MSI WindPad 110W with Z-01 Available for Pre-Order

Updated on 06 July 2011

windpad 110 232GJust over a month ago AMD announced their tablet-focused Z-01 APU, a dual-core APU focused at the Windows Tablet market. On-stage at the announcement was MSI showing off the Windpad 110W. We’ve seen a video and had a taster of the specs and hints about the price but today we’re able to bring you something more official.

Remember the MSI Windpad 110W has the 1280×800 screen and integrated mouse pointer, 32GB SSD, HD decoder (via the 6250M graphics,) 2GB of RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium – A well balanced feature set for a mobile PC. With a 2-cell battery we’re probably looking at 30-40Wh of power (unconfirmed) which is a 3-5hr usage time. If the Windpad includes some nice accessories (we’re assuming the docking port is still included) it could make quite a well balanced product. And good value too.

We’re seeing a 32GB non-3G model for €559 ( and a 3G model for €659 (also The only thing missing is availability, and of course, a full test.

Our MSI Windpad 110W product page is here.

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  1. Lucien says: lists 31 kWh. I wonder why it’s so heavy. It’s even heavier than the 12″ EP121.

    Not sure about the Z-01 and how it compares to Oaktrail perf.

  2. Chippy says:

    in terms of cup power it should be 50-100% more powerful in best-case scenarios. in terms if gpu 3d perf it Will blow away oaktrail. 31wh sounds about right. you’ll be able to kill it in 2hrs or stretch it out to about 3.5

  3. Lucien says:

    Thanks. So probably bit more perf than Q550 but worse screen and battery life.

    Still hoping to see Viliv X70 slate rather. 7″ I can live without a keyboard since it’s more portable. But for 10″ I’d rather have a keyboard unless touch is executed very well (e.g. Windows 8). I still use the Viliv S5 especially for GPS but I can see that’s a niche product nowadays with all the smartphones. I guess Viliv is still evaulating whether to release the X70 slate.

  4. Keith says:

    Hey what about the Acer W500. For $550 you get the same device with keyboard. I don’t know why they don’t add an internal GPS in the windows versions (Acer A500 has internal GPS). So how do the two devices differ? Anyone? Since the same device will available with an Intel Atom chipset (WEI score of 3.4), wouldn’t it be smarter to get the Intel? The Acer/MSI windows Brazos tablets both get a WEI score of 2.8. The next lowest score is the aero graphics score of 4.1. I think it would be better (higher performing) to get the Intel because of the wei score is better.


  5. Lucien says:

    For W500 review see

  6. KJ says:

    Thanks for the review. That’s a pretty good review. On the Acer W500, does the US version come with the SIM card slot? I want to replace my Lenovo s103t with an AMD based solution and the tablet form factor is ok with me. The problems is, I like the convertible chassis style. The Acer Keyboard doesn’t move right like a convertible tablet right? Thanks for the link. Now anyone know if this device is from the same OEM/ODM?

  7. Dave says:

    The ram is actually 4GB.

  8. bladerunner says:

    Good specs but are we still talking 2 cell batteries on a portable device? This will max out at 2 hours if we’re lucky enough. And Windows 8 should be thrown in.

  9. Chippy says:

    It depends on how big those cells are to be honest! Could be 30wh or more!

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