ASUS T101MT Multitouch Convertible Video from CES 2010. Still no price or date

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Like the Lenovo S10-3T and Viliv S10 , the ASUS T101MT is a 10 inch convertible netbook with a multitouch screen. The T101H is based on the Pinetrail platform with the N450 CPU and GMA3150 GPU but, like the Lenovo, the base version only comes with Windows 7 Starter and 1GB RAM. The high-end version comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and 2GB of RAM that can be upgraded to 3GB. A 35Wh battery should keep the device going for about 4 hours.

There still doesn’t appear to be any information about availability or price but as I mentioned in the video, now that Windows 7 and Pinetrail is here, there shouldn’t be any major delays now.

Full specifications and links are being tracked on the T101MT product page.

JKK also has a video of the T101MT at JKKMobile.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: ASUS T101MT Multitouch Convertible Video from CES 2010. Still no price or date

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: ASUS T101MT Multitouch Convertible Video from CES 2010. Still no price or date

  3. chhh says:

    but still s10-3t looks like the winner to me in this race (lenovo s10-3t VS. viliv s10 VS. asus T101 VS. asus T91). although viliv should beat competitors in battery life (and i adore long battery life)..
    even though i was a fan of viliv S10, but they’ve missed the right train for sure. T101 might appear to be competitive if it doesn’t follow T91’s destiny of being produced in quantities under a 1000 units/month (or whatever the reason for an almost full year delay in T91 markeing was)

  4. Vit says:

    I am so in the market for a nice little tablet ! I wish they came out already. This Asus looks pretty neat.

  5. magic says:

    amly smoke and dust for this one.where are the tv tunner incorporated and gps?where are all the wimax that are promised for this model?…where its the fuck…model in the market?assus only want to lie us about new shhet comming soon[like one year its not enogh for lie].asus its only testing the virtual market .asus its a big LIER.i read some new news about the all “inavation on notebook”but where its ?nobody nows .only lie ..lie lie …where its the fucking model ??????????ooooohh its only on ces2010…yes in the museum…))fuck asus

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