Updated: New SmartQ V7 triple boots operating systems, has HDMI, and could make for an awesome portable HD theater

Updated on 12 November 2009 by

smatv7-21 It would appear as though the SmartQ 7 [Portal page] which Chippy checked out for a while is getting a little refresh. This site shows what seems to be called the ‘SmartQ V7 HDMID’ which is actually sort of clever as the V7 has an HDMI port and is a MID! Beyond the HDMI port, the V7 triple boots into your choice of OS – Android, Ubuntu, or Win CE, and has some under-the-hood adjustments.

smv7 smatv71

The case of the V7 looks to be exactly the same as the SmartQ 7 but it looks like the V7 has some slight technical upgrades inside. Update: Peter in the comments linked us to some more detailed into on the SmartQ V7. The CPU is indeed different. The V7 is using (according to info Peter has found) the Telechips TCC8900 Arm 11 CPU, which may be running as reported, at 600MHz. There is also some hardware acceleration which will hopefully allow the V7 to push 1080P content out the HDMI port. According to the source site, the V7 has a 600MHz Arm 11 CPU, but this is probably actually the same 667MHz CPU in the Smart Q7, (we’ll let those extra 67MHz slide for now). Same CPU maybe, but The V7 seems to be rocking out twice the RAM as the original (128MB vs. 256MB) and the RAM is three times as fast too. The original was DDR @ 133MHz and while the V7’s is DDR2 @ 330MHz. The V7 is also has double the internal storage which goes up to 2GB (and an SD slot capable of up to 32GB) from the SmartQ 7’s 1GB. No word yet on availability, or if the V7 will actually be able to handle pushing HD video through that HDMI port, but we can always hope, and if so, this makes the V7 a more attractive mobile HD theater than even the Zune HD – for me anyway!smatv7-51

Jump to the site for a few more images of the SmartQ V7.

Thanks to Adam for sending this in!

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: New SmartQ V7 triple boots Android, Ubuntu and Win CE, has HDMI http://bit.ly/WFW6u

  2. Juan Luis Chulilla says:

    New SmartQ V7 triple boots Android, Ubuntu and Win CE, has HDMI: It would appear as though the SmartQ 7 [Portal.. http://bit.ly/3uDW58

  3. alese says:

    I think I read somewhere that this new version (and the 5″ model too) have some kind of graphics accelerator that gives them HD video capability…

  4. Alessandro Tucci says:

    RT @benz145: New article: New SmartQ V7 triple boots Android, Ubuntu and Win CE, has HDMI http://bit.ly/WFW6u

  5. Peter says:

    No, it uses a different SoC. While the Q5/Q7 were built around the Samsung S3C6410, the V5 (sometime called V1080P) and V7 use a Telechips TCC8900.
    Wrote that down a while ago on my blog (http://is.gd/4rrze)…

  6. Ben says:

    Thanks for the info Peter, updating the article now.

  7. denver says:

    PRICE FCOR Smartq7 ?let me know what’s the good price

    i got price from http://www.popularmall.cn/ usd 185 good price or not ?

  8. icura says:

    That’s a different device to what we are talking about in this thread.

  9. JohnS says:

    IIRC, the new RAM is also approximately 3 x faster than the Q7’s RAM, which combined with the double capacity will make this thing a far better choice for both web-browsing and (especially) opening large PDFs. I’m really looking forward to the Q7.

  10. HoboJ says:

    I’m definitely eager to read some detailed reviews of this unit. Can’t wait!

  11. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Updated: New SmartQ V7 triple boots Android, Ubuntu and Win CE, has HDMI http://bit.ly/WFW6u

  12. turn.self.off says:

    did they add internal bluetooth this time?

  13. Ben says:


  14. jt says:

    I really don’t care for the cheap looking plastic case.
    But for the price, I almost bought the original just to have a larger screen device.
    But then I started reading how many others who got one and started malfunctioning within a couple of months. While the customer service tried to be helpful, it also meant having to ship the device back to china to get it repaired, which I really don’t want to have to bother with.

    It would be really good since you have a lot of devices to report back on their build quality and if they are still working properly after a while.

  15. Mike Cane says:

    What’s missing: the PRICE!

  16. icura says:

    Price is known. Battery life is the remaining unknown to me.

    It shouldn’t be toogreat with that chip.

  17. icura says:

    JTshop is selling the V7 for $250 with some extras and Q7 for $190. JT is waiting for the stock to arrive from the factory. Anyway, this is where I intend to buy, so I don’t wanna to many people to be refreshing the page for when stock is available. :)

  18. Adam Blufia says:

    JTShop have pre-orders up !

  19. Mike Cane says:

    WTF is the JTshop URL?! Google doesn’t yield it.

  20. Mike Cane says:

    IGNORE that. Clicked on link the story. DUH!

  21. icura says:

    Oh, it is selling for $220 in China.

  22. Adam Blufia says:

    I’ve just pre-oredered mine from JTshop – they say stock should be with them by 18th November – how long it takes to ship to me in the UK is another thing ! :)

  23. mrwed says:

    Please post a review when it arrives! It looks very interesting.

  24. icura says:

    lol, I just had a big cocktail party and got a little trashed woken up with a bit of a headache and you guys stole my preorders, lol. hope there is still first round stock. I was try tossing up over ordering the 5″, but the 2 week delay has made me order now. :)

    I wonder if the JT here is the owner of JT shop. ;) To find it just google “jtshop mp4”

  25. ssre says:

    oh,i try to connect with SmartDevice a few week ago, smartdevices let eletroworld deal with my mail,perhaps eletroworld is agent.

  26. Mike Cane says:

    So, Chippy, you’re not going to get one to compare it to the Archos? I really wonder what would happen to Android software installed on this!

  27. Mike Cane says:

    Hey! Hit the JT site! There’s a whole bunch of videos about it now up!

  28. icura says:

    The vids show loading times, pdf viewing and a quick movie. All suffers from a blurry cam. Demoed on ubuntu and WinCE.

  29. Adam Blufia says:

    JT shop say stock now in :)

    “Dear Customers,
    We have received goods and finished packing, there’re some information i want to share with you
    1. default accessory: DC Charger,HDMI Cable
    what we send:christmas card,otg cable ,usb charger,screen protector
    otg cable can’t be used in V7 , as V7 removed mini usb port . the package doesn’t have usb cable
    2. there ‘re three os :ubuntu ,android,wince
    wince is in chinese, but we have installed english cab for you
    android is engineering version , booting need 1 minutes , when you use android , please be patient .
    3. we will send tomorrow and give tracking number later
    Thank you for your support
    Best Regards

    not sure what ‘engineering version’ of android is – any ideas ?

  30. denver says:

    Hey, there have good price for V7 in http://www.popularmall.cn/
    only spend 245$ dollor .go to see it ..

  31. Tipu says:

    yeah!i had buy one sample.from http://www.popularmall.cn/,

    right now is testing it

    when result out ,will share with u together

  32. ronald says:

    This website is outdated, and it’s confusing with smartq 7 and smartq v7, what is the difference?

    Found this website selling the V7 at $259.99, and the customer service told me it is the latest version and it is in stock now.


  33. Adam Blufia says:

    images at;




  34. admin says:


  35. admin says:

    Wanna send me one? My Smart Q7 charging stopped working :-(

  36. denver says:

    I bought smart Q7 in there http://www.popularmall.cn/ have one year warranty ,

    price usd185.00 , quality is ok,may be u wanna ask them about it .

  37. soha says:

    yeah! i aslo know that co., good service , can go to check it .
    lastest notice from there http://www.popularmall.cn/
    good price for V7 now ,
    cheer !

  38. icura says:

    I got the same message. Engineering means it is for debugging to get it to work on a platform. At start up, it needs to record whenever there are issues. Hopefully it will be updated to a production sample later. Should only be a production flag.

  39. Adam Blufia says:

    cheers icura !

    new info. images here (says ‘formal’ android version will be end of november);


  40. chibby says:

    official website: http://en.smartdevices.com.cn/Buy/

  41. Adam Blufia says:

    which (strangely) makes no mention of the V7

  42. Andrey says:

    I acquired my Q7 from http://www.allpmp.com, they have V7 to ship under 9 hour shipping guarantee. I was hanging around in some ubuntu forums and the fact is many users actually bought theirs from allpmp.com. It is authorized by SmartQ, trustworthy seller.

  43. why0918 says:

    go and see this! this is the biggest smartdevices(智器) bbs!


  44. icura says:

    yes, I can’t sign-up as I don’t read chinese.

    I whsh there was an english speaking forum like this.

  45. why0918 says:

    I just suggest the moderator to open an English version of the bbs.

  46. Tom Jones says:

    We need a review of this asap!!!

  47. icura says:

    did you read my forum thread?

  48. Adam Blufia says:

    recieved my V7 on tuesday.

    first impressions – i like ! it’s not the fastest thing on the planet, but all i want it for is reading ebooks and some sofa internet browsing.

    so far just using unbuntu. android doesn’t work (crashes before it loads) – but JTshop have said working android should be released sometime this month. windows ce – well, why would you :)

    seems to have good battery life (not used it that much) – start up from suspend (in ubuntu) is quick, something i wanted.

    on screen keyboard now has hide option, so this problem from Q7 resolved.

    i will probably use this for a year or so, until the MID market has more (faster) options, then upgrade.

    all that said – i am more than happy with this as an ereader and sofa surfer !

  49. icura says:

    Adam. Put an SD card in before loading Andriod. Don’t press any buttons while it loads. It works if you do that, but there are software restrictions. The internet experiance is a lot better and the music player is nice. :)

  50. Adam Blufia says:

    brilliant – i’ll try that when i get home !

  51. why0918 says:

    yeah, just wait, wait, and wait. until it gets into android

  52. Adam Blufia says:

    didn’t work :( just shows a screen with random coloured lines on, then the device shuts off.

  53. arifin says:

    i saw that the official smartq v7 has new android 2.0 update download.
    does anyone already download an upgrade to android 2.0?

  54. Les says:

    I Have updated andriod 2 on Smartq v7 only two problems
    1: I cant read Chinese!!!!!!
    2: adjustment for touch screen is out of wack cant scroll to chane to english.

  55. Juan José Puga G. says:

    Cual serà mejor ?? ARCHOR (http://bit.ly/bmkFnG) SmartQ7 (http://bit.ly/awiyz2) o Streak (http://bit.ly/aKpMCD) ????

  56. mitchel says:

    Updated my v7 to android 2.1 pre2 ( aval at ch site )(firm v4)
    note you need to keep sd card in after install
    -install sd card with update
    -hold menu button
    -click to power-up device
    -wait -install process completed
    -it reboots
    -continues setup/install
    -calibrate screen
    -boots-up android
    sec note : wireless only work after a reboot

    all seems to work.. set it to eng..all oke

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