Viliv S5 Unboxing. Live session to follow.

Posted on 09 March 2009, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

It looks even better now than it did at CeBIT last week and as an extra bonus, there was a great suprise for me when I unboxed it. The Viliv S5 I received today came not only with a beautiful leather case but with a complete car kit and protective plastic housing. And to top it all off, the supplied headphones are really good. You know that when the headphones are good, someone has really put some thought into the quality!

The version I have here is the 1.3Ghz version with 60GB drive and 1GB RAM, GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth. DMB is also included but of course, it’s not useable here in Europe. There’s no SKU on the box so I can’t tell you what version it is but I suspect it’s a Korean retail package with English Windows.

If you’re reading this on March 9th, note that we’re running a live video and chat session at At 2000hrs CET we’re running a podcast and afterwards I’ll be going through some tests and answering questions. Join us!

Here’s the unboxing video from There’s a YouTube version and an uncut live Ustream version too.

More information on the S5

Stay tuned for more details, reviews and overviews. The S5 will be going with me to SXSW later this week so check UMPCPortal and MIDMoves regularly for updates.

Update: There’s a few S5 images in the gallery now.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    Viliv S5 Unboxing. Live session to follow.

  2. Doh says:

    4200 or 5400 HDD?

  3. Chippy says:

    Samsung HS060HB, 4200RPM

  4. JP says:

    As always, you’re a real pro in this video, Chippy! :-)

  5. John in Norway says:

    700 Euros??? I hope there’s a gold plated stylus hidden away somewhere. If battery life is that important you can buy an Aigo MID and ten spare batteries for the same money!

  6. EC says:

    Not saying it’s not a lot of money. But may I ask what you’re comparing to when/if you feel that 700 Euros is high?

  7. chow says:

    Wow! Hope you will have an update in your Solar UMPC blog for this. If you go for a bike trip with it now, what equipments would you bring?

  8. timy7 says:

    nowadays 700 euro too much for this gaget..

  9. EC says:

    Can you elaborate as to why you say 700 Euros is “too much for this gadget”? Most more advanced smartphones cost the same or more, when you look at prices without any contracts.

  10. timy7 says:

    here in spain nokia 5800 smartphone dropped to 300 euros without any contract..
    we all know that those gadgets within 6-8 months drop the price almost 50 percent…Aigo for example cost 415 euros 6 months ago was costing 600 ..

  11. EC says:

    And what does a Nokia 5800 have in common with this full OS UMPC (MID)?
    True I was commenting on smart phones but just because my point being that EVEN so much less powered smart phones cost this most of the time. I have to say that the 300 Euros for the Nokia 5800 and Viliv at 700 Euros is fair relation in my opinion. As for the Aigo it doesn’t include a paid for OS for that price so you can’t really compare that!

  12. Lucien says:

    I couldn’t find any info on connecting it to a TV (at least not on Viliv’s site). Is the component/RCA included? Does it require the port replicator?
    The port replicator I thought is RGB only.


  13. Cristian says:

    It looks like a nice device and I would have considered it but if you can get the Benq S6 for 300€ then 700€ for more or less the same device is quite a lot more.

  14. DavidC1 says:

    Really?? 800MHz 512MB device that has a 14WHr battery and a 2GB storage space doesn’t qualify as a same device compared to S5 which is significantly faster and will have greater battery life.

  15. EC says:

    Yeah I was about to say the same.

  16. Vakeros says:

    I think you need to compare this device more with OQO2.
    Only thing missing for me is the keyboard. I like the idea of the onscreen haptic keyboard, just don’t want to lose the screen real estate.

  17. Cristian says:

    It is certainly better (if nothing else alone for the higher screen resolution) but for me the question will be is it 400€ better compared to the Benq?

  18. EC says:

    What we’re asking is what exactly are you COMPARING to the BenQ S6??

  19. EC says:

    Why not just get a Nokia N810? If you’re comparing the BenQ and the Viliv might as well compare the Nokia N810 also.

  20. Cristian says:

    EC, what do you mean what I am comparing to the Benq?
    Both devices have the same form factor, 4.8″ screen, weight around the same, have BT, Wifi and importantly 3G. Both devices at the end of the day serve the same purpose as an MID, are based on Intel Atom and can run Windows.
    The S5 has a higher resolution screen (good), a faster CPU (nice but not important), bigger HDD (still too small for my use), more RAM (costs 20€ to upgrade to the same in the Benq) and that’s about it.

    The Nokia N810 does not have 3G so it is a pretty pointless internet device if you ask me.

    Waht is it that you find so superior in the Viliv that would warrant 400€ extra to be used primarily to surf the web using 3G?

  21. EC says:

    First off may I asks what your planned usage for an MID or UMPC would be? You state on one side that it’s an Internet device however you mention that the Viliv HDD isn’t large enough for you? Do you not own/use a mobilephone with BT and 3G builtin? The fact that the Viliv has fantastic build quality full (licensed) OS and close to double the processing speed makes it not really a device that can by compared side b side with the BenQ. As for form factor if you want to go by that alone there’s plenty of devices like a WinCE device I took pic of for the UMPC photstream at the CES.

    What do you mean by your 20€ RAM upgrade comment? You aren’t able to upgrade ram in these MID/UMPC devices as you can in laptops/netbooks.

  22. EC says:

    Also same form factor :) Even has 3G :)

  23. Cristian says:

    EC, the main usage is as a portable internet browsing/blogging device and limited photo viewer.
    The internal HDD does not concern me at all since all would be too small and I use an external 320gb usb HDD anyway.
    The CPU speed is not a huge concern and 800MHz is more than enough, battery life is more of a concern but if it’s over 3h it’s fine.

    I do own a Nokia phone with BT and 3G built in but want to use the MID as a standalone device, having to go through the phone defeats the purpose and I might as well use just the phone for this.

    I have a Samsung Q1U but it is too big for everyday use and the Wibrain I1 which would be the best UMPC for daily use is just too expensive but would be a better choice than the Viliv due to the keyboard and SD-card reader (hate it when manufacturerss leave these out or use a silly mini-SD reader).

    Extra RAM is cheap to get and it can be replaced in most devices. I haven’t seen any pictures of the BenQ but on the Q1U you can upgrade the RAM even if it means disasembling the device for this. Something that is not a problem but 512MB are also enough to run XP.

    For me the Wibrain I1, Viliv S5 and Benq S6 can all be compared side by side since they have similar sizes and specs. The Nokia N810 does not fit there, rather the Archos 5 with 3G.

    The WinCE device looks ok but there are no news yet about price and availability and the fold out keyboard could mean the device is quite thick.

    The price is a major criteria for me, if it’s way more than 450€ it makes the device pretty much pointless since I might as well use the Q1U which is better than any of the current UMPC/MIDs. Shame Samsung decided to release uninteresting devices instead of upgrading the Q1 series properly.

  24. EC says:

    “Extra RAM is cheap to get and it can be replaced in most devices” with the exception of Netbooks and your occasional device, you could say that this is NOT true for devices covered by UMPCportal, as it is more common that you can NOT replace the RAM as it is almost always on the “motherboard” and not a RAM stick as on your traditional laptop. The Q1U really is of the “older” generation UMPCs not of the current smaller MID/UMPC generation as the Viliv and BenQ are. Yes 512MB is enough for WinXP, I use it on my Aigo however the question was not what XP needs, but the fact that Viliv and the BenQ aren’t comparable devices. By the way though the BenQ with the 512Mb does NOT come with WinXP it comes with Linux!?

    The WinCE device post by me was a joke in reply to your statement that the Viliv and BenQ are the same form factor, indicating that if we’re just going by form factor there’s a good number of devices one could put side by side, if we’re to ignore what’s inside of them.

    The Wibrain would be overkill for “portable internet browsing/blogging device and limited photo viewer.”

    The price range you’re talking about, 450 Euros, the fact is unfortunately that there really aren’t any decent MID w/3G on the market for that price range, this is why I was asking you about Nokia tablet and mobile phone for instance, especially since you mention you blog on your device, you’d be better off with a device with real keyboard. Frankly it sounds like you looking for a high end smart phone rather than an MID, as more and more smart phones are starting to be very close to lowend MIDs such as the BenQ, especially since you indicate that “800MHz is more than enough”and since battery life is of concern, this is by the way ironically one of the big reasons many of us are opening our eyes for the Viliv the nice battery time, UNLIKE the BenQ. Even Netbooks with 3G are hard to find for 450 Euros.

    “For me the Wibrain I1, Viliv S5 and Benq S6 can all be compared side by side since they have similar sizes and specs.”

    Similar sizes? NO!
    Similar specs? NO!

    Please check the facts again!
    The Wibrain I1 is 40% LARGER than the Viliv S5 (440 832 mm3 vs 310 464 mm3)
    The Wibrain I1 is 26% heavier than the Viliv S5.

    So where is the similarities??

    The Viliv S5 (vs BenQ) comes with Windows XP vs FREE LINUX, 30/60GB HDD vs low end Netbook type of 2GB SSD, 1300Mhz vs 800Mhz processors (this you can’t put in % as that’s not how it works) 1Gb Ram vs. 512Mb (that’s 25% of it’s SSD size!).

    It appears like the BenQ S6 be it contracted or not, is tied to the Italian operator TIM either way, meaning the price isn’t really the true comparative price.

    May I ask how exactly the miniSD cards are “silly” next to the SD cards? I do feel microSD cards are sometimes too small to be practical but the miniSD cards aren’t that small.

  25. Prince GQ says:

    This is a nice device.. but man.. gonna be a tough decision between the oQo 2+ and this, as a US resident. Seems as though they are to be released around the same time as well…

  26. Chippy says:

    Battery life is the decider I think. Lets see what OQO can do between now and launch-time with their battery life.

  27. JP76 says:

    Hi, as the distrubutor for Europe?
    They dont seem to be selling hardware at all except their ERP sales soltutions?

    Devices are only as interesting as it is possible to buy them.


  28. JP76 says:

    Found out myself:
    its! No S7 prices though..

  29. Beck says:

    700€ = 880$ ..Hm ,It Seems to be out of my budget for a Toy !.

  30. EC says:

    Toy? What’s in your pocket that’s NOT a TOY? :)

  31. Beck says:


  32. Rui says:

    I prefer EKING I1 to Viliv. Could I have some shops to buy it?

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