Sharp’s 5-inch NetWalker MID Arrives. Ticking the Carrypad Boxes!

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Engadget have just posted an article on this rather interesting MID / Carrypad-like device that should challenge the UMID that Ben is currently testing. The Sharp Netwalker PCZ1

Sharp PCZ1 ARM-based smartbook running Ubuntu

Sharp PCZ1 ARM-based smartbook running Ubuntu

This isn’t an Intel-based MID device but with the Cortex-based CPU and desktop OS it should be of interest to the same target audience. I’m analysing the details right now but so far it’s looking good. Check out the gallery and the information at Engadget while I get the details together for the database. Update: It’s in the database now.

800MHz Freescale i.MX515 CPU built around the ARM Cortex-A8 architecture, 512MB of memory, 4GB of on-board flash storage (with microSDHC expansion for another 16GB), 802.11b/g WiFi, 2x USB, and QWERTY keyboard going 68 percent of full-size. Sorry, no 3G data. The PC-Z1 features a 3-second quick launch, non-removable 10-hour battery

Sharp’s 5-inch PC-Z1 NetWalker honors Zaurus legacy with touchscreen Ubuntu.

Update: More images over at Nebooked

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26 Comments For This Post

  1. MeetMobility says:

    New article: Sharp's 5-inch NetWalker MID Arrives. Ticking the Carrypad Boxes!

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Sharp’s 5-inch NetWalker MID Arrives. Ticking the Carrypad Boxes!

  3. Mark Hirsch says:

    Sharp’s 5-inch NetWalker MID Arrives. Ticking the Carrypad Boxes!

  4. にわとり says:

    SharpのMIDはXPでなくて、Ubuntu.かぁ~ 見てる:Sharp’s 5-inch NetWalker MID Arrives.

  5. scoobie says:

    I assume this won’t run Win 7 then?

  6. Marc says:

    The Zaurus clamshells were always great bits of kit, so I have pretty high hopes for another device from Sharp.

    Not too happy with that large screen bezel though. Looks worse in the actual photos over on Pocketables too….

  7. Tony says:

    The larger the screen the better for your eyes. Any screen less than 5 inches causes the eyes to strain to see smaller text and icons. This will cause blindness as you get older!

  8. says:

    no bluetooth?

  9. Kahm says:

    As a long term Zaurus user, news of this device pleases me to no end. Weird that we’re coming back to Linux on Arm as the “new” thing, what with all these new Smartbooks, and Nokia’s Maemo comeback.

  10. Joern Pachl says:

    I’m also a long term Zaurus user with even roots in the Psion community. This new piece would be my dream device. Hope that Sharp will no longer ignore the German market as they did with the Zaurus.

  11. Chippy says:

    I’ve added the Netwalker to the database now.

  12. ArchiMark says:


    You show display size in database as 4.8″ instead of 5″…..


  13. EC says:


  14. The Abdullah says:

    no XP no buy
    or maybe would buy something with Linux such as pandora

  15. icura says:

    This has Linux :S Ubbuntu.

    Looks great to me. 512MB ram is heaps for Ubuntu ARM/mobile. This might not be very pockitable.

  16. ArchiMark says:

    Size is similar to UMID M1, just a tiny bit wider and about 1/2″ deeper…so, would probably fit in a men’s coat pocket, but probably just a bit too wide for most shirt pockets.

  17. Charbax says:

    It looks fantastic awesome! Sharp engineers are cool.

    Still though I agree they should have put a 7″ or so screen in the same form factor. There’s too much unecessary screen bezel.. Especially since they claim 10 hour battery life for this 5″ screen, they could probably still have decent battery life with a 7″ screen instead. Otherwise they should make the whole device smaller with smaller keyboard to fit the 5″ screen size.

    The screen should rotate into tablet mode, the screen should use Pixel Qi for reflectable readable mode, and the price should be $200. But we are getting there!

    I’d probably recommend them to remove the useless Esc-F1-F6-Delete and even the numbers row of buttons for the keyboard. Put numbers and stuff like function buttons under an Fn type of sub-key category. And then they should increase the space used for the alphabet keys.

  18. kahm says:

    Ack! No, don’t remove the number row! Making the number keys an FN-alt ruins the keyboard for any even remotely serious work! Especially on a Linux box.

  19. teh.sean says:

    Also a long time zaurus user, and a UMID owner. I have to say that I’m impressed that Sharp is offering something even close to the Z.

    I have a few concerns though:
    1. Non-removable battery. Seriously sharp? Hasn’t ANY manufacturer learned that this is a bad idea? It just means that intrepid owners get to void their warranties fixing things like this.
    2. 512mb. Some say this is a lot for linux, but I think more is better than less. Call me silly. With the UMID, it’s not enough. . . But maybe Linux will be different.
    3. Looking at the video here @ ~3:00 , it looks like there are nubs that prevent the screen from opening up all the way. Another folly of the UMID that can be seen in this device. Make that screen fold all the way back!

    But honestly, even with those defects, I will still get this, as it looks awesome and I would love a 7 hour device in this size!

  20. ProDigit says:

    Most netbooks running linux come with a kernel that only accepts 800MB Ram anyways. This because it would ‘run better’ (more energy efficient I believe).

    1Gig is good enough for Linux, even for the heavier stuff.

    I agree, the screen bezel is too big, screen too small, and battery too low for ARM technology.

    No extention battery is bad too!

  21. evilJazz says:

    Think about it for a second: The reason most notebooks drain the battery while in suspend/standby mode is because of the RAM. The more you have of it, the faster the batteries are drained. For instance just check the reports of the latest MacBook models. They lose almost 20% of the battery charge just over night when upgrading the memory to 4 GB and leaving the device in standy mode.
    Obviously Sharp touts this device as (almost) instant-on, so the standby mode has to be optimized for less power consumption too. One way to go is with less memory as they did in the Zaurus models of the past.

  22. DATARTcz says:

    Sharp představil mobilní NetWalker PC-Z1, vybavený dotykovým displejem 5" a Linuxem, chybí podpora 3G

  23. Hakan Er says:

    Very nice device: powerful cpu, nice keyboard and Ubuntu Linux! However, the lid could accomodate a much bigger screen! I do not understand why they have wasted so much space! Is it a technical or cost issue? Anyway, even with its limitations I think this can be a killer device if the price is right and by right price I mean sub $200!

  24. ArchiMark says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for ‘the right price’….you’ll never see it on a niche market device like this made by a quality manufacturer like Sharp….

    Conics has already listed this for about $570 USD +/-….


  25. DATARTsk says:

    Sharp predstavil mobilný NetWalker PC-Z1, vybavený dotykovým displejom 5" a Linuxom, chýba podpora 3G

  26. Soulblighter says:

    What a cool one! What makes me unhappy, that there are just few places in Russia where “made in japan” PDAs/MIDs are sold. And the price is enormous, beyound any reason. That’s why I have never spotted any Zaurus in use in Moscow.

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