Limited edition pink UMID M1

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pink umid 2 The Viliv boys pointed out that Dynamism will be selling a limited edition* pink UMID M1 [Portal page]. Though the UIMD M2 is due out sometime soon — I guess the more colors, the better!pink umidThe pink UMID M1 is $50 less ($449) than the black low-end UMID M1 that Dynamism sells. Unfortunately no, they aren’t giving you $50 off just because its pink… the pink one has a slightly slower CPU – the Atom Z515 at 1.2GHz (vs. 1.3GHz for the low-end black model, or 1.33GHz on the high-end black model). Everything else, however, is the same as on the low-end black model: 8GB SSD, 512MB of RAM, and Windows XP. From the images it is a bit tough to tell exactly how glossy or matte the pink version is, but it appears to be more on the matte side of the spectrum, similar to the black one that I looked at.

*Dynamism has the pink M1 down as “limited edition inch, but it isn’t exactly clear whether it is the pink M1 itself which is limited, or the deal currently running that includes a free pink pouch and 4GB MicroSD card.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Limited edition pink UMID M1

  2. wasd says:

    i’d like to hear some news about the m2. why umid is releasing a pink m1 now is beyond me. i don’t think that this is going to raise the sales :D

  3. Minions says:

    I agree the lack of an update regarding the m2 by the creators is astounding. It is already past mid-November. I’m starting to get the impression their “Q4 2009” is getting less and less likely. As far as the pink is concerned it is cheaper than the standard black one offered, but it has a lower speed CPU. I personally would not paint myself into a corner by purchasing the pink one, as the resell rate will probably be lower due to the color. (Few guys really want a pink umid).

  4. Another fellow says:

    I agree on the M2. I will personally buy it the moment it’s out. The M1 is already a great device with few minor problems, which the M2 is apparently going to address making it the ultimate UMPC in the market in my opinion. I just hope it will have a 3G slot!

  5. Alessandro Tucci says:

    RT @benz145: New article: Limited edition pink UMID M1

  6. ArchiMark says:

    UMID would need to not just take off $50 to get me to buy a pink M1, they’d need to send me a check…. ;)

    Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the M2…unless I go for the PA…. :)

  7. Mian arsh says:

    It could be a good christmas gift for my girl freind. I am waiting for M2…. for myself.

  8. Fred says:

    Where is the M2??

  9. Ken E Kaplan says:

    Limited edition pink UMID M1 on UMPCPortal by @Chippy inspired by feedback from #IntelInsider @MiaKim

  10. Jenna Boller says:

    RT @kenekaplan: Limited edition pink UMID M1 on UMPCPortal by @Chippy inspired by feedback from #IntelInsider @MiaKim

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