Viliv N5 hands-on from jkkmobile

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n5 Jkk sounds really excited to be checking out the upcoming Viliv N5 that was recently announced, saying that he feels confident that this is “the ultra mobile PC that we’ve all been waiting for inch. He has a quality 5 minute video looking around the hardware of the device. Jkk estimates a few weeks until the N5 will be available, but at this point there isn’t anything official about pricing or release dates. He also mentions that there will be an 800×480 low-end version in addition to the 1024×600 model that he plays with in the video. Jump over to his site to see the hands-on, and I’m sure Chippy will be having a look at this as well to give you his impressions.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: Viliv N5 hands-on from jkkmobile

  2. Andrew says:

    How do the N5 and UMID BZ handle with the headphone placement?

    The mouse seems easier to handle on the N5 since the jack is at the front, whereas the BZ has the mouse on the bezel and the jack on the side of the device.

  3. Atom says:

    Since there are multiple models coming out, here’s hoping for a 1.6 GHz or higher CPU and 1 GB RAM version. I don’t really care about a touchscreen and webcam. With a mouse and keyboard, I don’t see the point of a touchscreen. I never really got into the whole video conferencing thing and I don’t make any Youtube videos of myself that no one would watch anyway so I have no need for a webcam.

    Not sure why JKK thinks thumb typing on that keyboard is good though. It’s still a touch typing keyboard on a thumb typing device. So, to me, it’s still not “the UMPC that we’ve all been waiting for” but it’s getting there.

  4. thumbing says:

    Yeah, does Viliv want me to use this on a table or carried with two hands? Either situation seems difficult. They should just choose one and hopefully make half the people happy instead of just the ones who are okay with pressing multiple keys when reaching for those center keys.

  5. Joe says:

    Unless if your a woman or have girly hands, then you would be pressing multiple keys with one thumb.

  6. comment says:

    According to the guy in this video: at 0:54 he says there’s a 1.6 GHz version.

  7. comment says:

    Uh oh at 1:52 the guy says the US release is mid March for around $500. Looks like UMID might be the first to market.

  8. aster says:


  9. Fixup says:

    The square battery looks nice like the OQO, but it blocks all the vents, making it running hotter than the UMID.

    Also, UMID has the very best touch screen. This one does look dark in the video. If the screen is indeed the same class of S5, then this is another significant thing when you consider this one over the UMID.

  10. heat says:

    Good point about heat. I wonder if these devices suffer thermal throttling of the CPU when playing non-acceleratable video files or flash movies. These types of things could easily make the CPU hit 80% to 100% for prolonged amount of times. That battery on the N5 is just going to make it worse.

  11. Fixup says:

    My OQO has such a battery and it is really hot even with a CPU fan. The OQO has a hot VIA CPU though, but still, imagine a 1.6GHz in this N5 with a totally blocked bottom.

  12. Scoobie says:

    It would be great if you could compare this hands on with the new fujitsu uh900 which seems to have a bugger screen , keyboard and processor but a very similar pocketable form factor

  13. comment says:

    Not to mention just plain bigger device. The N5 and BZ are already cutting it close in terms of pocketability. The Fujitsu UH900 is just too big. Also, it has a stated battery life of 3 hours. If you take into account the usual overly optimistic battery life claims of manufacturers then you’ll probably be constantly tethered to a power outlet. I’ve also seen prices for it in the range of $850 – $1600.

  14. scoobie says:

    Bear in mind we’re not comparing like with like yet. I don’t think we have a price yet for the top of the range viliv which will be most comparible to the Fujitsu – ie bigger 64gb SSD and 1.6 processor. Likewise I expect the battery life of the 1.6 viliv to be more comparable to the fujitsu- as I assume they have the same chip and motherboard inside.

  15. motherboard says:

    why would they have the same motherboard?

  16. aj says:

    The 1.6 GHz and 1.3 GHz Atoms have the same TDP so the CPU difference won’t affect the battery life much.

  17. Fixup says:

    If you’re considering the UH900, you may think about the U820 now only $540 brand new shipped. If you put in a 2-cell battery, it is as pocketable as the UH900 and you still get 4 hours of running. With U820, you have an option for a 8.3 hours run with a 4-cell battery; so far no sign of such an option for the UH900.

    Also, the UH900 might be just too wide for thumbs.

    While nobody will really carry something this large and heavy in the pocket like people do with a cell phone, it is still nice to be able to. Think about this scenario: you are in a public library and you need to go to the rest room for a release, how nice it is to be able to put your computer into a pocket while you wash your hands?

  18. scoobie says:

    The u820 isnt pocketable in my view because its too wide. Thats one of the key chanegs they’ve made here, as well as making it longer so its easier to type on (when sitting down)

  19. scoobie says:

    Sorry that should have read length not width

  20. aj says:

    The UH900 isn’t pocketable in my view either from looking at the dimensions.

  21. scoobie says:

    This video is interesting
    firstly it shows just how pocketable the device is – I am impressed

    AND it confirms the device is going to have a 1.6 atom processor option- so I’m getting more interested as the 1.3 atom I don’t like

  22. Minions says:

    Good to hear an estimated date, hoping they can push it forward to the start of march rather than middle of march. Good to hear that they offer a 1.6ghz processor, though that will impact the battery life. If you did get the 1.6ghz version, you could always look into down clocking it if you did not like the additional drain on the battery.

    Personally looking for:
    1.3 or 1.6ghz
    32 GB SSD
    and of course 1G ram/win7 (which would still allow you to put xp on it if you chose to)

  23. BlacKi says:

    while watching the video i thought whats the difference between this device and vaio p11z.

    i think mayb the vaio is the better opinion, bcoz with 2gb of ram it runs much faster with win7 which i prefere.

    worst of the p11z is the hdd, mayb the battery, but p11z is more slim then the n5. if u tune the p11z u will have the best device, its more slim and better at all. installing ssd mayb, making letters bigger then its the best device at now.

    often the p11z will b sold for 400€ somtimes new. and it looks much better too.

    think about it…

  24. aj says:

    Thanks for the video. Hope Viliv comes out with:

    1.6 GHz
    1 GB RAM
    No Camera
    No Touchscreen

  25. davidy says:

    I hope for a top model with at least the following

    2G RAM
    HSPA 7.2/2 + phone capability as per other vilivs
    Capacitative multi-touch screen
    Larger resolution on the top model – at least 1024×768 please. More welcomed.
    SD slot – dreaming…
    front and rear cameras

    I am hoping for a smaller UH900 which is just front pants pocketable and still able to sit down.

  26. Paul M says:

    there’s been no news of the N5 for weeks, what’s happening, I’m desperate for one!!!

  27. Another guy says:

    Hey, any news on the N5? it’s the gadget I’ve been waiting for for ages (the stupid UMID BZ finally came out without 3G slot, can you believe that?!?!).

  28. Camo Yoshi says:

    Looking forward to this… I’ve been looking for a replacement for my EXTREMELY OLD (circa 1995) HP 200LX Palmtop… and this might be it. I want to see a version that’s less than $450USD.
    So my ideal model specs are:
    Price: $450 or less
    CPU: 1.3GHz
    Res: 800×480
    RAM: 1GB
    SSD: 8GB or more
    OS: Win7 Starter (Works better on a SSD)
    Don’t need a webcam, microphone & 3G.

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