Dell Streak 5-inch Android MID with 3G

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streak2It looks like Dell will be following Archos into the MID market with a 5″ touchscreen ‘pad’ called the ‘Streak.’ There’s no official word from Dell but this certainly looks like a winner to me. Based on my experience with the Archos Android Tablet if the Streak runs Android 2.0 on a Cortex core then yes, yes, YES. With the cam and 3G the only thing we have to hope for is a killer price and a range of sizes. Goodbye Crunchpad!

Dell Streak 5-inch 3G Android MID leaks [Update: Video!] – SlashGear.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Dell Streak 5-inch 3G Android MID with 3G

  2. S.C.T. says:

    The extra thumb distracted me – RT @chippy New article: Dell Streak 5-inch 3G Android MID

  3. Mike Cane says:

    Man, I can live without the 3G, really. I’d need that on a phone, tho (which is increasingly shaping up as iPhone vs … um, just iPhone). That this has the camera I wish the iPod Touch and Archos 5 IT both had is just WIN!

    Now, when will Dell kick this baby out there?

  4. lintweaker says:

    I think this Dell will probably be a safer bet if you want a more stable os and better support. What about a 7 or 9″ version with 1024×600 resolution? :)

  5. Chippy says:

    Bring it on! 7″ 1024×600 would be sweet!

  6. Patrick says:

    What is Archos 5 battery capacity? Seems that i can’t find that info easily.

  7. Chippy says:

    No-one knows. I guess 5wh but until someone literally rips it apart (sealed unit) we’ll never know.

  8. jkkmobile says:

    I know ;)

    9.99Wh batt… 2700mAh at 3.7V

  9. chippy says:

    Looks like someone ripped it apart. Sounds too big for the ssd versions though.

  10. lintweaker says:

    Of course I meant to say a better bet than the Archos 5″ Android tablet…

  11. Peter says:

    Seems to be a nice device, though 3G and 1300mAh.. does not sound like all day battery life on heavy use.

    BTW Chippy, any opinions on the upcoming Smart Devices MIDs (

  12. Chippy says:

    I’ve got to write that up. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. tal says:

    If this is a web cam in the front its the first Android device to have that. Meaning that Android 2 is supporting it? Amazing!

    Is it really a web cam – e.g. for full Skype?

  14. Chippy says:

    It doesn’t mean that Android 2.0 supports it. We don’t know that this is a pure Android device. It could have special software for the webcam.

  15. tal says:

    If this is a separate software entirely outside of the Android sandbox then I am less excited. Though functionally this is a breakthrough as I have mentioned compared to other Android devices.

    If this is an Android software provided by Dell then its great!
    If this is Android 2.0 capability – even better :)


  16. TareX says:

    I love an answer to that too. The lack of video calls in US networks has crippled the platform in that regard.

  17. rustle says:

    Looks like a winner for me! I’m waiting for specs.

    About 3G – I don’t mind having such an option to avoid tethering but certainly constant use of 3G is a mistake in such a device.

  18. Rodfather says:

    Oh my. This looks nice. I hope this has access to the main apps lib.
    Yes, bring on a 7″ 1024×600 version.

  19. 이규창 says:

    스마트폰 vs MID 기대 @minist 델에서도 안드로이드 기반 MID가 나올 듯. 아이폰에 대항한 휴대기기나 폰 OS,전자책 등에서 안드로이드의 기세는 발군이군요. 유출된 델의 5인치 3G MID 한 번 보시죠.

  20. Brandon says:

    Anyone notice the extra finger on the guy’s right hand? I think its the same guy who leaked the Android Tattoo phone a while back. Its sad that I recognize his hand before the device …. oh well … Android ftw

  21. squirrel says:

    3G, capasitive touchscreen, two cameras, led flash, replaceble battery, still very thin – that’s really great! BUT WHAT ABOUT GPS?

    smth strange with the browser that cannot zoom to fit the edges
    and to many icons on the desktop

    For home use – why do you like 7″, why not 9″ for example? because of the weight?

  22. Ken says:

    I am very interested in this device. The main question is when? There are solutions to battery life and I/O. In the long run, keyboards will disappear.

    Many others have interest in the HTC HD2 (Leo). They will go nuts over this. The second question to confirm is will the Streak work with a US carrier.

    Intel will have to respond soon, with Moorestown. The slight advantage they will have is in porting applications, maybe higher benchmarks. They might be better able to intergrate with company networks too.

    Chippy, I was going to ask you about the N900. Seeing the Dell Streak, I’ll only ask if can make suggestions any chance you get, for 6 inch screens on such devices. I am less interested above that, to stay mobile.

  23. tino says:

    I like this much better than the Nokia n900. For multimedia you just can’t beat a bigger screen. Resolution is less important.

    But it has to be much cheaper than the UMID M2 though, at least $150 cheaper.

  24. Filip says:

    Dell Streak 5-inch Android MID with 3G –

  25. TareX says:

    Who carries an MID around? I’d love to have this functionality in a HD2 sized package (4.3″ screen, minimum bezel) and an equally powered device, with the exception of having Tegra 2 instead (for battery life)…. and a slideout qwerty.

    I just described my dream device.

  26. Patrick says:

    You have it, it’s called HTC Dragon

    I still stay with N900, Android is still not my stile but i might change preference.

  27. Benjiro says:


    You just broke one off the things that Tarex asked for:

    [*] minimum bezel

    As you can see with that HTC Dragon device, it has a larger bezel, and a much larger underside it seems. And people complain about the HTC HD2 … what are they going to do with this device ( if the picture is correct, and the reported 4.3″ screensize ).

    Looking at the shape, it looks more like a 3.7″ device to be honest… So, maybe its a different device. But if that is a device with a 4.3″ screen ( what i douth ), then its going to be a lot bigger then the HTC HD2 based on the bezel’s width everywhere.


    Tegra2 … Lets first see when there are devices on the market, or announced.

    Nvidia is not shy from paper launching products. Even the Snapdragon has been announced 3! years ago.

    And the Tegra 1 has about 1 device on the market? It does not seem to pick up the same momentum as the Snapdragon or other Cortex A8 ( ARMv7 ) based SOC solutions.

  28. Patrick says:

    Tegra 2 will most probably come to market mid 2010. so that means mass market products in 2011. By that time TI will have OMAP 4, Qualcomm will not lag also and don’t forget Samsung, Marvell, Freescale, Imagination Tec. with PoverVR. etc etc. Many of these companies have billions upon billions more than Nvidia for it’s R&D, Texas Instrumens, Qualcomm & TI are in market cap bigger 10 and 5 times than nVidia respectively. nVidia will have a tough job to gain market share but it has good perspective future none the less.
    There are also rumors for HTC Dragon that it will have OMAP cpu at least for Chinese market, none the less both OMAP & Snapdragon are great CPU platforms but with dismal performances of previous Qualcomm on HTC i root for TI ones.

  29. TareX says:

    @ Patrick

    NVIDIA said that Tegra 2 will be “IN DEVICES” by April 2010. That’s not so far away. Besides, I believe that Tegra 1 won’t pick up momentum outside the MID market, where I think it was meant to be all along.

    The reason why I’m not excited by Snapdragon (other than the normal/below average battery life issue), is that extremely weak GPU benchmarks. Take a look at this shocking comparison, comparing the HD2 with older non-Snapdragon models:

    Both the TouchPro 2 and OmniaPro trump the HD2, graphics-wise. In addition to that, say whatever you want about Snapdragon, but it cannot accelerate flash. Tegra would be able to not only play HD movies fluently, but also run YouTube HD, from the browser, as smoothly as your desktop. I’ve seen N900 in action on this site, and it plays normal low-res youtube, which is somehow of a waste on a WVGA screen. If I need to wait till April 2010 for superior web and graphical performance in an ultra-low power device, I’d gladly do it. By 3-year E65 phone is a testimony to how long long a high-performance phone could last. It plays SNES GBA games on emulators and Skyfire run flash content just fine… I can wait till April 2010…

  30. Benjiro says:

    @ TareX

    Nvidia said that “xxxx” will be out by “xxx”. Take it from me, i have been in this business a long time to know that Nvidia has the habit off going overboard with there statements.

    How many times did they not say that a Video Card was going to be out, only to do paper launches… Hell, take a look at there Tegra 1 vs Snapdragon comparison. That they even dare to fake data that much said a lot about a Nvidia.

    Do not forget, the Tegra 2 needs a complete new CPU core. That means restarting the entire production process. This is not just a simple upgrade, or fix. They need to redesign the Tegra ( different core sizes, etc ), resample, etc. Take a look at how long several GPU upgrades take, when they come down to mostly “doubling” the gpu.

    Its very optimistic to trust that Nvidia will have the Tegra 2 “IN DEVICES” by April 2010. In order to pull off something like that, they now already need to have active samples, and those samples need to be with smartphone etc designers. Take a look at other SOC solutions, between announcement, sampling, and actual products.

    And regarding the Snapdragon graphics. I have also asked that question, and in the same forum where you are pointing at, there is also a answer. Take a look at the TestOpenGL benchmarks. It looks like those old benchmarks are having problems with the GPU used.

    — — — — — HTC Touch HD — HTC Leo — Improvement
    alpha texture (128×256 rgba) 30340 kPixels/s 140125 kPixels/s 362%
    torus (3k triangles) one light 6272 kPixels/s 120564 kPixels/s 1822%
    color blending 31498 kPixels/s 152825 kPixels/s 385%
    sub texture (128×128 15×15) 10762 kPixels/s 112983 kPixels/s 950%

    This will look like a mess i fear in this post… But you do have some numbers.

    HTC Touch HD HTC Leo
    SPB Benchmark Index 1040.77 1597.12
    CPU index 2272.2 6494.18
    File system Index 502.96 747.02
    Graphics Index 4002.07 1988.03

    So… The graphical Index is 50% slow on the HD2, compared to the Touch HD using this benchmark. But, the HD2 shows a 362% to 1800% speed increase compared to the Touch HD, when using testOpenGl benchmark.

    Its clear that there is a problem somewhere, but it does not look to be the hardware. Maybe how the GLbenchmark works, or a driver problem that happens with that benchmark? Who knows …

  31. Patrick says:


    Original Tegra was unveild almost a year and a half ago, do we see smarphones run by Tegra? No. We only have media players for now. So that mostly means that if Tegra will be unveild as soon as April next year that means finished products will be out in Summer 2011. OMAP 4 comes also next year and it will be also amost twice as powerful than previous OMAP3 and that same OMAP 3 is already at least twice as powerful(if not three times) as current Tegra. So that means when Tegra 2 comes out it will be outperformed by “big guys”.

    I have to mention again that there are already players in GPU embeded market like Imagination Technologies and ARM it’s self with Mali GPU platform.

    There are many producers now that have similar performance records, all that nVidia has now shown is Zune and few other media players and it still needs to prove it’s self beside bolstering it’s PR stunts (like with that fake mockup Fermi GPGPU card).

  32. TareX says:

    Tegra was announced exactly 18 months ago in February 08, at the MWC. They had it already in a fully functional prototype, doing HD video, YouTube HD, and Opera browsing more fluently than any finished product today. Back then, the NVIDIA rep said “Tegra should be out in the market in device in 18 months”. Today, two MIDs have Tegra inside (Zune HD and another lesser known underwhelming Samsung MID).

    Last summer, they didn’t say they will announce Tegra 2 in April 2010, they said it will be in devices April 2010. This is completely believable since 18 months ago, Tegra seemed to be way past experimental and testing phases. Nobody said they just started working on Tegra 2 last summer. I’d say they’ve been working on it for no less than a year, esp since Qualcomm had already announced its detailed plans for Snapdragon for well over a year.

  33. Corrupted Mind says:

    Funny this. I was just on the cusp of cancelling my Voda data card and picking up a free mifi from to power an Archos 5 internet tablet. Oh well maybe father christmas did hear my pleas.

  34. squirrel says:

    What do you think about USB-host on this device?

  35. Another fellow says:

    I still favor the UMID 2 over this one. If it only had 3G it’d be perfect… :(

  36. squirrel says:

    Dell Streak is based on Intel’s new Pine Trail ?!

  37. Linuxslate says:

    Good question. Kinda needs this to really be a laptop/netbook replacement. Also what is that on the bottom? HDMI? Proprietary? SD?

  38. ciprian moloci says:

    Dell Streak 5-inch Android MID with 3G

  39. ciprian moloci says:

    Dell Streak 5-inch Android MID with 3G

  40. Shewquet says:

    RT @phoneindex: Dell Streak 5-inch Android MID with 3G

  41. Linuxslate says:

    TareX says:

    Who carries an MID around?

    — Uh, Me. As these devices grow in capability, screen size is bound to increase just as it has on the desktop.

    For a single device solution including media, gaming, productivity, and a phone, I would gladly carry a 5″ mid. I can see it as the only device I carry even on travel.

  42. Patrick says:

    5″ phone LMAO.. i hope you will use bluetooth headset :D

  43. TareX says:

    And big pockets or a bag….

    Till foldable/flexible screens are the norm, I don’t think a +4.3″ device could be pocketable…

  44. Linuxslate says:

    How about one of these:


    I have always thought that including a (more conventional) BT headset in the box would be a good way to market these larger devices.

    Also, for evenings out, or other non-geek, non-work events, a more stylish phone is just a sim swap away.

    Of course you’re talking to a guy that is pretty serious about ordering one of those banana handsets, always wears cargo pants, and (sometimes) carries a WiBrain in his back pocket, so I may not represent the average consumer.

  45. jjsjjsva says:

    No webcam = useless!

  46. Nick says:

    Is there any chance this Streak comes with a digital compass for the GPS?

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