy on youtube got it to work with his iPhone earbuds. You have to make sure the jack has 3 rings (like the iPhone). Then you have to activate the mic input using the Realtek software and set the input to the highest setting.

    This makes a big difference for me. Now I just wish they had put an SD slot in.

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