Mobile Microblogging Devices. A List that Doesn’t Include Intel.

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The Devices

I’ve been thinking again (a lot) about the ideal mobile microblogging device. Taking my previous thoughts about what the best mobile microblogging device could be like and my original Carrypad definition from 2006 I’ve updated the list to include the fresh faces on the scene. Rather than split the devices into ‘classes’ as I did last time, I’m just listing what I think are the best choices based on my current knowledge. ALL MIDS AND UMPCS HAVE DROPPED OUT OF THE LIST based on the poor quality of software and the lack of important accessories like GPS, Camera, compass and accelerometer that drive the leading-edge creative mobile microblogging applications.

‘UMPCPortal lists Smartphones as leading Mobile Devices’ I can see the headline now!  In this segment of new, creative, mobile social applications, smartphones are leading and there’s no argument in my opinion. Even the important ‘Tweetdeck’ advantage for UMPCs and MIDs? Is gone. Tweetdeck is now available on the iPhone as are a number of other very rich  microblogging apps. Desktop software can’t keep up with the pace of development on smartphone platforms in this market.

Here’s my list of top mobile microblogging devices (in no particular order)

Image Operating System CPU Weight Screen Size Resolution Notes.

HTC Touch Pro 2

Windows Mobile 6.1 ARM 11 at 528mhz 175gm 3.6in 800×480 520 Euro

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Windows Mobile 6.1 ARM 11 at 528mhz 145gm 3in 800×480 430 Euros

Nokia E90

Symbian Series 60 ARM 11 at 330mhz 210gm 4in 800×352 550 Euro

Nokia N97

Symbian Series 60 ARM11 at 434Mhz 150gm 3.5in 640×360 550 Euro

Samsung Omnia Pro

WM6.1 (with 6.5 upgrade) ARM11 at 800Mhz 160gm 3.5in 800×480 460 Euro

Acer M900

Wm 6.1 ARM 11 at 533Mhz 188gm 3.8in 800×480 unknown

Sidekick LX 2009
Proprietary ARM 11 165gm 3.2in 800×480

$449 (318 Euros)

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