Microsoft Surface will Arrive, With Win 8, 26th October

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Have the Microsoft Surface on your list as a dynamic, mobile and productive ultra-mobile for 2012? If so, you’ll be interested to know that it, along with Windows 8, is coming on October 26th.

We’ve talked about MS Surface, it’s relationship to UMPCs and it’s extension from ARM-based to Intel-based platforms. We’ve also noted that the Intel-based version of the product won’t be ready until early 2013. Having said that, with Microsoft Office included, the Metro app store and some really interesting operating system features, we’re still extremely excited about any version of the Microsoft Surface.

Prices are still not announced and final specs are still a little fuzzy. We’ll be adding them to the database as soon as we can though.

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  1. Easy Read Remote says:

    Is it a reasonable assumption that windows 8 when paired with a UMPC could be used as an easy read remote control for my home theater? I need a large viewing area with clear navigation buttons.

  2. James says:

    If it’s a metro app that you’ll be using then it should be easily readable. Otherwise it’ll depend on the app, since Windows 8 won’t change how legacy apps work and most legacy apps aren’t optimized for small screens.

    Keep in mind when considering running Windows 8 on a UMPC that Windows 8 has some minimal hardware requirements. Namely the screen resolution needs to be no less than 1024×768 to let Metro run and 1366×768 on up to enable all features like Metro Snap.

  3. timon says:

    I hope a device,
    slate PC and portable HDMI small monitor both are in one able to switch in between dual function, it is a slate PC and is also a portable HDMI small monitor, with battery running, and the battery must be interchangeable, never want a dead design inside, whatever is which a device. (a dead design inside for a master was already in the dust, interchangeable battery ought to get back consumers again.)

    7-inch and 9-inch, 16:10, IPS screen, interchangeable battery on body

  4. Raymond says:

    Massively disappointing that the arm versions of 8 wont support group policy or domain join. Thats a dealbraker for me.

  5. Delle says:

    I wonder if it’s going to come with a protective cover? I couldn’t tell you how many times I would’ve broke my tablet if I didn’t have a Nexus 7 case.

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