Viliv announces the N5, gets a bit more official with the S10, and upgrades the entire line to Windows 7

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s10 It feels like we’ve known about the S10 Blade [Portal page] for a long time now, but we’ve yet to see any official pricing. It looks like that may come to an end soon as Viliv has just put out a press release with official specifications (but still no price):

  • Intel® Atomâ„¢ processor Z530 (1.6GHz) / Z550 (2.0GHz)
  • Windows® 7 Home Premium
  • 10.1″ HD LCD (1366 x 768, WXVGA) / Swivel / Multi-Touch [Me: probably resistive]
  • SSD capacity: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
  • 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 533Mhz
  • WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • HSPA/TD-SCDMA/EVDO/WiMAX Connectivity options
  • Camera
  • 2 USB Host, 1 USB Slave
  • SDHC, Headphone-out, Mic, Stereo Speakers
  • D-Sub, Multi I/O(Composite / Component / S-Video)
  • Keyboard : 84keys total (Function 34keys)
  • 10 hours max battery life (7 hour movie playback)
  • Dimensions:  260(W) x 185(L) x 17~26(H)mm / 10.23(W) x 7.28(L) x 0.67~1.02(H)inch
  • Weight: 1.21Kg / 2.67 pounds

I wrote a little while back that the S10 could really put Viliv on the map, but at this point I feel like they’ve waited too long. We now have $300-$400 netbooks which are relatively powerful as they are equipped with Nvidia ION. The S10 will definitely beat out most of the competition with 10 hour battery life, and it has a lot of great connectivity options. It’ll be competitive at the right price, and certainly a good pro-mobile choice, but it could have done some serious work in my opinion if they got it out the door a few months ago.

viliv N5 (1) In addition to S10 specs, we see a whole new device from Viliv, the N5 [Portal page]. They are calling it a “MID inch but it’s a mini-laptop form-factor device, similar in appearance to the Sony VAIO P (the top of the N5 says “Ultra Mobile Mini PC inch but don’t look for any time soon). It’s extremely light at 399 grams (0.88 pounds) and appears to have a very HP Mini 1000-esque keyboard. Check the specs:

  • Intel® Atomâ„¢  processor Z520 (1.33 GHz)
  • Windows® 7 Starter / Home Premium
  • 4.8 inch WSVGA (1024×600) with Touch Screen
  • 32GB SSD
  • 1GB DDR2 SDRAM 533Mhz
  • WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • HSPA/TD-SCDMA/EVDO/WiMAX Connectivity options
  • GPS Sirf Star3
  • 1.3M Pixel Camera
  • Optical Mouse
  • 1 USB Host, 1 USB Slave
  • Micro-SD, Headphone-out, Mic, Stereo Speakers
  • QWERTY keyboard 63keys total (Function 34keys)
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life
  • Dimensions:  172(W) x 86(H) x 25(T)mm / 6.77(W) x 3.38(H) x 0.98(T) inch
  • Weight:  399g / 0.88 pounds

Viliv is also apparently updating all devices (X70, S5, S7, and the upcoming S10 and N5) to Windows 7. Chippy is on the CES2010 floor as we speak and should have a hands on with these devices soon! Full press release text below.

Press Release Jan 06, 2009

viliv Expands its Mobile Internet Device Product with the Go-Everywhere PC “N5 inch and Multi-touch Tablet PC “S10 Blade inch

The viliv N5 features a 4.8 inch  Touch Screen, Intel®Atomâ„¢ Processor and Windows® 7 OS, and QWERTY keyboard

The viliv S10 Blade features a 10.1 inch Multi-touch Screen with High Resolution(1366×768) and Swivel Display.

Las Vegas-Jan 6, 2010 viliv (Yukyung Technologies Corporation), a leading Mobile Internet Device manufacturer, today announced two new Mobile Internet Devices, the N5 and the S10 Blade. The two products made their debut at PEPCOM’s Digital Experience in Las Vegas and will be on display during CES 2010 at the viliv booth, #30349 of the South Hall 3 Upper Level.

Aimed at the go-everywhere PC users, “N5 inch combines usability and productivity by delivering enhanced performance, light portability (weighing just 399g/0.88lbs), extended battery life and full QWERTY keyboard. With integrated GPS navigation and fueled by the Intel® Atomâ„¢ processor (1.33GHZ), N5 is a non-compromise, high-performance mobile computing device that offers full PC functionality and optional 3G HSPA or WiMAX connectivity for mobile professionals as well as for micro-bloggers.

viliv also unveiled the S10 Blade with Multi-Touch Convertible Tablet form factor and with multiple ways to provide input including a full QWERTY keyboard, Multi-Touch and stylus. The S10 Blade delivers up to 10 hours of battery life and weighs only 1.21Kg / 2.67 lb for the best mobile computing experience. The S10 Blade offers various connectivity options including integrated 4G mobile WiMAX, and 3G HSPA.  Consumers can get a seamless Internet connectivity at true broadband speeds — at home, in the office or on-the-go.

“Since pioneering the MID (Mobile Internet Device) category with the introductions of S5, X70EX and S7 over a period of less than 6 months, viliv has been unwavering in its commitment to the long-term growth and development of this fast-growing mobile computing product market segment, said Dr. Seung-Jin Yoo, Vice President, Yukyung Technologies. inch “We have made a strong showing in the global marketplace. With the introductions of N5 and S10 Blade, viliv further strengthens its leadership position in the Mobile Internet Device market segment. Viliv N5 and S10 Blade continue to deliver high performance and amazing mobility with the Intel® Atomâ„¢ processor.

“The Intel Atom processor represents a hallmark in technology innovation, enabling users to gain unhindered access to the rich, visually-compelling Internet in handheld devices, inch said Pankaj Kedia, director of global ecosystem programs in Intel Corporation’s Ultra Mobility Group. “Yukyung has demonstrated the capabilities of the Atom processor with an exciting range of products the viliv N5 and S10 Blade, the company’s latest additions, will bring the power of the Internet to the hands and pockets of delighted consumers around the world. inch

N5 and S10 Blade can be purchased through a variety of resellers including Amazon, Newegg,, B&H Photo, PC mall and more and will also be introduced through brick and mortar stores.

About Yukyung Technologies

Based in Korea, Yukyung Technologies is a worldwide leader in the Mobile device and communications market sector with strengths in technology development, product design, manufacturing quality, as well as solution design and implementation.  Yukyung Technologies was founded in 1999 and has developed viliv brand of PMP, Navigator in 2005 and now it’s one of the best and leading Mobile Internet Device Manufacturer in the world.

About viliv

It’s the multimedia brand of Yukyung Technologies.

Yukyung Technologies has released viliv brand of products since 2005.

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16 Comments For This Post

  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: Viliv announces the N5, gets a bit more official with the S10, and upgrades the entire line to Windows 7

  2. comment says:

    From the new picture, it looks like they moved the mouse to a more thumb friendly spot. Now, I’m hoping for a newer picture that makes the keyboard a more thumb friendly too because regular keyboard keys and thumbs don’t go well with each other.

  3. Ben says:

    I’m with you on this one… why can’t they put a thumb-keyboard and a thumb mouse together? I fear that this will have the same issue that the UMID M1 had, which is a thumb-sized touch-type designed keyboard.

  4. cpu says:

    If UMID releases a BZ/M2 with a faster Atom CPU then I’ll be getting the UMID instead.

  5. Thomas says:

    Umid vs Vilv. At least now Umid has a reason to come out with the upper spec version of the m2, or whatever they are calling it now. Bx, or something like that.

  6. scoobie says:

    Will the 3G be compatible in Europe, specifically the UK?

  7. eddy says:

    More and more I believe that products as the N5 or S5 will blow away heavy and big phones like HTC HD2. Besides you can install at e.q. the N5 the programms you like and then use a mobile phone for basic communication like calling, sms, twitter, a quick look at websites and a quick look at your email. In China I ‘tested’ as user the HTC HD2, Nokia N900 and Dell Mini 3. The Dell is what a phone sould be: light and a communication centre, not a replacement for a computer.

  8. mk says:


  9. 企業レポ says:

    ほぉ、これは気になる RT N5きた (via @twillcom)

  10. Stefan says:

    hm, will there be a eurpoean/german keyboard layout?

  11. Marauderz says:

    As an owner of a S5 upgraded to Win7, I’ll say that until they actually have a touchscreen driver that tells Windows it’s a touchscreen. DON’T BUY An S5 For Windows 7!

  12. Sean says:

    viliv is testing beta version, and will upload touchscreen driver for windows7 ASAP.

  13. Marauderz says:

    I’ll believe that when I see the touch pointer floating beside my cursor in Windows 7

  14. らいむ says:

    ONKYOのBX(というかUMidのmBook)よりもこっちの方がいいかなぁ。Viliv N5。S5もいいのだけど、やっぱりキーボードが欲しい。

  15. 空芯菜 says:

    昨日LooxUすげえって思ってたけど、CESではもっととんでもないのが発表されていた模様。viliv N5 399g

  16. ゆーすけ says:

    @takeori あとvilivっていう会社のN5も凄い。390gぐらいでMem1G。自分はN5待つかBX買うか迷ってる。下のがN5→

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