Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC Looks Ultra-Mobile, Shift-Like

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When the ultra mobile PC world had a little more momentum than it does today, Sony had a few high-end offerings that stood head and shoulders above most other models in that they had some amazing engineering and used some relatively high-end CPUs. The Sony UX range had a huge fan-base and still stands on its own against competitors today. Looking at the Freestyle PC that was revealed in  a Sony presentation a few days ago, I see another unique product. Is this a sub 10 inch slider?

‘Freestyle’ indicates multiple usage scenarios with a consumer slant. The ‘Hybrid’ part of the name indiates the same but does it go further than that? While I don’t expect a dual-CPU, I do expect the Oaktrail platform to be used to provide the Windows OS with an overlay layer. It might also include a dual-boot or fast-boot mode. It would be nice to see an Intel Android build on this to give a true hybrid usage model.

As for size, check this out. It’s the Hybrid put side-by-side with the Samsung TX100 which is a 10.1 inch device.

hybrid, pc7

The Sony Hybrid doesn’t look like a 10 inch-er to me. There’s no trackpad and the ratio of thicknesses (look at the USB port on the side) and frame width compared to the screen size says 7 inch or 8 inch to me. This could be a replacement for the Vaio P11. By looking at the P11 you get a better feel for the real-world size of the Hybrid.


And here’s the 7 inch HTC Shift. Again, look at the port sizes.

HTC Shift RHS open

There are no specifications available for the Sony Hybrid yet so none of my speculation can be confirmed. I look forward to it though.

Freestyle Hybrid news found via Slashgear.

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  1. Gretchen Glasscock says:

    Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC Looks Ultra-Mobile, Shift-Like: When the UMPC world had a little more momentum than it …

  2. Alltop Mobile says:

    Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC Looks Ultra-Mobile, Shift-Like

  3. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    RT @umpcportal: Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC Looks Ultra-Mobile, Shift-Like

  4. oldman says:

    …ahh sony, i remember, prices x4, yes, i remember that brand.

  5. pass says:


    Just commenting to say that I want the 5 inch screen, physical keyboard, mouse and Windows 7 device category to come back. I don’t want my yearly UMPC upgrade to stop with the Viliv N5. At this rate I’ll just be buying notebooks only in the future.

    The 7 – 10 inch screen category is a no buy for me. They’re neither pocket friendly nor provide good screen real estate. The worst of all worlds.

  6. robin says:

    +1 for more 5 inch Windows 7 devices. I’ve been researching on what to replace my UMID BZ with this Summer/Fall. So far nothing has been officially announced that could be possible candidates.

  7. jason says:

    Another vote for this. Each time I come here, I hope for a new UMPC device to be announced running Windows 7, has a keyboard, mouse (joysticks don’t count Ocosmos) and a 5 inch screen with updated hardware (ie. next gen. chipset, digital video, USB 3.0, etc.).

    Too bad manufacturers and most likely most people out there want non-pocketable, non-Windows tablets. Damn you Apple and your control over people.

  8. Schugy says:

    I’d like to buy a Everun Note successor – AMD 32 nm DualCore APU, swivel multitouch screen, N-WiFi, 4G, GPS, 2 Cams, 5 h battery life @ medium use – all supported fine with Kubuntu LTS, Still 200 x 118 mm but thinner than 30 mm.

  9. scoobie says:

    Engadget tipped this off in February, from a reliable source who also predicted the S2 model

    “Last up is a VAIO-branded 9.4-inch Windows 7 slider similar, we’ve been told, to Samsung’s Sliding PC 7 Series and the ASUS Eee Pad Slider. It’s design was described to us as “nice” and could easily be interpreted as a followup to the VAIO P series. Unfortunately, the hardware’s good looks are undermined by a Pinetrail-class Atom processor. At the moment, the target price is set for $799 but will almost certainly increase, according to one source, by the time the slider is available for retail in the fall (possibly October).”

    To me it seems a follow up to the P series

    Agree with your view it doesn’t look like a 9 inch screen but who knows.

  10. Chippy says:

    I’m fairly sure that for factor isn’t possible with Pinetrail. Like you said, let’s wait and see.

  11. UMPCPortal says:

    Sony Freestyle Hybrid PC Looks Ultra-Mobile, Shift-Like

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