Vodafone launch Mobile Broadband W-LAN Spot. (MiFi.) Free with 5GB contract.

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Vodafone Germany are the latest carrier to announce a 3G hotspot. It’s our favorite (and still product of the year in my opinion) the Novatel Mifi 2352. [My review roundup]


40 Euro per month for a 5GB HSDPA contract (GPRS flat after the 5GB limit is reached) gets you the device for free which in my opinion is a far better option than buying a netbook with a data contract. The Mifi gives you freedom to choose your devices based on where and what you are doing. If you want to take the iPod Touch to the coffee shop, go for it. If you need to attend an important meeting with your business laptop, you get that choice too.

For the ultimate in flexibility though I suggest taking the 231 Euro hit at Mobilx and look for pre-paid or flat offers from other 3G providers in your country. A 24 month contract with Alice in Germany for example brings you the same data rate and bandwidth limits for 15 Euro per month. Less than half the price that Vodafone is asking. I tend to use the Mifi with a day-flat tariff. At 2.50 Euro per day it leaves me contract free and able to switch to other pre-paid cards based on price or availability.

Expect this product to pop up at your local Vodafone provider soon.

Vodafone Germany product page.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Vodafone launch Mobile Broadband W-LAN Spot. (MiFi.) Free with 5GB contract. http://cli.gs/ND175

  2. Andrew Henery says:

    Mobile broadband has come with different advertisements and is often difficult to get a reliable broadband that lives up to their expectation. There is nothing as bad as realizing that you have bought an item that is much slower that the advertised rate.

  3. Tan Do See says:

    I use Vodafone Mobile Broadband Hotspot MiFi 2352,
    Model : NRM-Mifi2352
    FCC ID : NBZNRM-MiFi2352
    IC : 3229A-MiFi

    Since Last year Oct’2009, from with Two Years Contract, but unfortunately it is unstable, always disconnect by itself, recently even worst, every 15 mins I will have to be restart and reconnect again. Is it I have to upgrade the Software, Can anyone teach me how to do, will be appreciate if someone can help.

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