Another use for the Oaktrail Tablet – Intel Honeycomb in 2H 2011.

Posted on 13 May 2011, Last updated on 17 June 2018 by

tx100 honeycombI’ve been talking about this since, well, over a year ago.  Intel’s new-generation mobile platforms, including Oaktrail, Moorestown and Medfield, could couple well with Android. I don’t mean a community X86 project, I mean official, Google approved, power-optimised versions of Android. Honeycomb included.

Image right: Mock-up

Digitimes just reported that “Asustek Computer and Lenovo are to launch Oak Trail/Android 3.1 tablet PCs soon and also Cedar Trail/ Chrome models in the second half of the year. inch

Dual mode tablets will be possible and there’s even a chance that virtualization could let multiple OS’ run concurrently. Oh how I hope Intel get on stage at Computex and show Windows, Meego and Android running on the same device. Why? Because it’s a great choice for the pro-customer and when it comes to productivity, we need more CPU power than ARM-based solutions can deliver today. Intel should also be able to achieve ‘always-on’ with these new platforms too. When I asked Intel about Android a year ago they said that power optimisation work was lagging MeeGo. Lets see next week how far MeeGo has come. I’ll try and find someone in Intel to give us a Honeycomb update too.

Anyone fancy a triple-OS Samsung TX100?

VIa netbooknews.

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  1. DavidC1 says:

    “When I asked Intel about Android a year ago they said that power optimisation work was lagging MeeGo.”

    Something went really wrong for MeeGo. Now Android is far ahead of MeeGo for power management, on Oak Trail.

  2. timon says:

    after the BIOS started that device can provide to you select one of the OSs, maybe not bad.

    “that virtualization could let multiple OS’ run concurrently” — in Atom? Hardware performance? could faster deplete the battery?

  3. timon says:

    I still wanted to see Windows OS to be better applied on a 7-inch tablet. Another wish is in Intel MeeGo. no Android OS in my tablet of wish.

  4. aftermath says:

    This would all be far more exciting if Android was a legitimate operating system. Maybe we’ll see WebOS on oaktrail, which brings all of your benefits with fewer drawbacks.

  5. stu says:

    Don’t quite understand why we would want android on an x86 platform. The power usage when idle on all x86 chipsets is terrible. Current tech is not going to give the same ‘always on’ that arm can give right now.

  6. DavidC1 says:

    Not on Oak Trail. Android should give roughly DOUBLE the battery life.

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