Archos 7” Android Tablet appears for iPad-killer Price.

Posted on 27 January 2010, Last updated on 10 June 2018 by

The Archos 5 Internet Tablet is already a great bit of kit but if you’re looking something a little bit bigger, more sofa friendly and with a few more features a 7 inch version makes sense., a wholesale distributer for Archos products has a new Archos 7 Android listed in their catalogue for an amazing 127.65 UK Pounds. (Trade price, before tax = about 200-250 pounds retail price.) If the Apple tablet appears for around 600-pounds (we’ll find out later join me at for chat), it better have something extremely special on board!


Obvious enhancements are stereo speakers, web cam and CD-input. An 800×480 resolution isn’t as high as it could be but is still going to work out well for the Android operating system (and means Appslib devs don’t have to make two versions of Android apps) and will make web sites and ebooks a bit more comfortable to read. Thumbing the on screen keyboard will be easier in portrait mode but more difficult in landscape mode.

Size-wise we’re looking at a very light and slim 203x107x12 mm which is going to be maybe 100gm more than the original Archos 5 Internet Tablet. Under 300gm!

We assume that the platform is the same Ti-OMAP 3-series delivering that same good experience as we see on the Archos 5 (full review)


Yes, this could be a fake but it makes so much sense for Archos to push out a 7 inch version that even if it is a fake, I’d expect it to happen soon anyway. That just leaves a 3G version of the A5 (with slider keyboard please!) and then Archos will have one of the most interesting range of ‘smart’ devices yet.

Hat-tip to JKK. Source: ArchosFans.

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  1. says:


    and it basically makes me wonder what happened to the 8GB archos 5, as the only place it seems to have showed up is in a single US store chain. Not even archos’s own webpage mentions a 8GB version (except for the specs sheet).

  2. Chippy says:

    We’re hearing Feb (maybe mid-Feb) for the 8GB version in Europe.

  3. grnxf says:

    Clicking the green “Store” button on Archos homepage directly brings up the 8GB as ‘now available’ for purchase, at least here in the US. Price is same as at that single us store chain.

  4. says:

    thanks. Verified it by setting the storefront at to USA and there it was, along with some other products i didnt know existed.

  5. Chris Street says:

    DataMind Press Release – 28 January 2010: Release of Archos new product Information by DataMind

    On 26 January 2010 a reliable UK source of Archos information sent DataMind news & prices of six new Archos devices. No mention was made to DataMind by the source that these products were on embargo. On 26 January DataMind added these products to the website At noon on 27 January Archos UK requested that DataMind remove all six products from the website. DataMind immediately complied with this request. On 28 January Archos UK thanked DataMind for the prompt action taken.

    DataMind (a division of Megapixels Ltd) has been an Archos UK e-tailer since 2002.

    “DataMind for Archos – every product (probably!)”

  6. admin says:

    That just about confirms it! Thanks Chris (and DataMind!)

  7. says:

    thanks. I see now that the mentioned page is one i stumbled upon after doing a bit of googling after 8GB archos products.

  8. Sue Cloutier says:

    The biggest omission, if this is real, is .pdf support which would make it useful as an e-reader as well. The iPad does support .pdf files. The Archos 5 platform is preferable to me because of the openness of the Android OS, and it should have .pdf support to really be an iPad killer.

    Of course the argument can be made that the Archos devices are intended to be primarily for media such as audio and video, and not as e-readers.

    It is my wishful dreaming that I can have both in one device, such as the iPad offers, but with the open Android platform and all the Android apps instead. Sigh.

  9. Alex says:

    How difficult it is to download any of android PDF viewers? Probably too hard for a hardcore “Steeve-Gee-do-it-for-me-pleaee..” iCustomer :)

  10. Sue Cloutier says:

    If it’s as simple as downloading a pdf viewer, sign me up. :)

  11. Mike Cane says:

    Chippy needs to do an article about PDF reading on Android. I’ve been researching this and it seems it is full of suckage.

    Specifically what I want is to be able to view the PDFs from *Google Books*. PDFs made via Word or other text files isn’t vital for me.

    The GBooks PDFs are image files. (And I’ll slap you if you say to select ePub over PDF at GBooks. The ePubs are total crap, filled with typos. And not everything is in ePub.)

    Yes, I want an iPad, but I’d be interested in this A7 too if it can do GBooks PDFs.

  12. johnkzin says:

    I’d rather see them to an Android version of the Archos 9.

    I did a comparison of that concept, the iPad, the Notion Ink Adam, the Archos 9 (windows version), and Moto AMP 10, on my blog. The Archos 9IT (meaning Android version), if my guesses were correct, did pretty well. Though, the Adam won by a lot.

  13. touch handy says:

    The Ipad looks like fun to play with, but I doubt if you can really work with it? But many people will buy it because of it look.

  14. Margarito Autobee says:

    Hey great post! I enjoyed that.

  15. Dorene Piepho says:

    Cool what u’ve wrote definitely got me excited! (ok i know you’ll reckon im a retard haha!) sorry for my bad english

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  17. tim says:

    ohman ipad rules

  18. Angelic Ballena says:

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  19. Clayton Warmill says:

    Hey! archos tab pc is simply wonderfull!! i got one a couple of weeks ago and just love evry moment..

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