I Guess That’s @mikecane Sorted Then? (Archos 5 + Kindle App)

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For those of you that don’t know who Mike Cane is, dont’ worry too much. This post is pretty-much aimed diredtly at him.  He’s a long-time customer, commenter and participant at UMPCPortal and Carrypad and runs a continuous chain of personal blogs (currently he’s at Mike Canes iPad Test) that  focus around the ebook theme. He’s also very opinionated, sometimes rude and one of the biggest procrastinators I know. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that because he’s also happy to hear opinions. I like having him around.

He’s been following the UMPC-MID-Tablet-Kindle-Ipad theme for a while and also knows a bit about ebook publishing, ereading and reading in general. He likes open standards but recognises that if open standards don’t enable content then there needs to be choice until a de-facto solution arrives. He likes being connected, participating in Twitter, being mobile, understands ergonomics and he wants value in his products. JKK and I often take the Mickey out of him for getting excited about devices, finding a roadblock and then never buying anything. Well, Mike, when I installed Amazon’s Kindle application on my Archos 5 this morning (with one foot on the baby rocker,) I had to think of you.

Amazon's Kindle Application on the 5" Archos 5 Tablet

The Archos 5 [details] isn’t a new tablet and is not the most advanced tablet. When it was launched it had a continuous string of software problems which ruined the user experience for many and damaged the reputation of the device. Personally, I enjoyed the device as it had a good, fast browser, processing power, screen clarity, portability, flexibility, ability to support many many video standards and most-of-all, a great price. Over time we’ve seen improvements in the firmware and through applications like Aldiko, FBreaderJ, NewsRob, ACast, Seesmic and a number of ‘hacks’ the device has blossomed into something that makes a perfect handheld gadget and quite possibly one of the nicest and most flexible handled e-readers out there. Many people complain about the lack of a capcative touchscreen or the lack of Google Applications but at $250 (RadioShack looks like a good source in the U.S.), you can complain all you want – it’s a great value, internet connected MID, PMP, PND, Ebook reader, Web tablet and more. (See the full review.) Add another $50 for a 16GB micro-SD card, a case and a docking station with USB host and TV-Out and your’re set-up for  some real gadget fun. For the ebook reader, you’ve got Epub support, Kindle support, PDF support and through the Think-Free application, you can read Microsoft Office Docs and your Google Docs. There are more ebook store solutions too.

Kindle on Archos 5 (4) Kindle on Archos 5 (3) Kindle on Archos 5 (1) IMG_1220

Mike knows about the Archos 5 but this Kindle application  might be the final straw for him. There isn’t much else in terms of hardware on the horizon Mike. Summar is here and it will be quiet for a few months. Maybe we’ll see some new Archos devices later in the summer. The Dell Streak is double the price; The iPad too. The SmartQV7 is not powerful enough. Maybe the WiTS A81 is an option but it needs a lot of testing before it can be recommended. The same goes for the top-of-the-Carrypad-charts Huawei S7.

So, Mike. Does the Kindle application take you over the edge or did you buy something already?

Anyone else having fun with their Archos 5. Would you recommend it to Mike?

Full information, specs, links, images, reviews for the Archos 5 in our product database.

14 Comments For This Post

  1. Mike Cane says:

    Hahahaha. I haven’t looked up the requirements for the Kindle app, so I’m surprised you left out mention of the Archos 7 Home Tablet for it.

    Two things, though:

    1) Kindle might be the standard for eBooks now, but I’d still never buy K format books. I’ve got too many in ePub format.

    2) I’m also bothering people on Tumblr too these days:

  2. Mike Cane says:

    Well, here I am later on and I’ll be getting a frikking Kindle 3 after all — once I order it.

    Anyway, I came back here to look at your pics again because I’m wondering how that would look on the upcoming iPod Touch with Retina Display. Ha!

  3. turn.self.off says:

    ugh, just as i was going back to the wait and see setting related to that thing.

  4. Sumocat says:

    As someone who knows Mike Cane, I can attest this post is awesome. :)

    Despite that, as good as Kindle looks on the Archos, I agree with Mike about the Kindle format. Even though Amazon “promised” not to remote delete books anymore, they can still be legally compelled to do so. Maybe Amazon can be trusted, but it’s not actually their call.

  5. BRYAN B says:

    I can say quite easily that I enjoy my Archos 5, but I found the kindle app rather plain and lacking in features.

  6. chippy says:

    Surely an ebook reader is all about accessing content and displaying it in the easiest way possible? I’ve been reading an ebook and all I use is the page-mark feature. Haing said that, i’m not a high-end ebook reader. I understand dictionaries, highlighting, annotations are important to some.

  7. alslayer says:

    Lol, a post just for Mike. I gotta admit, even though I had a lot of problems with the hardware I love reading on the archos 7.

  8. turn.self.off says:

    archos 7 home tablet, or older, non-android, archos 7?

  9. IronHide says:

    Hey Chippy, quick question for you:

    I am looking for a very portable device to read one-handed with. The Archos 5 has been on & off my short list several times; the Dell Streak is at the top of that list. Given the fact that all I really need the device to do is surf the web, read e-books, read .pdf files and check my Twitter feeed, would the newly released Archos 7 Home Tablet be worth a look?
    It has been hammered in the reviews, but the price is pretty hard to ignore. Even if you ended up hating it, $200 is not ecactly going to give you a huge case of Buyer’s Remorse.
    Thoughts? Other options in the sub-$500 region?

  10. Her says:

    This really is low priced, I really like it!

  11. s says:

    Hi there. Just got the archos 5 myself. Am totally new to all this. How did u install the kindle app?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to install kindle on my archos 5 it, which is a neat but frustrating gadget. How do I do that? I keep getting dead ends. If I were to really want to read ebooks much tho Id prob get a kindle, easier on the eyes.

  13. jeffchicago says:

    perhaps I am dense..but…can someone PLEASE tell me how to get my own ebooks (previous purchase on apad/iped) onto the archos. I have tried Aldiko…no hope. FB reader…nothing. I cannot seem to find a file where the books would live on the archos 5. If no ansower would someone know a better ebook reader where i can add my own epub files fro archos 5…help me please…:)

  14. chippy says:

    I think you’re going to have to get into some forums for the answer. Try Mobileread. http://www.mobileread.com/forums/
    They’ll have some pointers although strictly, breaking DRM is a no-no!

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