Acer Aspire One 522. AMD Fusion, 6hrs, 10″ in 1.3KG. Price now available.

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D255 The average weight of a 6-cell netbook is somewhere around 1200-1300 grams with true battery life of about 6hrs so seeing the specs for the Acer Aspire One 522 (AO522-BZ897) is quite encouraging considering the increase in CPU and GPU processing power that this will offer.

6hrs sounds good but let me send a quick warning out because the power envelope of this device is likely to reach much higher than any netbook. I predict that you could run this baby dry in under 3hrs if you pushed it hard, especially as the 6-cell battery looks to be a relatively low-capacity one. (4400mah)

Still, when you think about the upgrade thoughts of tens of million of existing netbook users that have 3hrs battery life on their 1-2 year old netbooks, this is quite an attractive upgrade in the 10 inch segment. It’s certainly one that I’m looking at very closely indeed, especially at the $329 price shown on now.

AMD look to be filling the big gap left between Atom and the new Core processors quite well. Let’s see what Intel come up with the for the next generation of their netbook platform (Cedar Trail) which really needs to hit similar performance to the AMD Fusion platform (Ontario AMD C-50 APU) in a smaller power envelope to be competitive. With HD video, HTML5 and Windows 7, the requirements for CPU,GPU and memory have changed a lot since 2008.

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  1. UMPCPortal says:

    Acer Aspire One 522. AMD Fusion, 6hrs, 10" in 1.3KG. Price now available.

  2. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Acer Aspire One 522. AMD Fusion, 6hrs, 10″ in 1.3KG. Price now available.: The average weight of a 6-cell net R…

  3. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: Acer Aspire One 522. AMD Fusion, 6hrs, 10" in 1.3KG. Price now available.

  4. George Endrulat says:

    #technology Acer Aspire One 522. AMD Fusion, 6hrs, 10″ in 1.3KG. Price now available.: The average weight of a …

  5. Josh's Tech Items says:

    Acer Aspire One 522. AMD Fusion, 6hrs, 10″ in 1.3KG. Price now available.: The average weight…

  6. omikr0n says:

    How is that different from Acer Aspire One 521 then? It claims 6hrs battery life (5hrs real life usage) with the same battery, has AMD Neo CPU with Radeon HD 4225 GPU. Is Fusion platform any more powerful than current Neo platform? Because according to the benchmarks I’ve seen, they are pretty much on the same level.

  7. Guy says:

    Its great to see more AMD fusion announcements but I can’t see past the Acer logo. The awful built quality of the 1825PT, bits of rubber falling off, coatings coming off the touchpad buttons after a mere five weeks have probably put me off Acer for a while.

  8. Furni says:

    how do you figure Chippy? Ontario is only 9w while the N550 is 8.5w. so Ontario is still far less than the N550/ION at 14.5w

    to the OP, Neo is a Zacate/CULV equivalent, this device is running Ontario & is an Atom equivalent.

  9. Chippy says:

    We discussed this in the podcast we just did. You are right. I’m also now wondering how the cpu performance will compare!

  10. omikr0n says:

    Comparison can be made using these links:

    They look pretty much the same to me.

  11. omikr0n says:

    So why would you wait for Aspire One 522, when you can have Aspire One 521 for the same price and with the same performance/battery life today?

  12. wabre says:

    specs here specs there…newer platforms etc..netbooks need to show off some great new specs compared to tablet or they’re history soon.

    HD here, HD there…. what’s the point in being able to see 720p content if the most obvious weak point of a netbook is the screen resolution? netbooks of 10″ without at least HD resolution are useless. lots of talk about AMD Fusion and graphic chip..but if this Acer has a resolution of 1024×600 it’s a “delete-from-list” item

  13. tsog says:

    Screen res for 522 is 720P, i.e. 1280 x 720.
    IMO battery life needs to be much better than 6 hrs.

  14. movon says:

    same lame stupid argument that uncreative people use over & over

    how about external monitors, HDTV’s, not having to re-encode videos?

  15. Giles Percy says:

    I went for an alternative to a high-end netbook – the Acer 8371

    At 1.6kg you get a 1.4Ghz dual core CULV, genuine 8hr battery life, 4Gb Ram, 13.3 LED, and 320Gb disk.

    For £350 the netbooks look poor value against this…

  16. tsog says:

    13.3″ is really in a completely different category.

  17. Giles Percy says:

    You say that – but we are talking ultraportables here – 1.6kg is just about that. Screen size is pretty irrelevant – you cannot pocket these things.

    Noone has done a side-by-side – if you did I bet the atom netbooks would look very weak. The acer can do 3G and has an extra drive bay inside. You can do real work on this thing and the build quality is well beyond any netbook I have seen.

    The price is low because the i3/5 is out and ULV based business ultraportable are being discounted.

  18. tsog says:

    Size is very important. I don’t consider 13″ ultraportables at all. Ultraportables are not only determined by their weight – otherwise some 14″ can be counted as ultraportable due to their low weight – but by size as well.

  19. Giles Percy says:

    You can interpret the definition however you like – but a low weight, thin notebook under 2kg is still ultraportable for many people. It fits in a small bag, requires little protection because of the build quality, and does not break your shoulder.

  20. tsog says:

    Sure. Ultraportable means different things to different people. But I still maintain that 13″ and 10″ laptops are a world away.

  21. Ryan says:

    I’ve got an Aspire One 521 currently and I’m very pleased with it overall. As far as bang for the buck, I think it’s near impossible to beat in the netbook sphere. In fact my only complaint is the confines of the 1024×600 resolution. The 522 settles that. I’ll definitely be buying one and selling my 521 as soon as they hit the market. Oh and Giles, I think you’ll find that almost no one consider 13.3″ laptops to be in the same category as netbooks. A laptop that size is certainly very portable, but for people like me who already have a 15.6″ laptop, it’s not small enough to make sense. For me the 10″ form factor is perfect for mobile computing– the only catch is it’s hard to get more than 1024×600 resolution in a 10″, other than that it’s just a perfect size for people who want a truly TINY machine you can take anywhere. I’m VERY excited about the 522!

  22. Ronxi says:

    AMD Fusion, WXGA, 6hrs, $330, fantastic!

    i can hardly wait for the AMD Fusion netbook reviews to start coming in, i am expecting between Atom & CULV performance/price/battery life which IMO is the perfect spot to be. Atom even with great battery is just far to weak, CULV is overkill on power (for me) & too much $$$, AMD seems to have found the perfect sweet spot.

    CPU wise i know Zacate is almost to the same level as CULV, but i’m really curious to see how Ontario compares to Atom. obviously GPU wise Ontario/Zacate blow away Atom/CULV.

  23. Chippy says:

    That’s exactly the question. I doubt there will much Cpu difference between n550 and ontario.

  24. nurloic says:

    if Ontario & N550 are about equal in CPU, the extra .5w of Ontario to have a GPU that is about 10x-15x more powerful is well worth the trade off. it will definitely eliminate the need to even have N550/ION combo’s anymore.

    in fact now that i think about it, JKK said in the podcast that he spoke to NV & that no other netbook manufactures are making plans to implement ION anymore. i wonder if that has anything to do with the shift the industry seems to be making towards Fusion?

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