Everything We Know About the Notion Ink Adam

Posted on 15 February 2010, Last updated on 15 February 2010 by

How about features? The Adam is boating some rather impressive features. I won’t believe all of them until I see one for myself, but here are the claims

  • 1080p content decoding with HDMI output
  • Support for Flash 10.1 and streaming HD videos
  • 140 hours or audio playback and 16 hours of HD video playback
  • Modified Android interface: “Not just the expanded screens. You will see slow and steady improvements on all UI areas making Android the perfect OS for tablets inch

On that last bullet — Notion Ink seems to have some interesting designs for a highly custom interface on the Adam. See concept drawings in the gallery and the bottom of this Slashgear article. Interesting concepts, but a custom interface of that magnitude is no easy task to implement and so far we haven’t quite seen any custom GUI work on the Adam.

While it sounds a bit confusing, Notion Ink also says that they may be releasing two versions of the Adam… one with the touchscreen and one without. Apparently the one lacking the touchscreen will be controlled with the “back trackpad inch which is just what it sounds like… a trackpad placed on the back of the device. No idea how well this will function in actual usage, but it sounds like an interesting concept. Could be a flop though — optical mouse in the bezel might have been the way to go. Notion Ink still doesn’t seem to know exactly what they’ll be bringing to market at this point (or at what price) so it’s possible that the non-touchscreen model isn’t even offered. There doesn’t seem to be any wordon availability at this time.

Slashgear got a quick look at the Adam showing off flash video at Mobile World Congress today:

Stay tuned for more coverage on this interesting device.

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. Bob Russell says:

    This looks like an awesome device. Three things concern me, though…
    1) UI tweaks for Android leave me thinking that owners won’t be able to quickly upgrade the Android OS when new releases become available from Google
    2) Is there a user-accessible SD Card slot
    3) The company expressed a desire to make it transparent what’s on the cloud and what’s local. I want to keep control of that, and remain aware of the difference.

    In addition, price could kill interest – I’ve heard rumors of $300 but that might be low end models without touchscreen and maybe even subsidized. Hopefully, the product will come to market soon and the details will be revealed. (A lot of people may buy an alternative device if they wait too long.)

  2. Mike Cane says:

    Hype, hype, hype. If I was an investor, I’d steer clear. I’d really be surprised if this got made and got sold in any major markets. And does anyone really think Google won’t put out it’s own tablet? Sheesh.

  3. FooBar says:

    Well, they STILL have not brought out their own phone?!

  4. C1 says:

    Seems cool but I’m not sure about the backside trackpad. I’d prefer a thumb type trackpad (optical, stick, touch sensitive region, etc.).

  5. Perpetual Rabbit says:

    It has both a multitouch screen and a trackpad.

  6. Mike says:

    So when is this geting released and where can I get one.

  7. 4EVrTRB says:

    here is the web site that tells & shows every thing including release date..


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