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Have you been thinking about the Acer Iconia W3 since the price was reduced? A full Windows 8 tablet with a full Web experience, flexible connectivity and a weight of just 540 gram / 1.2lb? I have. At $299 it’s a ultra mobile PC at almost giveaway pricing. It even comes with a Microsoft Office license!

The problem is that the screen is cheap. The viewing angles are tight, there’s a mesh-like layer which reduces clarity and it’s only 1280×800 in resolution.

I had a chance to get the W3 in my hands last week and took four photos that show the viewing angle problem. It is, in my opinion, a real problem for usage in landscape mode. At video-viewing distances, not a major issue but for reading, it’s pretty horrible. In portrait mode, however, it’s not an issue, and that’s how I’d be using the W3 most of the time if I had it because thumbing across the bottom is way easier in this mode.

The choice is up to you though. If you want a UMPC, this is your only choice below 10-inches until the Lenovo Miix 8 or other small formfactor Win 8 tablets appear.

Personally I’m sticking with the Acer W510 that I’ve grown used to and am very close with now. Along with a cheap ASUS Fonepad I’ve got it┬ácovers all angles. I would, however, be interested in a lighter 10-inch tablet/2-in-1 with 3G and Windows 8.1. Perhaps later in the year!

Note: I’m on tour at IFA (Berlin) and Intel’s Developer Conference (San Francisco) next week. I’ll bring you any UMPC-related information I uncover.

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  1. meengla yip says:

    The W3 is very tempting but I am going to wait till a Win 8 tablet in the same form factor as Google Nexus 7 comes out–I want a truly pocketable tablet without the short-comings of devices like iPad or Android ones!
    Surely if an 8″ Acer W3 can be had for $300 then a 7″ full Windows can be even cheaper.
    PS. I am still very enamored with my Acer Iconia W510!

  2. Me says:

    Sometimes going smaller can make electronics more expensive. I would like a 7″ screen though or at least 8″ with smaller bezels.

    How’s WiFi performance? Can the micro USB port power an external mechanical or DVD drive?

  3. Steven Alexander says:

    Chippy, have you tried the handwriting recognition on this? I tried it on the 510 and (like the RT) found that pen strokes went all wavy.

    Not surprisingly this was not a problem on the surface pro (with active digitiser) but then I found that devices that do not have the digitiser were actually ok. This was on an HP touchscreen laptop and on an ASUS 11 inch tablet.

  4. Victoria says:

    The idea of big Windows tabklet is really rather interesting, though I’m fully satisfied with my android tablet – it has all necessary functions and it is even more interesting since you have a number of apps to choose from

  5. D T says:

    Bought the W3 w/ 64GB at $350. (now $300 at MS Store).

    Price is good, but the screen bothers me a bit.

    I think it is trying hard to win back some sales against Android and iPad. iPad Mini was on sale here for $300. and many Android tablets are now below $200., even the latest Nexus 7 2013, is only $230 (and was on sale briefly earlier).

    I noticed that the W510 doesn’t have that mesh artifact. So why this one? I saw this on the Acer 522 as well, while the Acer 722 doesn’t.

    Why does Acer keep repeat using these annoying screens?

  6. Kram Devil says:

    I got my acer w510 last year and I was very satisfied with it. I was planning to get a w3 for the folks until I saw the viewing angles and color shift in various w3 videos online. It’s a bit disappointing since I like the size/form factor and the fact that it’s full windows 8 with office installed. I opted to get my mom a latitude 10e for a little more than $250.

  7. Dan Hayden says:

    Amazon here in US has Acer Iconia W3 64GB version with MS Office for $299. I do believe they are saying it will upgrade to Windows 8.1 too. Bought one for my 50th B-Day present for myself this Sunday the 8th. If I don’t like it, I can send it back. The Toshiba looks promising with IPS screen and new bay trail processor.

    Let the battle for 7 and 8 inch UMPC’s begin….Loving my Acer Iconia W510, but disappointed about the keyboard problems. Still 15 hours total battery time is really nice. And the connected standby is really a nice option too. Great Work Chippy! Looking for more great info. Keep up the fantastic work. Dan

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