Intel Developer Forum – Intel’s “New Era” focuses on Mobile, Perceptual and 2-in-1 Computing

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“IDF 2013 represents the beginning of a new era for Intel” says the first line of the keynote overview for Intel’s Developer Forum 2013. It starts on Tuesday Sept 10th in San Francisco and we’ll be there. IDF is always an informative experience and, if you listen and read carefully, you get some big tips on Intel’s strategy.

This year the focus is on mobile. That means Atom (and Celeron and Pentium) We haven’t had an Atom-focused IDF for some years so clearly the new architecture, that we’ll see in BayTrail, is an important one for Intel. BayTrail doesn’t extend up to Ultrabooks but it doesn’t mean we won’t have plenty to report on from our sector.

We’re likely to see a lot of new Ultrabooks based on the 4th-Gen core including Connected Standby and Intel Iris graphics models. We’ll see new convertibles and dockables too. We should also see the first of the low TDP/SDP Haswell devices which will go into those dockables and fanless tablets.

We might hear about the next generation Core too. Broadwell is due after Haswell and although it’s likely to be just a manufacturing change down to 14nm, there could be changes on board too. We saw those last year in the new HD3000 GPU. The question is, when will it come? Some sources say it won’t come until 2015. We’re likely to get the answer at IDF.

Here are some key pointers from the IDF content so far.

Day 1 Keynote: Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich and President Renée James will talk about a focus on mobile.

Day 2 Keynote: Doug Fischer, Kirk Skaugen and Dr Hermann Eul will talk again about mobility. Kirk’s keynote will be a good one for us here. “Kirk Skaugen will discuss a new category of 2 in 1 computing that combines the best of tablets and the best of the PC.” Doug is likely to talk about HTML in his software and developer focused session.

Our Ultrabook Developer resources can be found here.

We’ll be at IDF. If you have something you want us to bring to Intel’s attention, write some detail in the comments on this post.


Important Ultrabook-related sessions at IDF. (Click for more info.)


We plan to attend as many of those sessions as possible. We’ve got an Ultimate Coder meetup, some press releases coming, a bloggers get-together, meetings with execs, meetings with Bob Duffy (Ultrabook developer community manager – Link) and time with other experts and bloggers at the event. It will be a busy, busy three days of event and weeks of follow-up articles and videos! We’ll also be covering BayTrail for our mobile productivity focused site, UMPCPortal.

Full disclosure: As in previous years, Intel are paying for our travel and accommodation at IDF 2013. We thank them for their support of Ultrabooknews and UMPCPortal

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  1. Clio says:

    I want to tell Intel to start integrating Wireless Display RECEIVERs and touchscreen USB pathways into Atom tablets, essentially turning Intel tablets into somewhat-smart Wireless displays that runs on android or windows 8 OS that can perform light tasks for hours on ends.

    At the same time, please make the NUC more compact, design it to use 18000mAh battery packs (even better if the two can snap together/separate by hand), and design it to run for around 5 hours INSIDE a bag while pushing out the pixels to the Atom.

    Finally, add in a comfy Keyboard folio and a trackpoint which docks with the Atom tablet, and we will be left with 600gram on our wrists, while still enjoying the i5/i7, sitting in the bag. It’ll have tablet/clamshell/desktop form-factors. And if say newer CPU came out but we’re happy with the screen, we can just change the NUC unit.

  2. clio says:

    one more important thing, stop wacom from getting controlled by samsung. wacom can do womderful things when 3 things comes together:
    -windows software
    -i5/i7 cpu
    -at least 12″screen to draw on

    and that in turn gives a reason for larger tablets to exist.

    samsung did not seem to do more with wacom

  3. clio says:

    Grr… accidental button press

  4. clio says:

    one more important thing, stop wacom from getting controlled by samsung. wacom can do wonderful things when 4 things comes together:
    -windows software
    -i5/i7 cpu
    -at least 12″screen to draw on

    and that in turn gives a reason for larger tablets to exist.

    samsung did not seem to want to do more with wacom outside of spen. and when so many company chose ntrig over wacom, i’m guessing samsung is involved,and it heavilly handicapped windows, which had built up a long set of much-loved tools that works perfectly with wacom but buggily on ntrig.

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