Update on Archos 9 availability

Posted on 19 November 2009, Last updated on 10 June 2018 by

archos 9 The Archos 9 has had the #1 spot in the Portal for some time now, it’s pretty clear that people are excited for it, despite the fact that it may be a slate.

Unfortunately for everyone out there looking forward to the Archos 9, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. We had been expecting the Archos 9 to be released on October 22nd as we had heard at IDF 09, but we’ve watched that date come and go and been scratching our heads since.

I’ve recently contacted Archos about availability of the Archos 9, and was told that pre-orders made through www.archos.com should be shipping in “early December inch. Retail store availability (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) is expected in Q1. That’s all we’ve got to go on for now; sorry for the folks that have been holding out, but hopefully you’ll get your hand on this device before something else comes along and catches your eye!

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  1. johnkzin says:

    If only it had their version of Android on it. I’d be frothing at the mouth to have it. Even more so than the Entourage eDGe (esp. now that http://www.ereader.com has an Android ereader app for their store of e-books).

  2. johnkzin says:

    Hm. The product database says it has VGA out, but their product tech-specs page doesn’t say that.

  3. john says:

    yeah they will have a vga on it but i think you have to buy it. i dont think its worth buying it. 1.1 ghz thats very slow. i think archos is a bad company, you have to buy addons which is very expensive. another thing is customer service, you have to wait an hour in the line just to connect with them.

  4. HoboJ says:

    Tbh this is too little too late for me. I was looking forward to this in October, not 3+ months after the fact. Ohwell, chances are there will be something else by then anyway that’ll be better.

  5. Velik says:

    yeah, i think the next generation of devices is due to start trickeling in sometime in 2010, hopefully early, but no telling when someone will release a decent design and such

  6. lanlanb says:

    Ya I’ve been checking the logs daily since Oct 22nd on this unit. Oh well, I ended picking up a Samsung Q1 Ultra earlier today off Craigs for half the price of the Archos 9. Archos 9 looks sweet, though happy with the Q1 (a la windows 7), though neither are multi-touch, like the fact that the Q1 has SDHC slot.

    Archos, unfortunately these delays have made me move on (for now at least, show us one with capacitive screen :) ).

  7. Kevin Payne says:

    Sharing: Update on Archos 9 availability: The Archos 9 has had the #1 spot in the Portal for some time .. http://bit.ly/16fUYP

  8. lintweaker says:

    There seem to be very few devices out there. I managed to get one straight from archos.com a few weeks ago. I ordered it right on the 22nd of October. I guess I got lucky.

  9. lanlanb says:

    Wow you got one? That’s awesome, how’s it working out?

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