XPPhone. Final Version at Computex – Video overview.

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9 The XPPhone story has been quite a long one and many of us wondered whether the device would reach the market but it has, and we took a look at it at Computex. The mechanics were very solid, the operation very easy and the keyboard quite good. The phone functions work and even the battery life appears to be acceptable. This is definitely a specialist device but if you’re prepared to carry it around with you it’s going to reward you with a relatively fast, and totally complete Internet experience, access to many of your desktop apps and a good quality input system. It’s not as powerful as the OQO but has longer battery life. This is an alternative for those that have been looking at the EKing S515 / PSiXPDA.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    New article: XPPhone. Final Version at Computex – Video overview. http://bit.ly/cL7P17

  2. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    XPPhone. Final Version at Computex – Video overview.: The XPPhone story has been quite a long one and many of us … http://bit.ly/9W6Gko

  3. Laco SK says:

    is possible reinstal on Vista, Linux or Windows 7, without loss phone function?
    Sorry for me english.

  4. admin says:

    I doubt it. Vista and Win7 might be possible with drivers in compatibility mode but I would expect problems.

  5. Morganj says:

    Installing Win7 etc would be in my opinion be counter-productive, one of the reasons that this might be a useful device is the fact that it is running XP embedded. Smaller installation and memory footprint is what makes it viable.

    Installing a full OS is going to cause major slow down of performace, yes of course it may seem like it could increase productivity, but if the device is slower productivity drops, with a device of this kind, the best way to acheive more is through less.

    Like intels mantra for mobile deivices HUGI (hury up get idle) ok, admitedly apllied in a very loose sense here, it is better to do smaller tasks as fast as possible in the least resource intensive way to acheive higher performance.

    For me the selling point of this kind of device is the ability to perform a task at any time anywhere with as little “down time” as possible, waiting for the device to boot into full Win7 would negate the portabilty/pocketabilty of the device and therefore might as well use a netbook.

  6. animatio says:

    who will bring it to europe?

  7. admin says:

    They are looking for retailers/channels but you are more likely to see it through importers and ebay.

  8. edpax says:

    Was that a cordless charging/dock like the one used on the Pre? If it is, then Im buying this product. I think that’s the one technology Apple Ipad doesn’t have.

  9. admin says:

    Unfortunately not.
    It’s a USB hub with a friction surface. Actually very cool but not as cool as a inductive charger.

  10. chippy says:

    One very important point I failed to mention in the article – XPPhone runs Windows XP Embedded.

  11. alkarl says:

    the best keyboard layout ever!!

  12. yamete888 says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if dynamism.com will bring it to the US, since they brought the Eking S515 for a VERY short while…

  13. Another fellow says:

    That is insane. Who would possibly carrying a phone THAT size on the pocket. That’s just not pocketable at all, plus the 800×480 is too tiny for proper windows usage. I’d much rather have a standard small phone and a Umid BZ or Viliv N5. At least you’re getting a full Atom processor and 1024×600 resolution on the same size.

  14. Morganj says:

    One thing that comes to mind, that never seems go be mentioned about these “totaly converged” devices.
    As someone who uses mobile computers for work on a daily basis, my biggest concern is, what happens those times (most of the time) when you need to be able to talk on the phone and do something productive with your computer at the same time? Working remotely with a client for example.

  15. FireDragon says:

    This thing is not the best looking device out there but this thing has some attraction to it. Something is going very right about its over-all look and I like it for this from the moment I saw it year back. Stripped Windows XP I think can do good stuff on the go. But looking now as mobile processors are reaching about 1.5ghz, I think one of those powerboost will mature the device into its category.

    Looking at the huge size (as phone) I think they should coil in a bit of ear-piece somewhere in it so user will not feel ^anything^ talking over it and it will be handy as well instead of carrying handfree set of any type. Just pull out the ear-piece and talk and pull it back, sounds old-fashioned out-dated thing but it might work with it.

  16. yamete888 says:

    Even the iphone 4g has 512mb ram…I can’t understand why ITG wouldn’t STEP UP TO THE PLATE, and offer better specs units…sure, having embedded XP might speed up the system, but given the potentials of the unit…having more memory is the singlemost important item…if we need to multitask without constant thrashing…

    Agreed, the unit is not the sleekest, stylish looking phone, but it serves its purpose…dunno if ITG is paying much attention to the forum.xpphone.com since there R no updates there, but tons of spam…and not only that, one cannot express any constructive critique there of the xpphone, because the admins ban your account right away… :-(

    I’ve said it time & time again, I like the XPPHONE’s potentials, the most important spec is at least 1gb ram, or more…!
    XPINSIDE is not an option, since ITG won’t custom build any XPINSIDE unless there’s a 1000 unit or more order…which I don’t really see it coming from a single end-user individual…

  17. techb4l says:

    Chippy, fantastic job getting a near perfect view of the specifications card. I really needed to know the exact dimensions. Now I know it’s about the same size as the Everun or N5 and slightly longer than the S5.

    I’m VERY interested in the form factor. Not excited at all about the AMD Geode. Several generations old hardware on a new device is never good. And that processor decision is likely the reason they had to go with a 800×480 native resolution. Several devices removed from the Everun, it would be very difficult going back to that level of performance…

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